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Why do Jerry and Allyson suck? Because they adopt dogs and then just dump them out. People do this all the time and they all suck. Every stinking selfish, self absorbed, immature, mean spirited one of them. I am only singling out these two mutts because I can and because Jerry is so smug about it. In response to the rescue group's posting to alert the rescue community about these two: (link)
Jerry responded to my craigslist ad warning people about him. " Lol wow lady I give u props u go to extreme measures I must say. First off I got rid of his ass because he tore my house up and I was actually forced to give him up. So get the facts right before you start calling me out and yes I lived him and it really tore me up but I had no choice but its fine be the bitch you are and spread the word about me I don't care. Just hope your happy." and him being on craigslist in the pets section means he was trolling for another dog
I believe in Karma, and these two are gathering up a large size portion of the bad stuff. However, those in the rescue community can help prevent these two from collecting a bit more bad Karma. They are obviously too stupid and/or lazy to teach those dogs how to behave properly. Humans are supposed to be smart. Humans are supposed to be smarter than our companion animals. Obviously these two failed that test. Don't adopt out to them. Jerry and Allyson, you BOTH suck. You can probably barely handle taking care of yourselves so don't get a dog, assholes. And please don't procreate because what are you going to do when your baby makes a mess and is inconvenient? Leave it on the side of the road? Sometimes I hate people...
Andre Robinson and his friends think its funny to hurt an innocent animal. A video shows the cretin in lurking the cat to him and then he kicks the poor kitty about 10 feet. The cat is reportedly a fixture in the Brevoort Houses in Brooklyn, NY. Honestly, I'd like to plant a kick just like Andre planted on the cat right in Andre's g'nads. Then I would hope it was hard enough to make sure he can't procreate because this kind of monster couldn't possibly make a decent parent. And that goes for his cackling cronies, too.
Imagine you come home to find your home had been burglarized. It would be normal to call the police to file a report. You certainly wouldn't expect the pig, er, police officer, to execute your dog for barking on its own property. That is what happened to Cole Middleton of Texas. Officer Dooley shouldn't have a gun. He obviously hasn't had sufficient training or he doesn't have the temperament. I support gun rights, but some people should hide in their bunkers with them if they can't keep their cool when a dog barks at them. What if some little kid jumped from behind the car and yelled "bang, bang"? Would he have put a bullet in the kid's head like he did to Candy, Cole Middleton's dog? The horror did stop there. Candy's injuries were obviously fatal, but she was not quite dead when Mr. Middleton went to her. Despite Mr. Middleton's pleas, Officer Shellshocked Asshole wouldn't finish the job he started and let Candy suffer until Mr. Middleton had to do it with his bare hands. Officer Asshole probably would have shot Mr. Middleton if he got a gun of his own to do it. If he had any left after someone stole them. Yeah, that was the reason the police were called to Mr. Middleton's property in the first place. Let's hope Rains County does the right thing and charges Officer Asshole with cruelty to animals. And while it is pending get that gun out of his hand and slap his ass behind a desk. He doesn't belong in public. My sympathies to Mr. Middleton. It is rough to lose a furry four-legged child. It is even worse to lose that loved one at the hands of some jumpy asshole with shitty aim.
Tom-Jan Hüsch beat up the innocent little dog that his ex-girlfriend gave him as revenge for her breaking up with him. The big man hit the little dog to prove what a big man he is (link - warning - its a bit disturbing). Maybe his girlfriend would have given him a beat down if he hit her directly and he was afraid. Hard to know what makes some people do what they do. Afterward, pictures were circulating showing his face black and blue. But it turned out to be a hoax. I'm sorry, but I was so wishing the little bitch (falshe hund) found someone to pummel him into the ground. I don't typically like violence as a solution to a problem, but if you are going to dish it on the defenseless you deserve it. The photoshopped pic was probably wishful thinking. I know I would laugh at him if I saw his pathetic face bloodied and bruised after what he did to the dog. I do hope the little bitch boy who thinks beating up a poor little dog makes him a man finds some real men in prison. He could face up to 3-years in Germany.

Both candidates running for mayor of New York City want to see the end of horse drawn carriages. They have heard the cries of well meaning activists that see the use of horses in Manhattan as abusive to the animals. The news loves to show pictures of the rare instances where the animal falls or gets spooked.

The fact is like all activists, the activists that have been championing the cause of the horses are idiots. Yes, I called them idiots. Why? Because for all their good intentions of saving the horses from abuse, they forget that the 200 or so horses that pull carriages around Central Park have homes. That is more than can be said for 100's of thousands more around the country. 

Sure, NYC carriage horse call a place full concrete and asphalt and very little grass home. Those horses would probably love to frolic in a grass filled pasture. They might not even object to an open pasture devoid of grass because the grass has been trampled to death by other horses. But a home with hay and grain is a home.

Anybody know what happens to a homeless hores? Anybody have a guess?

The activists like to tell you that they will be sent to "santuaries". Yes, sancutaries exist and maybe, just maybe, the activists can twist a few arms and charm a few people to fit a couple of the soon to be retired carriage horses. Some claim that the NYC carriage horses are celebrities of a sort and that there is a demand for them. Heck, if I could, I'd take one. I love draft horses because of their temperment. But 200? 

I'll tell you what is more likely to happen to more than a few. They are going to be loaded on to trailers for a trip to an auction. There are quite a few auctions. There they will be on display for potential buyers. Some of those buyers will represent slaughter houses. They like draft horses, too, but for different reasons. They are "meaty".

After the sleezy slaughter house people claim their prizes, they load them on trailers for the long trip to Canada (if they are "lucky") or Mexico (if they aren't). Mind you, these folks tend to not be animal lovers. They don't care how comfortable the animal is. It needs to be alive, not happy. 

I've know horses that have went off the auction and I try not to think about it. When I do, I wish I had more resources to have saved a few favorites. I've never been to auctions myself, but I know people who have. People who say it is obvious who the meat people are. They have to resist the urge to punch them in their faces.

Honestly, I don't want to think about the end of NYC carriage rides. Not because I will never get to see the noble beasts on my visits to NYC ever again. I don't want to think about where most of those noble beasts will wind up. I don't know for sure what will happen, but I know enough about horse the industry by knowing people in the horse industry to know what is likely.

I just hope the people that wanted this so bad, follow through. But I'm not optomistic. Why? Because I've known a lot of activists. And activists are good at running their mouths rather than actually finding alternatives that will work in real life. Once the last carriage horse has left NYC they will pat themselves on the back for a job well done and not give a second thought to the beautiful horses they sent to an unpleasant death. At least someone will be able to sleep at night.


Taylor and Seth made a youtube video of themselves tormenting a manatee (link). They lured the manatee near a dock using a hose and then jumped on top of her, missing narrowly her calf. Not only is what they did illegal, but these two dumbasses are cruel.

Yeah, sure, they yucked it up. Very funny. I'm sure both of these turds would like some dumbass to jump on them in their homes. Yes, the canal is the manatees' home. Manatees don't bother anyone and they serve a useful purpose by cleaning out vegetation that would otherwise clog Florida waterways. Manatees are obviously far more useful than Taylor or Seth who are merely a waste of space.

Personally, I hope they get the maximum, which is one year. That is one year maybe they can sit and think. Well. at least their obviously defective genetic material would temporarily be out of circulation. If they don't wise up, maybe we can hope their next exercise in stupidity gets them a Darwin Award nomination. 

Rascal and Hallie are two senior citizen dogs. They had a home. Their human caretaker is leaving them behind because the new husband doesn't like dogs. Lame. I would like to ask this person, weren't Rascal and Hallie there for you on many lonely nights? Haven't they already demonstrated their ability to love unconditionally far better than the supposed "man" you are marrying? How can you possibly love a man who who cares so little about another being that you shared your life with? You might want to think long and hard about your supposed relationship because where do you think you will be when you become inconvenient? I consider a person's acceptance or our four-legged companions a test of their character. If someone can take a creature that has looked into their eyes and trusted them and ditch him/her where he/she may find death or imprisonment merely because he/she is inconvenient or not to someone's liking, what does that say about that person's character. Making that animal that shared part of your life someone else's problem is cowardly. I consider my cats my four-legged, furry children. They and I are a package deal. You don't have to love them, but you better not ask me to get rid of them or be mean to them. That goes for partners, friends and family. Don't like it, there is the door, walk through it yourself or find my foot in your ass.
This might be an expression for messing things up royally, but in this case it is literal. Kurtis Peterson of Muskegon, Michigan, was caught by a visitor to his home doing just that. twice. He claimed he was merely "hugging" the dog and got an erection. Gives new meaning to throwing the dog a bone. For his transgression, he has been sentenced to 15-yrs in state prison for "crime against nature, or sodomy". In contrast, from what I can tell, Michigan's animal abuse laws carry a maximum sentence of 4-yrs. Even though I wouldn't choose to have coffee with either a dog-fucker or a dog-abuser, but I would have less of a desire smash the face of the dog-fucker than the dog-abuser. I consider people who derive joy from hurting another creature to be the lowest form of human. Someone who derives joy from kinky sex with an animal (hopefully without causing pain to the animal) is a weirdo. I am not justifying this weirdo's behavior, but screwing the pooch gets more time in jail than strangling or maiming or beating the pooch? Something just doesn't seem right with that. Are we more offended by Mr. Peterson's deviant behavior? Or are we more offended by him "hurting" the dog? If the potential sentences have any bearing, law makers in Michigan seem to be more offended by the deviant behavior rather than abusive or cruel behavior. Maybe their priorities need to be reexamined.
Benjamin Fullwood saw a pig running around his trailer park. Fellow residents of the trailer park were looking for the pigs owner, realizing that the pig was someone's pet, not a feral pig that can be problematic. While his neighbors were looking on and trying to get the pig home, Benny boy thought it might be fun to sic his pit-bull dogs on the harmless pig. Then when the dogs weren't doing a good enough job for his liking, he pulled them off and stabbed the poor, defenseless critter. He continued while children screamed for him to stop. After Benny boy was arrested for the incident, he had his picture taken.
Personally, I'd like to slap that smile off his smug face. Beating up a pig is nothing to be proud of. Only sick, pathetic cowards take joy in hurting something for no good reason. Hopefully some bubba can give him an attitude adjustment when they hear what a big man he is for picking on a little defenseless pig.
Both should be handed by people who are in control of themselves and the item in question. Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords step daughter (Claudia Kelly) was walking her 65 lb dog along Laguna Beach. There were no regulations against walking a leased dog on the beach. However, the dog broke free from the 18-year old and killed a sea lion. I don't blame the dog. The dog was being a dog. It saw prey and went after it. Unfortunately the owner was not equipped to handle a powerful dog. Also, the dog clearly didn't respect her, although it seems to somewhat respect her father, Mark Kelly, since he was the person who finally pulled the dog away from it's prize. Like guns, the bigger and more powerful the dog, the more important it is to work with them and be in full control. And size matters little; I work with a woman who is about 100 lbs soaking wet and she has two well controlled 100+ lb German Shepherds. It's more about time, hard work and training than size. A person was not harmed by Ms. Kelly's dog, at least not this time. However, this story would have been far more tragic if the dog had seen a small child and determined it was prey. If that were to happen would we be having discussions about dog control or breed banning? Lets put blame where it belongs: Stupid people who want big powerful dogs but are unwilling to spend the time to train and control them. Perhaps Mark Kelly and his daughter have more important issues taking up their time. However, it might be a good idea for Mark Kelly to take a break from those activities and get his daughter and her dog into obedience training before the pooch hurts something or someone else.
The American Legislative Exchange Council drafted "The Animal and Ecological Terrorism Act" for consideration by States. I personally find some of it scary. For example:
“Animal or ecological terrorist organization” means any association, organization, entity, coalition, or combination of two or more persons with the primary or incidental purpose of supporting any {optional language insert “politically motivated”} activity through intimidation, coercion, force, or fear that is intended to obstruct, impede or deter any person from participating in a lawful animal activity, animal facility, research facility, or the lawful activity of construction, mining, foresting, harvesting, gathering or processing natural resources.
Granted I don't support violence or vandalism, and we already have laws that punish those that participate in those acts. However, how does one define "intimidation" or "coercion". What if I blog about an entity abusing animals and/or I threaten to start a boycott? Or threaten to talk to my legislator about a law prohibiting treatment of animals that I find abhorrent? One person's freedom of speech might be another's coercion. Granted there are those in the animals rights movement that are beyond the lunatic fringe, but this proposed legislation is little more than an attempt to silence people who advocate for humane treatment of animals. It is a method to keep animal rights activists from recording abuses in factory farms, slaughter houses and laboratories. It is a way to give the large institutions engaged in these abuses the right to punish those that would show their vile activities to the world. Only those that have something to hide would try to hide behind this legislation.
An idiot in Tennessee took his pitbull to the pound for being gay. How did this genius come to this conclusion? Because the male pitbull mounted another male pooch. (article) Luckily the pitbull was saved from his death sentence by a nice lady that understands that mounting is a way to show dominance. The dog's new owner has named him Elton. Notice to all you dumb asses out there ---- Dogs do what dogs do. A male dog mounting another male dog is far from uncommon. Not that I advocate it, but put a female dog in front of a dominant male dog and he'll mount her too. It's what dogs do. Heck, if your leg stands still long enough, it might be fair game. Also, if your dumb ass self doesn't like that kind of behavior, get you dog fixed (I would be willing to bet a large sum of money that Elton was "intact" when the idiot dropped him off at the pound). Please don't act like it is your manhood being taken. Fact is your dog will not miss his balls. Trust me, your dog will still look at you with that dopey look of adoration even though you likely don't deserve it. I love my animal companions, I consider them family, but they are not human people with human "body image" or "identity" issues. The only thing that testicles do for a male dog is make him produce testosterone which gives him the urge to find a bitch, screw her and make puppies. Sometimes that urge is not selective. Nor should caring, civilized people willingly allow unwanted animals to be produced through indiscriminate breeding. On the flip side, perhaps Elton's former owner should be neutered. It is doubtful the idiot has anything constructive to donate to the gene pool.
Not only can a particular Fort Worth Police officer not read an address, he also can't tell a border collie from a pit bull. Not that the breed of dog should matter. (article) The officer was responding to a copper theft call and pulled up to 4719 instead of 4919 Norma Street. He entered the yard and the two dogs of the house headed to greet the officer while the owner, Mark Boling, yelled that the dogs were harmless. One of the dogs stopped when the owner yelled the other continued. According to the owner the officer shot her while she was looking up at him, probably hoping for a pet. The department's response to the assault on private property?
Here's what Officer Daniel Segura with the Forth Worth Police Department had to say about the shooting: "The officer responded as an assist unit in the investigation of a copper theft offense that occurred in the 4900 Block on Norma st. The assist officer started looking for suspects in the surrounded area from the offense location; he stopped at 4717 Norma where he made contact with an adult male, the officer waited by the driveway when suddenly two dogs started barking at the officer and in an aggressive manner charged towards his direction. The officer ran towards a pillar and asked the male repeatedly to call back the dogs. The officer jumped on top of the pillar and continued pleading the male to call the dogs back. As the dogs were getting closer to attack/bite the officer, the officer fired his duty weapon striking the dog closest to him. No arrests were made in reference to the copper theft call."
Sorry, that is lame. The adult man in question got to watch the officer shoot his dog. The adult man in question could have come to the property line to talk to the officer. If officer dumb ass was ready to shit in his pants over a border collie then he has no business carrying a gun. I have had to go to people's homes but I don't carry a gun. I have negotiated with the dog's owner to put Fido elsewhere. I have talked calmly to the dog. I have had to do whatever I had to and hoped I didn't get bit. So far, so good. In the end, a family lost their beloved pet and a copper thief got away. Why? Because the officer is an idiot with less balls than lots of other people I know that need to navigate dogs. It is also obvious that the department thinks the officer did nothing wrong. So much for the common police motto of "protect and serve". With officers like dumb ass (best I can come up with since they didn't give us a name), I'm sure the Bolings don't feel protected or served. Fort Worth Police, you suck!
News anchor Kyle Dyer got bit in the face by Max, a Mastiff. I'm sure there are those that would say Max is a vicious dog. However, why would a person put their face in the face of a strange dog? I know, I know, cute puppy. But cute puppy has sharp teeth. It is interesting how we as supposed smart humans will think nothing of sticking our face in an animals face. Let's step back a moment. Would we come within biting distance of an unknown fellow human? I think we all know the answer. If we did we'd expect a good slap. Well, dogs don't slap, but they can bite. Back to Kyle Dyer, she also had his big head cupped with both hands. To me Max was saying "Back off lady!" Personally, I might be tempted to bite someone that that had a hand on both cheeks and was in my face. However, my teeth are far less sharp than a dog's. I do hope the new anchor recovers fully. I also hope that Max doesn't have to spend too much time in doggie jail. Hopefully all can learn from this - You wouldn't stick your face in a human strangers face, don't do it to a doggie stranger!
No, you are just the scumbag CEO of GoDaddy. You obviously ENJOYED shooting an elephant, proudly smiling near your kill. The poor SoB didn't see it coming. For those that can stomach it Are there problem elephants? I'm sure there are. Do they cause a hardship for the farmers? I'm sure they do. I don't have a problem if those farmers kill a rogue bull elephant in an area where there are ample numbers. Especially when the village doesn't leave that elephant to rot and they get a good meal out of it. However, let's be honest, Mr. Parsons was not merely lending a helping hand to his poor African brethren. The grin on his face was not from satisfaction of helping save a man's field and feeding a village. I know a smug, can't wait to show the boys back home, grin when I see it. And there is my problem with Mr. Parsons (and people like him). Mr. Parsons is nothing but an obscenely rich scumbag. He has money to burn and an urge to show what a big man he is. People in that category have to show their manhood in large flamboyant ways such as shotting a very large animal. Yes, Mr. Parsons is the last of the great white hunters. Perhaps if the next elephant gave him an enema with one of its tusks then it would at least be a tie. However, it is doubtful Mr. Parsons would ever put himself in that much danger.
Whoopi Goldberg doesn't like a law that would restrict her right to buy a puppy from a pet store. She stated this opinion on the March 18th episode of the View. She hinted that a buyer knows what they are getting when they buy a pure breed dog. This shows just how woefully ignorant Whoopi is on the subject. I won't even get into the almost endless supply good companions someone can get from a shelter. First, buying a puppy in a pet store is a pig in a poke. You may know what breed it is and you may have researched that breed and think it's right for you, but the majority of puppies in that corner pet store are from puppy mills. The puppies from these mills have likely been breed in filthy conditions from parents that may or may not have health issues. These are not the shining examples of their respective breeds that you see in the Westminster Dog Show. You may know the breed, but you don't know the conditions it was bred under. You are perpetuating a disgusting occupation nearly as bad as dog fighting when you buy a dog from a puppy mill. Second, eliminating the ability of pet stores to sell puppies in no way diminishes a person's ability to buy a pure breed dog. You are always free to find a reputable breeder to get the pure breed of your choice. You should commit to being that dog's caretaker for life so taking the time to find a good breeder and visit that breeder and see it's parents should not be a huge burden. Saying that your right to purchase that doggie in the window is like saying I want to be able to make an impulse buy when walking through the mall. The only difference is that a dog is not a necklace or a pair of shoes. It needs care and feeding and it feels pain not unlike you do. Whoopi, you are free to state your opinion whatever that might be. However, it might be nice if you did a bit of research first. Unless of course you think that being locked in a small cage and forced to give birth to as many babies as you body will allow is fine. If that is the case, then in my opinion you are morally corrupt.
AOLnews had an article on theories why women tend to live longer than men. One theory is that women have been genetically programed to repair cell damage better so that they are better able to have and rear children. In other words, men are only needed for a few minutes to propagate the species; therefore they are somewhat disposable from a biological standpoint. Obviously this theory got stuck in some guy's craw.
grapost from - Actually in real LIFE women are ALMOST totally disposible because the only thing they provide the world with that is a necessity are eggs and a uterus. They build nothing, create almost nothing, discover almost nothing, invent almost nothing. 99 percent of what has been accomplished in the world since the beginning of time has been done by men. Basically women are TOTALLY dependent on men to provide for them. Men created all the industries, jobs, technologies, machines that have made it possible for women to live on their own as they do today. They had nothing to do with it. There is NO EVIDENCE of a large group of women EVER living independently from men for any significant length of time in the history or the world. That is because their survival is directly dependent on men protecting and providing for them.
Perhaps Mr. Grapost (and yes, I am assuming the commenter is male) is merely a troll. Perhaps he has a woman boss that he hates and feels his life is a waste and he is in need of some psychological counseling. No matter what his problems, I can assure Mr. Grapost that women can do plenty. If it weren't for women society would have disintegrated a long time ago. Our matriarchal ancestors needed to be tough as nails. Women needed to take care of everything at home while the men ran off to fight wars, many which were just pissing matches with other men, got drunk or just plain caroused. From a personal side, I've heard stories of my great-grandmother plowing the field, either manually or by horse drawn plow, while my no-good, lazy great-grandfather ran off to "take care of business in town". My grandmother took care of her eight children alone after my grandfather died. The women in my family don't crawl up and wither when the men in our lives were absent. Let's also not forget that women weren't allowed to contribute throughout most of history. I'm sure there was plenty of men who stole ideas from intelligent women. Men may take credit for all that was built, but in many instances I sure there was a woman contributing in the shadows, even if it was to take care of all the unglamorous work so that the men could take all the glory. About the part about the only useful thing women have are a uterus and eggs - There are plenty of men more than will to contribute sperm. And there are plenty of men that only contribute sperm. The following comment to Grapost says it well:
cetwren - Thank god for men, because without them we wouldn't have an elevated railway, an electric hot water heater, a rotary engine, an engine muffler, a medical syringe, or windshield wipers.....oh wait, those were all invented by women. And let's not forget the female scientists who discovered radium, polonium, many anti-cancer drugs, and the helical structure of DNA. The only reason that civilization has survived the multiple Millennia of war that men have subjected it to is because of women. . .
Mr. Grapost's mother must be so proud to have a son like him. Lastly, if there is a Mrs. Grapost, my sympathies are extended to her because she has surely had the misfortune of being associated with a complete moron. Hopefully she will become smart enough to know she doesn't need Mr. Grapost.