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I never forget. It's a thing, maybe remarkable in some ways. Some people say "time heals all wounds" and maybe that's true for them, but it's not for me. The people that I hated in high school I still hate today. Friends that betrayed me, I still avoid. For whatever reason I don't have the "forgive and forget" capacity and perhaps more importantly, I don't feel the need for it. In a nutshell, if you piss me off you'd best believe that I will stay that way. I will be civil, if the circumstances demand such, for example people at work who have wronged me. But don't think for a second that such civility means that I won't be looking for an opportunity to give you that slight nudge down a flight of stairs. In total honestly I also believe that everyone else in the world ALSO will treat me the same, so why the fuck would I be naive enough to give someone an opportunity to hurt me? In the same vein, why the fuck would I overlook an opportunity to get even? So word up folks, those of you that voted for Trump and, while we're at it, America in general, I will use my skills and abilities to make your lives "better". By better, I mean more transparent. To our government. If I had a way to enforce TSA rectal scans for every air traveller, I certainly would. If I can find a way to eliminate the notion of "personal privacy" I will. Anything you want to hide? I want to make sure our government finds it. Yes, it's the dawning of a new era of hell. And by all the gods I'm going to help it along in every way I can.
First off, there's going to be some changes here. But fuck you, you don't need to know what they are. You'll find out when I'm ready to share them. Second, I'd like to share this warm and wonderful message with everyone who voted for Der Trumpher. Ahem.
I hate you all.
Ha, ha, such a kidder. Actually no. Not kidding. Not kidding at all. In fact let me break that down one more level for you: To all the women who voted for Trump (pardon, let me start that over) To all the cunts that voted from Trump I have this message: Don't you fucking dare complain when you get passed over for promotion, demand an equal wage or get knocked up by rape, daddy or some molester. You bitches are getting what you deserve. To all the spics that voted for Trump: GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE US. Clocks ticking wet backs, don't let the barbed wire jab you in the ass. To all the niggers that voted for Trump: Don't get shot! Just kidding, no one cares, go ahead and get shot. It's open season now. To all the white men who voted for Trump: Don't be whining about paying taxes because you're NOT PRESIDENT TRUMP. Pay up fools, you bought the product and now you're gonna pay. Yes I meant it when I said that I hate you all. But don't complain, because your great leader taught me that hate wins. Not that it matters because you can't complain ANYWAY. Gave a great day!
So I'm minding my own business, not doing much just toodling around online and "bring-a-ding-a-ling" but my OS has a new message for me. My! What can it be? "Microsoft Edge is faster than Chrome, for reals!" C'mon Microsoft, is this really what you're resorting to? Spamming your captive audience with bullshit advertisements to make them gag on even more of your dick-ware? So here's my answer for you: "No. No, no, no a thousand times no. Also... no." I like Chrome, and just because you have my money for my OS does NOT mean you get it for every fucking other thing as well. So suck off assholes. I mean it.
But not for Julian! Ok, well actually it sucks for him, but not for us.
Wikileaks says that Ecuador has shut down internet access for its founder Julian Assange.[..] Wikileaks has recently been releasing emails from Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. Eleven revelations from Clinton emails The anti-secrecy organisation did not return calls and emails on Monday, though it said in a tweet: "We have activated the appropriate contingency plans." (BBC)
While ordinarily I feel for people who are experiencing an outage, I'm having a really hard time feeling bad for Assmange. If his organization is going to fuck with US politics then fuck him. He's no better than the russian hackers who are providing him the content. I hope he liked the taste of Trump's dick, because that's all the satisfaction he's going to get, no matter who wins. Contingency plans? I'll bet. Someone cue to tune to "Catch that Pigeon" because I'm figuring that's all the contingency he's going to get. That plus a reallly expensive mobile data plan.
An lo, those that embraced hate, intolerance, abuse and egotism were all struck down with "tiny penis" afflictions. Well, that's how it should be but since it's not a thing I'll settle for this...
BOSTON (AP) -- A new state law that prohibits discrimination against transgender people in public restrooms is "punishing" the protected religious speech of churches and pastors, a conservative Christian organization claims in a federal lawsuit filed Tuesday.[..] Alliance Defending Freedom, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, said it sued on behalf of four Massachusetts churches to protect their right to operate their facilities "in a manner that doesn't violate their core religious beliefs."
I like how conservative fundie fucktards from Arizona are taking their gripes to Massachusetts. Really, if those churches were all that upset couldn't they have sued on their own? There's a saying "assholes don't shit on the floor in their own house, they find someone else's to shit in" (Ok I made that up, but the point is the same.) So instead of raising a ruckus in Arizona, they have to come to a liberal state where they're bound to lose because upsetting the locals is one thing close to home and quite another when it's miles away. Basically these churches will face a backlash but the people funding it won't suffer a thing. Because they're fucking cowards. So here it is, if Massachusetts decides these are the laws of the state, and if churches get benefits from being classified as public spaces then the churches can either reclassify themselves as private clubs OR they can adhere to the laws of the state. Or they can move, of course. Additionally, since the laws in Massachusetts say that people are allowed to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with, religion doesn't enter into the equation. Sure it's tough titties for people who subscribe to religions that antiquated values of preach intolerance but hey, there are other states with better aligned rules so they should move if they don't like it. Bottom line, if you're an intolerant asshole in Massachusetts you're going to have a hard time getting along, church or no church. If the people in the state say they want to embrace all types, that's their prerogative. The only ones being punished in a liberal state are the assholes who are too stupid to realize that their hate isn't welcome there.
This election year has been quite a circus, and it's only getting circus-ier!
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Donald Trump may or may not have paid federal income taxes for years after losing nearly $916 million. But if he did avoid paying taxes, he's a "genius" at taking advantage of a loophole-ridden law, his supporters said Sunday.
So Der Trump, who thus far has touted his wealth as a sign that he's "smarter than everyone else" is NOW touting his extraordinary losses as ALSO being smarter than everyone else. Kinda nifty how both scenarios make him better than the rest of us, but really that last line is amazing. The GOP is literally saying "having enough wealth to break the law and get away with it IS better than actually doing your part as an American." Amazing right? In case anyone was at ALL confused about what the GOP stands for, this makes is phenomenally clear: being rich means you can do anything to anyone and live the most awesome of lives, laws don't apply to you, not like all the rest of the (stupid) Americans out there. Yes, vote GOP, so YOUR vote and your money ensure that the rich stay above and beyond the laws.

Lil Miquela

Now that Phyllis Schlafly's dead, were they actually able to take that huge stick out of her ass or did they have to bury her with it. On second thought, it probably was the only thing keeping the embalmed old bag on her feet. Later twat.
I'll just state up front that I believe that islamic dress for women is a stamp of slavery, either forceably or self imposed. So if you're looking for an even-handed discussion on the matter just stop reading now.
The mayor of Cannes in France has banned full-body swimsuits, or "burkinis", from the French city's beaches.[..] Muslim women from around the world have been quick to react to news of the ban. "This is just an Islamophobic attack on Muslim women in Cannes," Aysha Ziauddin, who lives in Norfolk, told the BBC. "The burkini allows me the freedom to swim and go on the beach, and I don't feel I am compromising my beliefs for that.[..] "I don't have a burkini, but I do swim wearing a headscarf, tracksuit bottoms and long T-shirt," Kerry Amr told the BBC. Kerry, who lives in the town of Telford in the west of England, converted to Islam eight years ago, and although she chooses not to wear a burkini, she believes women should be free to choose what to wear when they go to the beach. "I think [the ban is] slightly ridiculous," she said. "In Victorian times swimmers would wear long baggy trousers, full tops and swimming caps and no-one blinked an eye! (BBC)
So let's have the facts up front shall we? Swimwear is designed to ENABLE people in the water, not drag them down. Going to the beach is, for most, an experience of exposing your body to the sun, feeling the sand and playing in the water. If water were not an integral part of that we'd all go on holiday to the desert, but that's not how it works. Hate-excuers like Kerry want to preen their "holier than thou" credentials, defending and enabling a mentality that makes women less than equal and often less than human. Instinctively children take their clothes off when they go into the water, the shame and humility is only beaten into girls and women by social agencies that want to ensure that segregation lives on by having women shame themselves. The fact that she feels that it is her right to hide her body and that exposure is wrong is just an indication that the training has worked. Bitch, get this straight, embracing the abuse is not a RIGHT it's a fucking TRAGEDY. Stupid.
Generally I'm into watching the Olympics when it rolls around, but this year, no. I don't know if it's just disgust with Rio and the fact that they took a bunch of money and didn't hardly do dick with it, the insta-kill water, the fact that Zika is now going to go around the world in a fraction of the time, or that the nation itself is just fucked as hell, but yeah no, I don't care. Oh and then there was the whole doping scandal with Russia crying over the unfairness that they got caught. Waaaaaa. Brazil doesn't seem concerned that their venues are shoddy, the water polluted and their security a total wreck. They're used to it and they don't see anything wrong with showing the shitty to the world. Here's hoping no one gets really sick, shot or injured during AND after this shit show.
Doesn't take much to scare the shit out of a conservative, just a woman in a dress.
PHILADELPHIA, July 28 (UPI) -- Sarah McBride on Thursday became the first transgender person to address a major American political party's convention, where she told fellow Democrats that Hillary Clinton will work to ensure greater protections for the LGBTQ community.[..] In her remarks, McBride urged Americans to be more accepting of people's differences.
Transgender. They're not trying to kill, steal, hurt or destroy but the reaction to their public presence is on par with those kinds of atrocities. The GOP hallmark of intolerance is at an all time high, with an extra frightening icing of open-carry intimidation.
This is how sick the Democrats have become. This man is an absoluite disgrace. And he is a man dressed up like a woman. A freak at a freakshow. (Steve Lubin/commenter/asshole)
As the comments show conservatives want life or death power over their fellow American. They want prevent minorities from speaking and representing, killing the spirit of respect, stealing the dignity of those who are different. The pure hate in that comment is symbolic of how against anything that might change the status quo. Black, poor, liberal, gay, atheist, you name the difference and the GOP doesn't want it in this country. But the GOP is going to have to change, because the days of the white patriarchy are coming to a close. We already had a non-white president elected and re-elected. What's next? A woman?
Yep, it's not the infidels that are the threat, it's the cute DIGITAL infidels that they really need to watch out for.
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) -- Saudi Arabia's senior council of clerics says it has not renewed a 2001 religious edict warning against playing Pokemon, and that the new mobile application version of the game "requires a new ruling."
First it was the great, white satan in the form of a buxom, blonde Barbie that was corrupting their youth. Now it's the damned Japanese. I mean how DARE they come up with a fun game! One that is creative and imaginative! Colorful too! Why it's the veritable death knell of all morality that people would dare to use their phones for FUN. Seriously? Do you fucking towel-headed toolbags ever listen to yourselves? Pokemon needs a fucking fatwa? No wonder people go crazy and blow each other up. They're bored out of their minds. Maybe if you gave some of those ultra-serious islamists a chance to play Pokemon Go they wouldn't be trying to kill everyone out of hate.
Introducing... Boris Johnson!
ewspapers and politicians around the world have been reacting to Boris Johnson's appointment as UK foreign secretary. Many were surprised, citing his history of faux pas including insulting the president of Turkey and commenting on the US president's ancestry.[..] (BBC) Just two months ago, a poem he concocted about Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan having sexual congress with a goat won the first-place prize in a contest sponsored by Spectator magazine.[..] In the past, Johnson has had to apologize for referring to Africans as "piccaninnies" with "watermelon smiles." He even once suggested Africa would be better off if it were still administered by the former colonial powers.[..] In a 2007 Daily Telegraph column that he wrote about Hillary Clinton's first presidential election bid, he described the potential future American leader this way: "She's got dyed blonde hair and pouty lips, and a steely blue stare, like a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital."[..] Johnson claimed the "part-Kenyan president" harbored an "ancestral dislike of the British empire ? of which Churchill had been such a fervent defender." (WP)
Oh the list goes on and on and on. The new boss in town, one Ms. May, pulled a brilliant and calculated move by making this jester the UK's representative to the world. Now, imagine if Hillary did the same with Trump...
You know, if it really wasn't a big deal to leave Islam then Muslims would just shrug off this hashtag. Instead it makes them very, very angry.
Ex-Muslims are using a hashtag, #ExMuslimBecause, to tell why they have left the faith. The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain started the tag, saying it wanted to defend people's right to leave Islam and criticise it without fear or intimidation. But many Muslims are taking issue, saying that the hashtag is "hateful," and being used as an excuse for Muslim-bashing at a time of increasing fear of Islamophobia. (BBC)
Ok, let me put out the trite argument just to get it out of the way: "If Islam wasn't being used as justification for murder then we wouldn't have Islamophobia." There, done, out of the way. The whole notion that "real" muslims should take back their religion and kick out people who are using it as a banner (literally) to commit crimes so horrible that defining them as being against humanity doesn't even come close, has been stated. Let's just put that aside and concentrate on WHY it's important to be able to speak out, and be proud of, leaving a religion. Religion isn't genetic. It's nurture, not nature, and when done correctly religion does play a part of nurturing a person, providing a community and family of like-minded folks. The crux comes when that person decides that the community isn't for them. In civilized religions their community doesn't ostracize them or, worse, jail or kill them. Anyone being murdered for their belief is clearly a victim of a cult rather than a religion because that's how you define a cult. Cults exist for the benefit of the few at the top, using fear and intimidation against anyone who chooses to leave. Cults don't follow the laws of any nation. And if Islam wants to be a religion, rather than a cult, it needs to enforce a level of civility that it currently isn't demonstrating to the public. Imho, the value of #ExMuslimBecause is that it's exposing the cult mentality of Islam. Every human has the right to decide who they want to be and what they want to believe in. If your religion doesn't provide that, then it's not a religion. If you feel that someone else's free speech offends you, so much that you need to silence them, then really you're a lost cause, you're already a sad, brainwashed peon who exists for the greater good of your leaders and not yourself. You don't actually have free will, sorry. Haters only hate because that's all they have. Understanding is for civilized people who realize that words are only words, and no one should die because of them.
So it's the oddest thing - at times when my horse, Roach, "warps" to the lovely, rocky, Scottish-terrain type islands it's tail goes missing. Thus I get to stare at tail-less horsebutt the whole time I'm trekking about the rocky shores and perilous peaks. It's odd, that's certain, but no more odd I suppose than watching my horse's tail corkscrew about as I'm riding in the mainland (horse-tail physics is, apparently, an emerging art/science.) Anyway - tail or no tail? I guess I'll just take it as it is - part of the tale.
Yeah because pee-fingered fruit is MUCH better for you.
Having cake at work to celebrate colleagues' birthdays, engagements or just surviving the week is a danger to health, a senior dentist argues. Prof Nigel Hunt, from the Faculty of Dental Surgery, at the Royal College of Surgeons, says "cake culture" is fuelling obesity and dental problems. (BBC)
I think Nigel is a bitter old man. No one brings HIM cake. No one even brings him a half-eaten donut. This makes Nigel sad. And bitter. So no cake for anyone! Honestly I like office cake. I usually only take a heavily-iced tidbit, something to give me a little sugar boost. It's yummy. Plus if it's an hour or even four hours old who cares? IT"S FUCKING BAKED. Want some old, soft, wrinkly-dick cheese? Or fruit that had bugs landing on it? Or an old veggie platter that people picked over after not washing their hands coming from the bathroom? Yeah MUCH better choice. Fuck no. Give me the goddamn cake, any time. It's cut with a knife and I can TELL if anyone touched it before I did. Yeah thanks. Go suck on your old carrot-cum-sticks nigel. Enjoy.

fUK eU

HA! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHaaaaHAHA... There's no WAY fucking Euro-hoopladoops can make fun of us for Trump any more. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaas. Suck it bitches.