Cody Eller Should Never Get Behind The Wheel Again

Cody can't explain why he decided to run a passing motorcyclist off the road, but he did, causing him to crash badly. In a TV interview he claims that he's not a dangerous man and for some unknown reason the judge decided that Cody should keep his license, giving him yet more chances to harm other people. None of that makes any sense.
PELHAM, N.H. -- A Windham teenager is facing assault charges after police in Pelham said he intentionally hit a motorcyclist Friday morning and drove him off the road. Cody Eller, 18, was charged with vehicular assault and second-degree assault. Police said Eller admitted intentionally steering his car into the motorcyclist in what one officer called a blatant case of road rage. The motorcyclist suffered a broken leg and will require surgery, according to his wife.(WMUR)
At eighteen Cody is clearly incapable of safely controlling a vehicle. He used it as a weapon against a defenseless opponent and now claims amnesia as an excuse. He doesn't understand, doesn't know why, isn't dangerous, shouldn't be blamed, will make amends. Bullshit. The only amends he can make is to stay the fuck off the roads until he's old enough and proven that he can control his little fits of temper. Until then Cody Eller should never be allowed behind the wheel of a car. And if he can't prove himself competent? He should never drive again. You need a job? Move to a city where you can walk to work or take the train. You're far to dangerous to trust with a car.
Comment from: Christopher King, J.D.   ·
Ahem. 16 MAY 2011 KingCast implores Hillsborough County Attorney Dennis Hogan to do the right thing in Cody Eller road rage motorcycle case: Prosecute him for First Degree Assault.
05/16/11 @ 22:14
This little brat should be put away. Why is he not being charged with attempted murder?
05/22/11 @ 00:49
Comment from: Christopher King, J.D. ·
NH Doesn’t have attempted homicides but he must at least be charged with the maximum, First Degree Assault. Here’s the courthouse video from yesterday. Well folks the serious nature of the issue, the attention to the video production values and the sentiments of the riders involved are all self-evident. What is not quite so evident is that when the video thumbnail eventually changes – YouTube has been deathly slow on this lately – you will see a certain lifelong biker named Michael Gannon reaching to shake my hand with a smile on his face. Why is that? Well let’s just say we go way back…… Enjoy the vid, peace.
05/24/11 @ 15:32
Comment from: Christopher King, J.D. ·
As I say, this guy – and the cause of Justice – require a serious penalty including prison time and years of community service at a trauma unit. He should be compelled to give reports to a high school about what he sees in the trauma units and what his experiences in prison are like. He’s 18, grown fucking man. I haven’t brought race into this situation (other than the comments of the BON guys at the courthouse) but imagine if a ghetto black kid in a clapped-out 98 Regency did that shit. They would put his fucking black ass up underneath the courthouse, same way Kelly Ayotte tried to do to me when I reported police abuse. She failed, and I am here today to keep on showing how crooked NH really is. Google “Down Murders” for one.
05/27/11 @ 00:10
Comment from: Christopher King, J.D. ·
A great day at Broken Spoke NH and Laconia HD, good music, good times and a push for Justice in the Cody Eller Road Rage case.
06/17/11 @ 06:01
Comment from: Christopher King, J.D. ·
Now they have not yet convened a Grand Jury on Cody Eller’s case but as noted, Mike Gannon – the U.S. Army Veteran Intelligencer who almost died protecting this Country - whose image appears shaking my hand in Cody Eller video #1 – is being prosecuted to the fullest for the alleged “wiretap” on 1 July 2011 when he was videotaping a couple of jackass Detectives. Note in the video how Nashua PD promised to give him the exculpatory video they promised him, then reneged. It’s All Good. I’m not telling what Pam Reynolds’ lawyer and I talked about. She got beat down and maced that day as well. It’s all so riDONK-u-lous….. 09 AUGUST 2011 Concerned faces greet KingCast Cameras at Nashua PD vs. Mike Gannon & Pamela Reynolds police abuse/video confiscation/resisting arrest trial being watched by the FBI.
08/13/11 @ 18:30
Comment from: Quincy
Fist of all, get a life. You’re like fifty years old. I know Cody and hes not a criminal. Its called an accident for a reason. What nerve do you have making this website and posting shit like this? You must be really bored to harass a boy who already apologized for his mistake. Just be glad the motorcyclist didn’t die and no one was seriously hurt. Like just look at you talk shit about an 18 year old boy. This kids the nicest, sweetest, boy I’ve ever known. He doesn’t deserve all the harassment hes been getting. You’re not a saint, you’ve probably gotten a parking ticket, or pulled over for speeding in your life time. Are you mentally ill? Seriously, why are you so obsessed with getting into other peoples business. You already have all this crap about this one kid everywhere. Do you really not have anything else better to do with yourself? I swear to god if the world ends this year, I hope you’re the first to die.
02/10/12 @ 12:56
Comment from: Bobbi
Yo, dumbasses…do any of you even know Cody???? It’s real easy to hide behind a computer screen and make judgments about someone you know absolutely nothing about. I happen to know him very well and he’s a very thoughtful, respectful, well-mannered and exceptionally sweet young man. You have no idea what kind of person he is and as far as I’m concerned, everyone makes mistakes in life…he gets a chance to learn from him. Anyone who is critical of him is a parasite and needs to get a life!
02/10/12 @ 15:11
Comment from: Larathiel
“Cody Eller, 18, was charged with vehicular assault and second-degree assault. Police said Eller admitted intentionally steering his car into the motorcyclist in what one officer called a blatant case of road rage.” If that’s your idea of a nice sweet kid, then those are some pretty low standards you have. Of course, if the two of you are the only good PR this nice sweet kid can get then I suppose that says more than we ever could. After all, you can tell a lot about a person by the quality of the friends they keep. Thanks for validating our opinions guys.
02/11/12 @ 01:24
Comment from:  
I feel vindicated. Nice, respectful, sweet boys don’t do shit like this. And while he may not have been a criminal before, it’s almost certain that he’s going to be one now. And lucky for us, he’ll be an adult, and this sort of thing will get to follow him around for the rest of his life so that all future employers will know that’s he’s a bad day away from attacking someone with his car. And even if that doesn’t follow him, this is the first link when you google his dumb ass. So we’ll do our part. And on top of that, Bobbi and Quincy look like complete douchebags with a side of assbag. So, lots of points here for things working out the way they should.
02/11/12 @ 06:14
Comment from:  
Bobbi and Quincy, I suppose you are “nice kids", too. While it might be admirable to support your friend, face the fact that he did something wrong. If you are true friends encourage him to get anger management. Steering a car deliberately into someone is not an accident. And while people make “mistakes” (like driving like an asshole), mistakes come with consequences. Maybe kids get shielded from some of their mistakes by parents, but under the law 18 is an adult. Cody will now get to learn that lesson. And the guy Cody hurt? He will likely get to live with pain for the rest of his life from his injuries. Quincy, I can’t speak for anyone else but I am closer to 50 than 18. That is why I know mistakes come with consequences. Mommy and Daddy haven’t protected me from the cruel world for a long time. I’m not entirely sure how a parking ticket compares to deliberately running someone off the road. I’ve gotten a few parking tickets over the years, but I paid my fines and continued on and no one got hurt. As far as speeding tickets go, it is possible to drive a without ever getting one. And really what did you expect from a site called “World of Suck". We have lives, we just bitch about them.
02/11/12 @ 09:24
Comment from: Nancy  
My only child, Michael, age 20′ was killed in a motorcycle accident in Salem, NH back in October, 2009. At was an accident. This little bastard intentionally caused harm to the gentleman on the motorcycle. There are no words that can express how irate I am. This is one mother than would gladly slap the taste out of this little punks mouth if the prosecutor doesn’t have the nada to do it. Keep up the good work! My prayers are with the rider for a quick recovery.
02/20/12 @ 21:45
Comment from: Quincy
Oh please. No one intentionally tries to kill another. I know Cody and he didnt try to kill anyone I dont know why thats so hard to understand. Your child, Nancy, was probably a psycho and deserved to die because he doesn’t know how to ride the damn thing. I’m going to continue to shit on you if you shit on an innocent guy. Do you see him fighting back? No? Damn straight. Because he wants to be left alone, he apologized for his mistake , move on.
02/23/12 @ 12:46
Comment from: Becca
Learn how to ride a motorcycle. Its not our job, as the driver, to continuously watch out for motorcyclists so that they continue to be dumbasses. I’m not going to give them the right of way to be dickheads because they’re riding a kawasaki. If the guy tried to pass me, I would have done the same thing Cody did. The guy was like thirty years old, drive safe or get hit.
02/23/12 @ 12:51
Comment from: wellduh
Nimrods. Did you even check the date of this post? Btw, thanks for the additional hits. Keep ‘em coming.
02/23/12 @ 13:10
Comment from:  
You know Cody, Quincy? So, the part of the article where he admitted to intentionally attempting to hit the cyclist with his CAR…. that doesn’t come through to you? And you feel a feel a simple apology is really appropriate punishment for that? Nah. Fuck Cody. Cody can go have a broken glass encrusted dildo shoved up his ass. And frankly, so do you for insulating that Nancy’s child deserved to die. In fact, I’m hard pressed to figure out which of you I find more despicable. I mean, Cody went all road rage and hit someone with a car. But he admitted it, admitted doing it intentionally, and is facing the consequences of his actions. On the other hand, you just told a woman that her dead son was a psychopath and deserved to die for no better reason than she disagreed with you. Right now, Cody’s ahead by a hair because he physically hurt someone. But you’re a not far behind. What amazes me is that you’re coming into our house and trying to sell this bullshit on our doorstep. Now, I could just explain to you how many ways you’re wrong. But given your level of intelligence, I’d have to start with teaching you simple communication skills. Once you caught up with Koko, I’d still have to work on ethics and morality. So instead, I’ll just tell you what I think of you. You’re a vile, wretched, goat felcher who deserves to get exactly what you wish on others. Your birth certificate should have come with an apology. Seriously, if your mother had swallowed it would have saved the world a lot of misery from your existence. I’d tell you to suck my dick but I honest don’t want you to infect me with your special brand of stupid. Frankly, I could go on and on insulting you, just based on the douche-baggary you’ve put on display here. Sure, given your deficiencies, it’s a lot like beating a cripple with his own crutches, but I’m an asshole and I don’t feel bad about making sure anal warts like yourself hear the truth about themselves. But instead, I’m going to give you another chance to stop posting. Just go fuck off and go back to your life where you can live in the happy-dappy world where you’re “right". Seriously, Quincy, you’re an idiot. Please. For the sake of all mankind. Don’t reproduce. Ever. Oh, And Becca? If you’re not just Quincy’s lame ass attempt at a sock puppet with the same IP, please feel free to go fuck yourself too.
02/23/12 @ 17:38
Comment from:  
Oh my gawd, like Becca, like 30 is soooo old. If your lucky, your teenaged angsty selves will be old farts someday, too. Becca and/or Cody, you better hope that when, not “if", you do something stupid or unobservant, the person(s) near you are a bit kinder and more observant. Then again, if something bad happens to someone of your ilk its probably just Karma biting you in the ass.
02/23/12 @ 19:35
Comment from: Quincy
Get on my level.
02/24/12 @ 12:51
Comment from:  
Stupid shit gets censored. You’ve been warned.
02/24/12 @ 14:15
Comment from:  
I’ll let the master decide if you can have your comment back. It apparently fell short of ‘insightful’. But don’t worry, I’ll retort to your nonsense anyway. ——————— Maybe you’re right. My post was stupid. I was hoping you’d see your error, or the futility of your position. Truthfully, I should have expected neither from someone of your obviously low character. Clearly, you share that trait with your buddy Cody. I was hoping you’d understand that attempting to hit someone with a car is wrong, immoral, and undesirable. Now, when I say you have poor character and low intelligence, I’m not just guessing. I’m making an informed decision based on the posts you’ve put up. Your support for your friend could be forgiven. But you told Nancy that her son deserved to die. That shows low character and poor judgement. Then you said he probably didn’t know how to ride, which speaks to low intelligence and reading comprehension. Looking at that, and combining it with the position that intentionally hitting people with a car is acceptable, and I made an informed decision that you’re an ignoramus with the moral fortitude of a politician. What’s truly amusing about it is that you couldn’t even come up with a creative insult of your own. You comeback was nothing more that ‘Na-uh! You are!’. That is just pathetically sad. But I can’t expect much more from someone who tried to use a sock puppet to drum up support for themselves. So yes, that post WAS shortsighted of me. my post anticipated that a reasonable human being would involved in the other side of the conversation. You’re just a typing pile of excrement. No intelligence available. No debate possible. Don’t worry though. People on your level manage to get through life all the time. Just practice saying this: “Do you want fries with that?”
02/24/12 @ 18:11
Comment from: Dau Tieng 59
I guess you need to carry when you ride in NH. This will eliminate the asshole Codys, Quincys, Bobbis, and Beccas of NH.
Don’t worry about these kids getting old (thirty), they’ll talk shit to the wrong person becaus etheir friends are there to “back their play” and when they’re flopping around on the ground like a fish on a deck, all their “backers” will remeber they left the toilet seat up and MUST go home and put it half way down.
07/09/12 @ 18:27
Comment from: Christopher King, J.D.  
Trial this week as Cody Eller attorney try to keep me out of court: Cody Eller’s lawyers committed a tactical error in trying to keep me out, now I made a DVD of the show for filing with the Court showing my professionalism and the fact that I am most definitely not trying to influence a Jury or threaten or encourage bodily harm to Cody Eller. It was an insulting and stupid Motion that will be summarily dismissed. I don’t have a First Amendment Nashua Mayoral Commendation, signed off on by all Aldermen because I am unprofessional, right. Note that by objecting to my coverage the Defendants made it easier for me to cover the case because the Court sent me a copy of its rulings. It held determination on me pending what my intent is (my intent is to professionally cover the event), and it struck the testimony of psychologist Dr. Comisky because information pertaining to him was not timely presented pursuant to Rule 98 (that’s a bloody nose to the State BTW) and withheld determination on whether State Trooper Michael Pelletier will qualify as expert witness. Basically the Defendant is claiming that he didn’t do a thorough job, but that goes to the weight of his testimony, not whether he can testify. I believe Dr. Mart will testify that Cody Eller did not understand the questioning that night because of auditory and comprehension issues. Everyone clear?
10/31/12 @ 09:34
Comment from: CBR954RR
As for Eller, he will look mighty fine picking out china patterns with BUBBA in the very near future! I can only hope the people of NH will get this right. Because this guy made a choice to act like an idiot will pay the price that is sure to fall way short of justice. The liberty we all enjoy (or expect to enjoy) is not to be stepped on by anyone without due process. For anyone to assume the right to try and DAMN NEAR kill another with a weapon such as an automobile,REALLY? Life is a one time thing here and some of us enjoy having it. If 3280 pounds of steel were to attempt to push me off the roadway I pay to use (and they’ve tried) RIGHT, WRONG, or INDIFFERENT, I would surely take that very personal causing a knee jerk response likely resulting in manslauter sure enough for this young man or anyone else for that matter. (excluding NO ONE,not even the POPE himself) To post that because ones friend could remotely be justified in this type situation by deeming it as an accident and stating you would take the same action only proves you too are a card carrying idiot as well. This is the point I personaly feel you shouldn’t even have a bus pass, by his own admission to state ” I wasn’t going to LET him pass me” cleary shows intent to deprive and cause serious bodily harm or death without any remorse. PLEASE!!!! I have been riding, racing, repairing, and instructing (safe riding practices) for over 30 years, knowing and showing GOOD people just how to avoid the likes of you. Many of the guys that ride with our group are fresh out of the desert after getting blown up, shot and god knows what else, and have been in this very same predicament of current topic here. I can assure you now FORCE is met with FORCE, and I have personaly seen the aftermath, so when you think of doing it DON’T because the ramifications are great. They killed for us, and alot are still in that mode and they act on extreme issues now! Do you really want America’s finest trained killers “BEATING THE BRAKES OFF YOU” in the middle of the highway! You never know who is really behind the shield of that helmet, or what you might face next. Here in Colorado most either “OPEN carry,or carry concealed” in groups of sometimes 15 plus. So bringing a 3280 pound WEAPON may not be the best choice, THINK ABOUT IT!!!! Why can’t we try harder to leave the agression at home on a shelf, none of us OWN the road just share it. Frankly I am getting tired of the madness and trying to reason or understand less than intelligent sorts that condone actions of this kind. To the rider that was attacked: GOOD RIDING and CONTROL SKILLS (from what I know) you have stayed out of the media for the most part. Lots of people all over this country are watching, still riding for the thrill and love of the open road. I can only hope for you to look forward and recover as best you can. If you choose to not ride again have no fear when we blast by, that one is for you!!! A smile and thumbs up goes along way. Good Luck and know we welcome you back in the saddle as soon as you feel up to it. To sum it up in a term most will understand “GO SELL CRAZY SOMEWHERE ELSE, WE ARE ALL FULL HERE"!!!! MENTAL MIDGETS…. Yea YOU, if you DON’T, we WON’T so lets work on cutting everyone some slack here. We shouldn’t be putting targets on anyone. Oh, and LIL Mr. Eller enjoy that GREAT food and company now you hear. Maybe Bobbi, Quincy, and Becca will visit regularly (enjoy that cavity search) afterwards too!!!! Lucky for you BUBBA has been needing a NEW wifey anyways! GOOD LUCK with that SWEETIE, let us know how that works out for you. I am sure you will meet up with some nice people that love motorcycles, and will gladly help you see the err in your ways! HAHAHAHA REGARDS, CBR954RR PS, Mr King “RIGHT ON POINT” Good looking out! TY
01/07/13 @ 06:57
Comment from:  
Necro-ing of this post prompted me to look for an update…. A few months ago, Cody was found guilty of second-degree assault and reckless conduct and could face seven years in prison plus $4000 in fines for each offense. However, it ain’t necessarily over. Cody’s attorney may still be trying to keep this “sweet young man” this side of prison bars. His lawyer claims Cody has a “language disability".
01/08/13 @ 15:46