Cindy Landeen: Cunt Crammer

That right there is a pejorative that I very rarely choose to use. But in this case it is totally and completely warranted.
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Federal regulators are seeking $52.6 million from a billing company [Billing Services Group] that they accuse of adding unauthorized charges to consumers' phone bills.[..] The agency says Billing Services added charges for unauthorized services such as voicemail and streaming video to bills for about 1.2 million phone lines, a practice known as "cramming." It says the company acted on behalf of an individual it describes as a "serial phone crammer."[..] In a court filing, the agency said the company worked with a "crammer" named Cindy Landeen and her associates to bill consumers for the unauthorized services, which included three voicemail services, one streaming video service, two identify-theft protection services, two directory assistance services and one job skills training service.
The level of greed and inhumanity is so utterly vile it warrants the use of the term "cunt" when referring to Cindy the Cunt Crammer. She and her cohorts bilked millions from people who were paying for a necessary service, their phone. Bitch I don't just hope you go to hell, I hope you fucking rot there. And as for Billing Services Group? You mother fuckers deserve your own special place. Of course a nice half-billion out of your deep pockets is a great place to start. Fuck you scum-sucking dickwads.
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