Come Back I Ain't Done Yellin' At'cha!

Yes it's tRumpMerica folks! And the first order of business is to harass everyone and anyone who DOESN'T hold your fucked up views. Case in point: for the first time ever I received a call that started with a young woman asking if I were Pro-Life. I live in Massachusetts ffs. Of COURSE I'm NOT Pro-Life. I'm not sure when she precisely I hung up. I think it was midway between "You're to blame for every unwanted child that dies in America" and "You have no empathy for what it means to be a single, pregnant woman" but she bailed on me. I wished the blank air "And have a nice day" with the most hatred that I could muster. Yes, tRump fans, this is your day so make the most of it. You get to alienate your fellow citizens with the presumption that we hold your caustic views. Just don't be surprised when that acid gets vomited right back all over your nice, shiny, new tRump shirt. The harassment has started, on phones and in our faces. Think life isn't going to change? Guess again. It already has. You just better fucking PRAY that it doesn't affect you.
NEW YORK (AP) -- New York City police are looking for three men who taunted a Muslim woman aboard a subway train, yelling "Donald Trump" and calling her a terrorist.
This is what you wanted. Proud yet?
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