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On a flight to retrieve their son's body, the Perrys were booed. Their son, Sgt. John Perry, was killed when he tried to stop a suicide boomer in Afghanistan. He may have saved 100 people or more.
(Stewart Perry) told the Daily News that he, his wife and his daughter were delayed on an American Airlines flight from Sacramento to Phoenix, and were allowed to leave the plane first so they did not miss a connecting flight that brought them to the East Coast so they could reach Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. Perry said that other passengers in the first class cabin hissed when the captain mentioned that everyone needed to remain seated because family and "military personnel" needed to leave, and added that he believed that at least some passengers had been told that the family members of a fallen soldier were aboard. ?To hear the reaction of the flight being delayed because of a Gold Star family, and the first class cabin booing that was really upsetting, and it made us cry some more,? he told KOVR, who first reported the story. The elder Perry juxtaposed the "people who only think about themselves" to the second flight, which waited for his family despite them being late. He praised the respectful nods from passengers on the second flight had, saying that he has also noticed others with a disregard for the loved ones left behind by veterans.
Shame on those people on that first flight. I wonder if anyone who didn't boo shamed those that did or if they just sat mutely. Are we only willing to support and protect certain classes people, like gays, handicapped and minorities, from ridicule and abuse? Those pointing fingers at those they assume hate need to make sure they aren't passing on the hate themselves. Please don't throw salt in the wound of a parent who lost a child, whether you agree with our military or not. Only we can decide to to come together despite what others do around us.
I go to Planet Fitness. Barring all the cutesy jargon and the purple and yellow, its a nice gym. It has nice, well maintained machines and it's relatively clean. The facility itself is an enjoyable; its the fellow members that are a challenge. I am used to grungy, bear bones kinda of gyms. I was used to adapting. But we all were. If someone was doing multiple sets and I was doing just one it was cool to ask to work in a set. Fellow members understood that it was a waste to let the equipment just sit there like some glorified stool between sets. Sometimes they even offered to spot if it was helpful for that particular exercise. At slick, polished Planet Fitness, the fellow members are self-absorbed jackasses. If I ask to work in a set, I get a snarky "I only have one more" or a look like I'm from another planet. I'm sure I started working out when some of these twits were shitting in their diapers. Working in a set is a long held custom. The alternative to the twit sitting fiddling with their phone "between sets" is the machine saver who leaves person items scattered around the gym on various pieces like a toddler leaves toys all over the house. Honestly, I'd like to drop a dumbbell on the foot of some of these jackasses. Or I might get more satisfaction "oopsing" on their beloved cell phone. I wonder what they would do between sets, then. I'm just bitching here. I realize that these self-absorbed twits will not change. I realize that I will continue to be annoyed. I realize I will continue to be annoying to them when I ask to work in a set. Maybe I will just have to envision pulverizing their cellphones and that will bring a smile to my face.
Nicole Arbour is a "comedienne" on youtube. She posted a rant disguised as a skit. In it she criticizes fat people and uses many of the same tired, worn out stereo types that many use. As World of Suck's official Fat Bitch, I am sending a big, fat 'ol fuck you to Nichole Arbour. Unlike your assumptions, I don't usually pick the closest parking spot in the parking lot, I do walk. Furthermore, I would only get a handicapped parking permit if I am actually physically disabled. (Actually, some circles might consider me "disabled" because I limp from a prior injury.) The only reason the skinny bitch could out run me is because of the injury. Before the injury I was also fat, but I could move and I would have caught her bony little ass and sat on it. Not all fat people avoid the gym. My fat ass spent most of my life going to the gym regularly and it did shit for my weight. I didn't go several years until my injury has finally gotten to the point I can go again. Therefore, this fat bitch DOES go to the gym. This fat bitch DOES try to eat healthy (OK, barring "that time of the month" when there is not a choice between chocolate and.... never mind, the chocolate or your life). I don't ooze Crisco. Lately I even try to avoid "celebrations" in my office because the skinny people all stand around stuffing cake into their faces and I feel awkward trying to NOT eat it. I might take Nicky's little rant more seriously if she didn't come off so pathetic. Using tired old cliches is about as funny as last week's leftovers left on the counter, moldy and fuzzy. I might take her "concern" more seriously if it sounded the slightest bit sincere. It was a veiled attempt to not look like a total bitch. I'm not sure a person like her has many genuine friend and a small part of me wonders if I should have some sympathy for her. Perhaps she strikes out because she has a sad life. I'm actually nice person even though I can't eat anything I want to. However, skinny twats acting like they know what it is like to be me and that they have the answer to my fatness piss me off. So here is a big, FAT World of Suck fuck you to Nicole. Pucker up and give my big ass a kiss. It ain't hard to miss. P.S. You disabled you comments? Really? Are you so confident that your are so great that your rant doesn't need commentary or did you not like folks like me getting pissed off at your bullshit? Either way, WoS's comments are never turned off (only deleted if from bullshit spammers or edited if inappropriate, which is a applied sparingly).

"Dead End" Detour

Heading out to dinner, significant other and I were going our usual route for our destination. We were almost to end of a road and we spied a fireman in the road waving us down a side road. We saw the problem, someone hit a pole and cracked it and the fire department folks were being cautious. I was suspicious because I was not aware of a way to get around the blockage from that side street, and as soon as we turned the corner there was a "dead end" sign. I continued thinking "he must know what he is doing." We got to the end of the road and everything looked like a driveway with close together houses that were close to the road. I turned around and went back, rolled down my window and told the fireman that it was a dead end and he insisted that there was a way around. I pulled into a parking lot. I didn't want to hastily make the detour I knew because it was many miles out of the way. I pulled out the GPS and looked at the map, and lo and behold there was a street. I shrugged and tried again. By this time there was a back up. Turns out the "road" was wide enough to be a scant one-way that was considered two-way. There was a big ass pick-up with a trailer heading in the opposite direction we were. He wisely pulled up on what passed for someone's front yard. The cars going in our direction inched their way toward the cluster fuck at the corner. I was riding my brakes in 1st gear. We get to the next corner and there is this lady on her front porch yelling at people to "slow down!" I was half tempted to roll down my window and shout "If I go any slower I'll be stopped!" If she had a problem with the traffic she should have gone to the end of her street and yell at the fireman, the same one that send us down a street marked "dead end." Sometimes I really hate some of the old neighborhoods around here. They were probably roomy when horse and buggies were the fad.
I saw this as a bumper sticker on a car. It pissed me off a little. OK it really tweaked me. I really wanted to pass the asshole and give him/her the bird. Catholics trying to jam their beliefs down my throat hits a nerve. The classic Catholic "every sperm is sacred" "traditional marriage" dogma makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. The Vatican bully pulpit tells all good Catholics that if they don't vote for an anti gay marriage, pro-life conservative political candidate they are violating their faith. I could agree with voting for a candidate that will courageously and enthusiastically support the Constitution and especially the 1st Amendment. No law should be written or passed that prohibits any American from practicing whatever "religion" they want. If Catholics want to vote for a candidate who will prohibit forcing any church, including Catholic churches, from officiating over gay marriages, I support that. If Catholics want to vote for a candidate who will not allow any woman to be forced to use birth control or have an abortion, I support that, too. (They call it "pro-choice" for a reason). However, I know what the bumper sticker meant. It meant, I'm Catholic and that means that no one should be able to do anything against MY religion and if you don't agree you are just a hell-bound heathen and who cares. Well, here's a great big 'ol world of suck "fuck you" to any person with this gem on you bumper. Please go back your car into a brick wall. May the blue bird of paradise copiously shit on your car bumper to bumper, just as long as he doesn't miss your sticker.
Significant other and I went out for breakfast. We sat in a booth. A little while later another couple is seated in the booth behind us. Then the vibration starts and stops, starts and stops. The woman seated in the bench back to back with ours (we were "same side sitters") was rapidly and vigorously bouncing her knee up and down. Hey, at least we didn't have to put a quarter in for the vibration job. Just eating breakfast isn't my preferred place to get "magic fingers". Usually you see "magic fingers" on the beds in cheap, road-side no-tell hotels. Well, at least we knew why the chick was skinny. Hopefully she ordered the big breakfast so she doesn't run out of energy. However, I might prefer taping her foot firmly to floor.
Friends and I went out to dinner last night. We walked in and had to wait for a table. A little while later, two women with three kids walk in. One of the kids is clearly sick, as in snot is running out of his nose. Then he starts coughing and he is too young to realize he should cover his mouth and the adults aren't interested enough to inform him. We kinda slid as far away as we could without blocking traffic or putting our butts in someone's face. We were asked it we wanted a booth, we wanted a table so declined, so snotty kid and company were seated first. We muttered under our breath "and please make our table as far away from them as you can." We eventually got our table, thankfully away from the little germ factory but still within view. Snot boy and little cohorts were not the tidiest eaters, either. Now I know why the women chose to take an obviously sick kid out rather than get take out: They wanted someone else to clean-up the mess. I wonder how many snotty napkins the little booger left. Eww. Best not to think to much about that one.

Snow Again?

It's March 27th. The bright pastel decorations of Easter are out in many places. And it's snowing. Again. After much of the snow had melted, the ground is white. Again. Really? Mother Nature, this isn't funny anymore. I want to see daffodils and crocus. I'd even settle for crocus through a faint shadow of snow, but even the crocus seem to think the weather sucks. *sigh*
Imagine you are in a tall building. Imagine it is the tallest building in the area. You've been listen to the news recounting the events of September 11, 2001 while getting ready for and commuting into work. The time that the second tower at the old World Trade Center collapsed 13 years ago has just passed. Then imagine the alarm goes off to evacuate the building. However, the alarm is rescinded minutes later, after someone has tripped in the stairwell and fell. Evidently, the alarm had malfunctioned and it does unexpected things later in the day. Shitty day for an alarm malfunction. Good day to put people on the edge. Thankfully no one got hurt, at least not badly. Hopefully the the person who fell didn't break anything.
I am so glad I am done with college and done with peons who are emperors of their little entry level empires. Fortunately for me, most of the professors at my alma mater actually cared about education and didn't feel a need to create petty rules just to massage their egos like Dr. Gardner of the Coastal College of Georgia. The "Behavioral Deduction" section of his syllabus demonstrates the extent of his control freak nature.
My classroom and laboratory are important places for learning, so your behavior is very important to me and to other students in the course. If you insist on disrupting this important place of learning, then your final grade may be affected. The following behaviors will result in a grade deduction: 1. Talking with classmates unrelated to class participation; 2. Being late for class; 3. Being unprepared for class and/or interrupting the professor in the middle of the lecture for handouts or other information that should have been obtained prior to the class meeting; 4. Cell phone or other disturbances. (All electronic devices should be silenced prior to entering the classroom.) 5. Sharpening your pencil in the middle of class. 6. Saying ?bless you.? We are taught that it is polite to say ?bless you? when someone sneezes. However, if you say this while I am talking, it is NOT polite, it is very rude! Please be aware that grade deductions for behavioral issues as noted above may be as significant as 15% of the final grade. Numbers 3, 5 and 6 are especially rude, and may result in an immediate 1% grade deduction for each occurrence.
Actually, I did encounter one professor who was an arrogant prick, Professor Eslami. As noted in the linked post, Professor Eslami failed to get tenure. Professor Gardner may want to take note. Professor Gardner has decided revise his syllabus a bit and the College made the following statement:
The professor's intent was to explain that disruptive behavior is not allowed in the classroom. The professor, who used other examples such as turning off cell phones prior to class and not arriving late, has removed the example and stated that no student has been disciplined or expelled from his class based on that example. The college is conducting a full review.
Perhaps the Dr. Gardner needs to remember that those pesky student pay his salary. I wonder if "Fuck you" is more acceptable to Professor Gardner's sensibilities. Also, if I ever hear him sneeze, the politest thing I might ever say is "Get a tissue you damn slob."

Microsoft Office Hell Plus

I have had the following changes at work over the past three months: - New digital phone and system from old school land line - New computer with upgrade to Windows 7 from Windows XP - Upgrade from Office 2010 to Office 2013 - Migration of email from Lotus Notes to Outlook 365 I hate change. I really hate change when I saw nothing inherently wrong with the old stuff. I really, really hate change when the supposed "upgrade" doesn't have features that the old stuff had that I really, really liked. Microsoft Office 2013 and Outlook 365 suck smelly, smegma-crusted donkey cock. They are ugly and drab. They aren't flexible. Someone told me "you'll get used to it", no, no I won't. That is like telling me I'll get used to having a tack stuck in the bottom of my foot. Sure, I alter my walk so it hurts less, but I'm still limping. Please Microcrap, fix your shit. Your sales folks must have given who ever makes the decisions around here a really good blow job for them to buy this crap.... And if it's "free" because its bundled that would explain a lot, too!
Coming home from work I get behind a slow moving car. The traffic was light, so I went around. The car was four older folks, two women in the back, two men in the front. At the next light I went straight and pokey went right. I continued on my typical route home. I turn down a road I typically take and at the next light pokey is in front of me. I know the way pokey went. How someone moving as slow as him could could make it through an extra traffic light than I had to and get in front of me, I could not fathom, but there I was. Unfortunately he was going my way. It is such a pleasant drive with views of the rolling hills. The serenity of the route is the nice part of a commute I hate. I typically don't have anyone in front of me, and if they are, they are traveling about 5 mph over the 30 mph speed limit as I do. No matter how pleasant the drive, I want to get home after work. Not Mr. Pokey and company. The speed limit was the limit. Anything over 30 mph and Mr. Pokey and company might miss something. They had to be going for a Sunday drive. Only problem is, it was Monday. And it was evening "rush hour". They call it rush hour for a reason. Because people want to rush the hell home!!! By the time we got to the end of the road there were four other people behind me. I know I will be old someday and I try to be patient, but these geezers couldn't take their Sunday drive on Sunday? Or even in the middle of the day? If it is a leisurely drive, why not pull to the side somewhere and let us working stiffs get by? It was one of those moments when I wish I could have transformed my car into a diesel tractor with a yard dog bumper and have pushed the old farts the length of the road and got them out of everyone's way. And if I ever see Mr. Pokey and company, I will do all I can do (reasonably within the law) to stay in front of them.
This time of year many parents or other adults will give a child a bunny. Please stop. Bunnies and chicks (and puppies and kittens) are living creatures. They need food, water, a reasonably clean place to sleep and a place to go to the bathroom. They feel pain and they can be injured by inexperienced little hands. So unless you, as supposedly responsible adult, are willing to spend time with your child making sure that your child does not hurt the bunny and teach your child that the bunny and all animals feel pain and need care just like they do, make theirs bunny chocolate. And if your child gets hurt by an animal you brought home, don't blame the animal, go find a mirror. That is who you should blame 99% of the time because an animal, whether it is a rabbit, a chicken, a cat or a dog, is just being an animal and usually only hurts its human companions when reacting to pain or fear. It is rarely something that a smart human shouldn't be able to think ahead of. (Yes, occasionally there is something not quite right with an animal, but it is rare) So PLEASE say "No" to that fuzzy, warm Easter Bunny, unless you're ready for a long commitment to its well being.
All cellphones offer several options to indicate an incoming call. From the discrete vibrate, to a ring like we typically attribute to land lines, to music and random noises. The music people choose can range from soft and soothing to jazzy and upbeat. As long as it isn't too loud, office mates' phones are seldom overly disruptive. Then there is my cubie neighbor. She has her phone "ringtone" set to LOUD. The music is very old school techno (not cool techo, rather it's techo that most older people think makes them hip) followed by an digital voice announcement of who is calling. Every time her phone rings, I jump. I know the names of all the people that call her regularly. Yes, folks we can all hear your phone ring. Whether it is annoying or not depends on how loud you set it, how much information it audibly offers and how quickly you answer it. You could just put it on vibrate and keep it in your pocket. Or that might be too discrete.
Modern cubicle world office = little privacy. This is a known. The lady next to me was making a personal call with her cell phone on speaker. It's bad enough when someone is on a regular phone call and you can hear one end. The annoying factor is ramped up when you can hear both ends. Then stack upon that the fact that she was calling an automated voice recognition service. Nothing like a completely unemotional voice saying "Please say or punch in your account number.", "What are you calling about? Say billing if you are calling about billing...." to completely destroy any shred of concentration. Her call ended about the time I untangled my headphones and found my mp3 player. We don't all want to know your personal business. It's called "personal" for a reason.
We all just got shiny new computers in my office. With the phasing out of Windows xp, our old ones weren't going to cut it anymore. It's bad enough trying to adjust to all the new "features" on the computers themselves, resetting what we can and sucking up and dealing with what we can't, but then there is Office 2013. It's ugly. That is the only way to put it. Microsoft cheerfully states that if you don't like the way it looks change it. Just don't be too creative. Your choices are "white", "light gray", and "dark gray". The "light gray" looks like someone tweeked the gamma a smidge and the "dark gray" isn't so dark. Then there is a thin band of funky designs in shades of white and gray you can have on the upper right side of the window. oooo. exciting. i can barely contain myself. It's a monochrome nightmare. An old green on black CRT terminal had more color. (Yes, I'm old enough to remember those.) Bottom line: The new Microsoft 2013 boring, ugly and I find it hard discern fields. My office is stark enough. I used to be able to count on my computer settings to provide a little color. Color can help with mood and sometimes the colorful setting stood half a chance of changing my shitty mood in this visually unappealing office. Now it is just me with gray Microcrap monochrome on my computer and my even grayer mood. I hate it.
When many people think of deer, they either get images of Bambi from the Disney classic they watched as kids or of a deer serenely grazing in an idyllic field. And deer do have their place. However a lack of natural predators, a lack of hunters and short sighted city folk that want to save every living thing can lead to an imbalance. The North Shore of Long Island, where the town of Southold is located, has had a problem with an overpopulation of deer for a long time. To solve this problem for wineries and other agricultural interests on the North Shore, the USDA and the local Farm Bureau are trying to cull the herd by 1000 head (or more by some other accounts). A facebook page was set up to boycott Southold Wines over their support of the culling. Those "liking" that page are part of those short sighted people who helped the problem get to epic proportions. Another website covers a petition being circulated. And one quote shows the kind of supporter of this petition:
"I look out of my back door and see directly into the eyes of deer; they gaze back with curiosity. I watch how peaceful these animals are and I am in awe. I grew up in the city and did not have such privileges," said Elizabeth DeFebo of East Hampton. "I am so disturbed that there cannot be another solution. We live in one of the most affluent places in the world, yet resort to this barbaric answer to an overpopulation problem."
I am not completely cold-hearted. I enjoy watching deer graze on a friends front lawn, but I am fully aware of the damage and harm they can cause. Take this into consideration: - Deer cause damage to agriculture resources. It is hard enough relying on good weather to earn a living, but many farmers have to compete with large herds of deer destroying their crops. Deer fences are can be prohibitively expensive for farmers already working on a slim margin. I have seen first hand what a deer can do. For example, they don't eat an entire melon, they kick it open and take one bite and them move on to the next. - Deer are carriers of Lyme Disease and a primary vector to spreading Lyme Disease to humans. I have seen this disease destroy people's lives and there is not real cure no matter what the doctors tell you. Once the damage is done, it is done. My family and my old neighbors experienced it first hand. - Deer cause vehicular damage. The more deer, the more likely one is to jump out in front of a car. Bambi jumping out from the side of the road in front of you and stopping to look at you while you slam on the brakes is not fun. Until deer management through species specific oral birth control can be achieved, culling by targeted killing is the most practical option. And while the critics call this culling inhumane, a bullet through the head while the deer dines on something is far from cruel. Its less cruel than starving to death or writhing in pain with its legs broken after being hit by a car. A close range bullet while the deer is distracted is less traumatic and inhumane than what has been done to the animals whose flesh most dine on regularly. Furthermore, the deer who are culled will not die in vain. The meat will be going to feed the homeless and hungry. As for me? I wonder if any Southold winery has a nice dry red to go with some venison stew.