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Chaos is pretty simple, just let entropy do its thing. On the other hand order and structure, well, that's muuuuuch harder.

The Republican Party of "no" for Democrat Barack Obama's eight years is having a hard time getting to "yes" in the early Donald Trump era.

The unmitigated failure of the GOP bill to replace Obamacare underscored that Republicans are a party of upstart firebrands, old-guard conservatives and moderates in Democratic-leaning districts. Despite the GOP monopoly on Washington, they are pitted against one another and struggling for a way to govern. (AP)

The first thing a baby learns is to annoy its parents by dropping, throwing and grabbing shit at random. Baby doesn't know much, only that it gets them attention and it's EASY. Parents, on the other hand, need to teach baby rules, limits and self control so that their youngster can interact with society at large, not be a nuisance, and to deal with the hard work of learning and growing up.

The GOP is still pretty much in that "throwing shit" stage of growth. After so many years of screaming, crying, pitching a fit, refusing to cooperate and acting out for attention they have no idea how to function as a viable entity. Sure they're all GOP in name, sure they have the numbers to make the government function to their benefit... but there's the rub, they can't all agree what that benefit is.

The government, and conservatives in particular, have forgotten the utility and art of compromise. Now that they have the ability to steer the ship, twenty hands are all grabbing for the tiller and the ship is stuck with it's sails luffing, no destination in sight.

Well... that's not all bad now is it? A few years of going in circles may actually knock some sense into them (or their constituents) and maybe IF they can learn to cooperate with each other, and that's a big maybe, then maybe they can learn to cooperate with the others as well. Maybe...


Apparently we're bad and we should feel bad. And also love Putin.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Donald Trump said he respects Vladimir Putin, and when an interviewer called the Russian leader "a killer," Trump said the United States has many of them.

"What do you think? Our country's so innocent?" he told Fox's Bill O'Reilly in an excerpt released by the network. The president's interview was to air Sunday afternoon on the Super Bowl pregame show.

Do you smell the patriotism burning there? I do. Truthfully I get it, Putin helped tRump win the election AND probably has some nifty dirt on Dickhead Donald as well. Trump stands by people who helped him, regardless of ethics, impact and better judgement. The best part is seeing the flag-mongering, ultra-patriots who backed him try and swallow this. Yes, Putin's a thug, a killer and a war-hungry megalomaniac. But hey, we're besties now so it's cool right?

Heh. So awesome.


It tastes pretty damn yummy to the next Prez...

President-elect Donald J. Trump appears to side with the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange over United States intelligence agencies, with Vice President-elect Mike Pence backing him up.

So, my little Trumpettes, how's it feel to see your adored prez sucking some scraggly Aussie dick huh? Yes the fucking PRESIDENT OF THE US ADMITS HIS ADMIRATION FOR ASSANGE. Yes he do.

Of course we all know that, up until a tight election was technically (non popularly) won by a total fucking tool, Assmange was an enemy of the US. Someone who solicits and publishes sensitive materials, endangering MANY people, not just Americans, working abroad.

But hey, he's got the GOP stamp of approval now, so if you support your leader you'd best fall in line bitches!

Heh. This is humerious. What next? A gold statue of Putin in the Oval Office salon? Probably, and just in time for his visit too!


The funny thing, the most typical line I heard from Trump voters were "Oh, he's not really like that." Well let's see, in the few minutes of news I've heard so far:

* tRump doesn't want to live in the White House because it doesn't have gold bathroom fixtures
* he's appointed all his kids as "consultants" which enables them to set policies AND profit from them
* he's anointed a card-carrying racist to his cabinet

So what part of "not really like that" is he really? Seems like he really IS as shitty as he proposed to be.

Oh, and best part? He's already backing down on all the promises he made during the election, from leaving NATO, to building a wall, to eliminating Obamacare, to incarcerating Hillary.

Tell me now... what's not to like?


I Don't Buy The Lie

Ok, so while Trump is howling about how the entire election is rigged against him (he'll sue, just wait) I've been trying to find out what the entire "crooked Hillary" thing is about. I've scanned several conseratroid websites and the results are not very satisfying. Here are the "lies" that have everyone so worked up:

- She landed in Bosnia under sniper fire, which wasn't verified on the video
- She left her job at the White House in debt, which was true but apparently not debt-enough to count
- Her email server was "set up with the same security as typical servers", which was also probably true, but hey we all know that US servers are totally hackproof
- She came from immigrant grandparents, and oops, only one was
- She's concerned about the cost of college, which means that when she takes money to speak at colleges she's a hypocrite
- She claims a long list of accomplishments, which is bs because being Secretary of State is easy-peasy

It's interesting to note that not all websites hating on Hillary go after Benghazi. I'd guess the ones omitting this are a little more up to date, where she's been cleared multiple times of trying to deliberately mislead people. Still, it's easier for people to hold on to comfortable lies than read long and boring transcripts. For the most part even Congress has finally buried that horse.

Yep, those are some lies. Worse than grabbing women's privates, mistreating your workers or not paying taxes when you're rich-as-fuck.

I support that the "lying" label is just that, a label, sadly one that has stuck because really they don't have much else to stick her with. America isn't ready for a woman president, just the same as it wasn't ready for a Black president. All the myths propagated during the Obama elections turned out to be just that, but the thing is that people WANT to hate, they WANT to be afraid, they want that unifying threat... even when it doesn't exist.

Honestly Bernie would have been a far greater threat to the established GOP, so it doesn't surprise me in the least that some members of the GOP have been deserting their candidate.

And for those out there who want to hate on Hillary, go ahead, I'm sure she's used to it. Just like every other woman who ever dared to break the glass ceiling.


Uh Huh.

As the Talking Heads said "and the heat goes on..."


Truly this election is one for the history books. Like it or not, American politics will never, ever be the same. We have a new standard for who can get elected and what the Public will tolerate them saying.

Political experience? We don't need no stinkin' political experience, in fact the less the better...


Back in early May I predicted that the asshole conservatives in charge of the most vulnerable states were being predictable douchebags. And I was right.

Pregnant women are being advised by Public Health England to consider postponing non-essential trips to the US state of Florida, amid concerns over the Zika virus.

Its travel advice was updated after Florida confirmed four cases of the virus transmitted by local mosquitoes.(BBC)

The nearsightedness, the pettiness is pretty typical of what you expect from a politician. But you'd think that one who represents a district that depends heavily on tourism would be slightly more sensitive to what was GOING to happen. Zika was coming to Florida back in May and our government wanted to do something about it. But because it was against their mantra, because it was politically expedient to laugh at the offer Florida, Texas, Louisiana and Georgia turned their back on funding that science needs to figure out a solution.

Now the solution will involve more money than prevention. It will involve money to figure out how to manage a tourism industry that will be damaged as young families and couples make other plans. It will involve money for babies born in those states with a condition that will make them dependent for their whole lives. It will involve money to sway voters into believing that prevention was a lost cause because, after all, Zika is god's will (but when it the vaccine coming out?)

The politicians who made the decision to reject Zika funding back in May have nothing to worry about for themselves, and as for their voters, well, who cares about them? At least until election time?


You know if it were Zimbabwe, Iran, North Korea, China or Brazil no one would bat a fucking eye. But when the US says it, suddenly it's a world-wide problem.

World media reaction to businessman Donald Trump's speech accepting the Republican Party's nomination for the presidential election has varied from region to region.

Latin American writers were disappointed by what they saw as the "racist" content of his address whilst Middle East journalists said they saw nothing new.

Mexican daily El Universal found "the only surprise" was that the speech did not contain the same amount of "barbarities" as before.

"Xenophobia, racism and egocentrism" formed the key points of the speech, according to Venezuelan-based news channel TeleSur which noted that Mr Trump blamed immigrants for the economic crisis whilst ignoring the millions of dollars spent on "unjustified military invasions". (BBC)

Yes Trump is heavy on the rhetoric. Yes, he's divisive and he spews a lot of questionable material. But the thing I find amusing is how the world is reacting to the fact that this is a US politician. When the hatred comes from Israel or Palestine, from Turkey or Russia it's ok right? How many death threats have we had from North Korea? How many times have other politicians used the US as a punching bag for their own benefit.

But when someone in the US does the same, well that's not right is it? It is funny how we're held to a different standard. But the world is now getting a taste of what it's like to be us and suddenly it's scaring the living shit out of them. Yeah, it's all funny until that hate is pointed at you isn't it?


Apparently that's the right-wing's latest nickname for the democratic nominee for President.

Carson asked, "So are we willing to elect someone as president who has as their role model someone who acknowledges Lucifer?" (CNN)

If you actually have a brain which, thanks to our over-active media, is often hard to hear over the constant hue and cry, you might wonder how it is that Hillary is now only a step away from the Dark Prince himself. We have Dr. Carson for that little nugget. See Hillary liked a book author and that author gave a tongue-in-cheek reference to Lucifer as being a "rebel". Carson, who doesn't actually understand humor (like he understands brain surgery) jumped on that and branded Hillary a satan worshiper.

But then it got better. The GOP went from calls from incarceration to actual murder. How gentlemanly!

CLEVELAND, July 20 (UPI) -- An adviser to GOP nominee Donald Trump now has the attention of the U.S. Secret Service, for inflammatory remarks he made on a Boston radio show this week, in which he said Hillary Clinton should be killed for treason.

There seems that the more uncivilized, the more uncouth, the more violent, the more intolerant, the more hateful and the more angry the GOP mouthpieces are the more popular they get. That, of course, is exactly what this country and this world needs. More hate.

Me? Imma vote for Lucifer. I mean why the hell not?


Greedy, grubbing, thoughtless, selfish, bully are the words that come to mind these days when someone says China. Not "world leader". Nope.

BEIJING (AP) -- China blamed the Philippines for stirring up trouble and issued a policy paper Wednesday calling the islands in the South China Sea its "inherent territory," a day after an international tribunal said China had no legal basis for its expansive claims.

"It is the Philippines that has created and stirred up the trouble," Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin said in introducing the paper.

In the time honored tradition of rape-victim blaming, China is shaking it's stick at Philippines for stirring up trouble. However, one look at a map, at ANY map and it's plain that Big Fat Pig China is just trying to steal what belongs to others. Worse yet, knowing full well that they will get pushed back, they are destroying the wealth that should be shared by ripping up the sea floor and overfishing.

China, you're disgusting. No one respects you and rattling your little guns won't get you the respect you need. My advice is go snuggle with the fat little dictator in North Korea, maybe the two of you can suck each other's dicks while you cry about how unfair the rest of the world is.


"Look everyone, I gotta woman on the ticket too!"

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is spending part of his July 4th with Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst amid speculation about his vice presidential pick.

Trump tweets, "I look forward to meeting @joniernst today in New Jersey." He says, "She has done a great job as senator of Iowa!"

Ernst is a first-term senator, combat veteran and the first woman elected to Congress from Iowa.

She ran on a platform of cutting wasteful spending, with the slogan "Make 'em squeal."[..]

Trump also spent time over the weekend with Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. (AP)

Huh, well knowing how Der Donald makes his choices, he's gonna pick Joni over Pence for the single reason that Trump/Ernst sounds more appealing than Trump/Pence. I mean double-p aside, it conjures notions of pennies and British currency, neither of which is very appealing right now. Plus there's the fact that she's a vet AND a woman (ooooo, double cred there.)

Yep, I think I see slogans and stickers on the horizon. Too bad Ernst is only a vowel away from the honesty Trump really needs these days.

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) -- Striking Atlantic City casino workers are using the Fourth of July holiday to highlight their struggle against billionaire Carl Icahn, who owns the Trump Taj Mahal casino.[..]

The main issue in the strike is the termination of union members' health insurance and pension benefits by previous owners. Icahn had offered to restore health care, but not to a level the union deemed sufficient, prompting the strike.


I can explain, pretty simply, why I trust Hillary, in fact in only two data points:

First, because I have yet to see credible evidence of her lying/cheating/stealing/murdering babies/etc. Right now, to me at least, it's a label that's just stuck on. The fact that the investigations against her are endless and ongoing says that they're still looking to find something to pin on her (since if it were obvious we'd be done already.) Instead, as the GOP bluntly stated, they're beating this dead horse to lower her poll numbers. Hillary lied? Really. If you can't tell me about what and give me her quote then I'm going to label you a mindless sheep who wants to believe that she lied (in a way different than all other politicians.) Go on, tell me what that is.

Second, because I get stuck with the same fucking label as well. There have been plenty of times when I've run up against the established policy or practice and vocally defended my process. Each time, regardless of good results, positive perception from the end-user, I get blasted for being "untrustworthy" or some other garbage in a similar vein. Worse, when I sit down to talk with the accusers to find out why, it comes out as "well you did an excellent job, but we just didn't like how you did it, you challenged the rules, you pointed out things we admit could be better but don't need to change." And so on. It's poisoned my career at several places but earned me the loyalty of those under me because I'm known as a person who does the right and honest thing, I defend my people and I defend the rules and if you don't like that then you shouldn't have given me the job.

People love to hire you when you say "I'm ethical and I always defend my people when they're right" until you point out the discrimination or shady practices they've depended on so long they don't even notice that it's shady. Then you become the enemy and slander you six ways from Sunday... behind your back.

So I feel for Hillary, I get her. She's a tough lady that started in a tough business way before women were even accepted (and it's hard to say she's even accepted now.) So here's my FUCK YOU to the Hillary Haters. I hope she wins, and at any rate She's already made history. You go girl, go all the way.


The whole notion of "Make (insert nation) Great Again" is a fallacy. Because you can NEVER go back to the way things were. And in reality would you really want to?

"I love to see people take their country back. And that's really what's happening in the United States," Trump told reporters this weekend during a visit to his golf resort in western Scotland.[..] "Absolutely wonderful, best news ever. We want England - or Great Britain - to come back how it was years ago, and it's going the way that we want it to go," said Allen Laurence, 65, a vendor at the Billingsgate Fish Market in East London. "I am pleased, very pleased, for the country overall." (AP)

I'm sure Allen doesn't use a cell phone. I'm very certain that Allen doesn't appreciate modern medical care. I'm also convinced that Allen doesn't need the airbags in his car, or the internet, or any of the myriads of things that were invented in his lifetime. Going back to 1951 would be lovely, in his mind, no war, no rebuilding of bombed areas just love and roses and free tea cakes for all. Because that WAS how it was, right?

If you look at who voted for Brexit it was overwhelmingly geezers, people into retirement and if you consider who will be overwhelmingly impacted by the decision, it's all the younger folks who want the opportunity to work and travel unfettered in an area larger than their island.

But of course, like Trump supporters, no one else really matters. It's me me me me me all the time and fuck the poor, tired, hungry, young and anyone who doesn't look, smell, talk and dress like me. A mentality which MIGHT work in the US but certainly doesn't work when you have a bunch of diverse nations jammed together in a space the size of central-USA.

What it really boils down to is that people who fall for easy to swallow rhetoric, clever slogans and ideas that obvious enough if you don't think about them are the same ones voting for failure. Fact is you can NEVER go back and what's more you don't WANT to go back to the 1950s. But it's too late now to THINK about what that really means because ignorance has now reached a level of popularity where espousing stupidity is fashionable. So yeah, take back your UK and when you do... think about why that UK doesn't include Northern Ireland and Scotland any more.


It's one thing to support your party. It's quite another to fucking lie like shitbags because you want double-cross your supposed allies.

Conservatives did prevail in a separate vote designed to make sure federal dollars are not taken away from North Carolina over its bathroom law for transgender people.

But GOP leaders prevailed on seven Republicans to switch their votes, including California GOP Reps. Jeff Denham, Darrell Issa, Mimi Walters and David Valadao. Reps. David Young, R-Iowa, and Bruce Poliquin, R-Maine, also switched positions. Each of them changed back on Wednesday night, joined by several other Republicans who opposed Maloney's plan last week.(AP)

So there you go. Walk of shame: GOP from California, Iowa (who cares, they kill and skin non-whites in their state) and Maine.

So tell me boys, what exactly did they twist huh? Or more honestly, how much money did they put into your re-election fund?

No one is ever going to trust you fuckers again. From EITHER side.


Lawmakers in the US state of Oklahoma have passed a bill that would make the act of performing an abortion a crime. (BBC)



Guess what the GOP thinks? YES! THE SAME THING!

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Buckling under conservative pressure, House Republicans pulled a legislative sleight of hand Tuesday and stripped a provision from the annual defense policy bill that would have required young women to sign up for a military draft.

The decision triggered an outcry from Democrats, who cast the move as a GOP attempt to avoid a contentious vote on equality for women. But GOP lawmakers argued much more study is required before reversing the longstanding prohibition on including women in the Selective Service.

Afraid of a little fire scarecrow? YES you MOTHERFUCKING ARE! Yeah the GOP doesn't want women anywhere except barefoot and pregnant (unless they're ugly then they just prefer them dead.)

If they had a valid position they shouldn't have been afraid to have it stand up to debate. But no. They knew that if the debate even started it would have looked bad for them. This coming from the party that wants to refuse contraception, abortion, and family planning for women, regardless of rape or a woman's health.

Fuck, given their policies you'd think they'd want to send EVERY welfare mom to the military, rather than stifle the very mention thereof.

GOP the party of misogyny! YAYS!


It's sad to watch Israel eating its own. Especially when all they're doing it pointing out the obvious.

Maj-Gen Yair Golan said on the eve of Thursday's annual Holocaust Day that he detected trends in Israeli society suggestive of "nauseating processes" that occurred in 1930s Nazi Germany.
Mr Netanyahu said the comments were outrageous, cheapened the Holocaust and caused harm to Israel. (BBC)

Building ghettos to keep the "undesirables" out. Removing their rights. Herding them onto buses where everyone is checked going in and out. Staving them. Paying them less. Destroying homes. Detaining them without cause.

Sound familiar?

That's what Israel is doing to the Arabs that live in their nation, including those with Israeli citizenship. It is very much an echo of history, the only difference being that the Arabs are fighting back, something the Jews in Europe didn't get a chance to do.

Israel wants a war with Palestine. They want to kill or eliminate every non-Jew (and then the next step will be to target the secular Jews). And most of all they DON'T want anyone to draw attention to the parallels. Most certainly not one of their own.