Celebrated Misogyny: "Lock her up"

We tolerated it here in the US against a presidential candidate so why doesn't Canada feel the same?
Canadian politicians have expressed outrage after protesters at a political rally chanted "lock her up" about Alberta Premier Rachel Notley. Protesters erupted into jeers at a rally against a carbon tax, hosted by the right-wing Rebel media group. "Lock her up" was frequently chanted by Donald Trump supporters in reference to Hillary Clinton during the US election. Mrs Clinton was under FBI investigation over her emails but Ms Notley has not faced any criminal probe.(BBC)
Yes women who aspire are criminals for challenging the status quo. Generally the same actions and antics performed by men (Oh that silly email server that Colin Powell had was NO big deal) is the basis for criminal proceedings against women. Sure we mock religious islamic zealots for forcing women to hide their faces but we totally support radical jews who do the same, or judges that ask rape victims if their dress or drunkeness meant they deserved what they got. It's a sliding scale but all on the same spectrum. Women are losers. It's a historical fact. They take the brunt of everything bad, from famine to getting off an aircraft on fire, women die first, suffer most, and in many cases they accept their fate without fighting. Lock her up. Yes lock HER up. Because she dared. Imagine that.
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