Called It

Remember back two posts when I said Kentucky values guns over kids? Well here's the proof.

In Kentucky, West's bill is one of at least two that would allow more guns into Kentucky's public schools and on college campuses. They reflect sentiments that have found bipartisan support in a conservative state whose politicians routinely pose in ads with guns, and where the National Rifle Association held its 2016 national convention. The NRA has an outsized influence in many state elections and the resulting gun policy debates in those legislatures.

"You know, we're in Kentucky," said Ralph Alvarado, a Republican state senator and medical doctor who co-sponsored West's legislation. "This debate always comes up, restricting gun use in the state. I'm just adamantly opposed to it. It's a constitutional right that we have. It's one of those things that it's going to be tough to ever get that kind of a concept through. (AP)

So it's not about putting KIDS in school, it's about putting GUNS in school. Like that? A "doctor" who believes that the "constitutional right" to kill is more valuable than the right to learn.

You'd think even a doctor would understand that less bullets = less death. But no. It's about being all "Kentucky", which I suppose means fucking stupid.

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