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Yes, 50 senators and 1 VP voted for stupid twat. So what else goes with DeVos? Devalue. Denigrate. Destroy. Demean. Oh it's a list that just goes on and on. Ah, america the privileged, where being a fudie-wife of a rich lobbyist gives you the power to decide the future of ALL american children, underprivileged ones of course, the slops and filthy spawn of the Great Unwashed masses (aka voters.)

In her world america is ONLY white, ONLY christian and ONLY educated as far as necessary for them to fill their role. Aspirations are for the rich, not the "others."

It's hard to put into words the hate and loathing I have for this woman and her handler. You thought you hated Hillary? Oh honies, you ain't seen nothing yet. I promise you.


The GOP war on women has hit a milestone: it's now affecting women all over the world.

UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- President Donald Trump has massively expanded the ban on providing federal money to international groups that perform abortions, or provide abortion information, to all organizations receiving U.S. global health assistance.

The picture of Der Dickhead spoke volumes: a passle of old, wrinkled, white men passing judgement on women's abilities to control their bodies and their future. Out of touch, unsympathetic, these people decided that women who need health care are entitled to NONE.

groups in 60 countries receiving $9 billion in health assistance are now covered by the ban.

Women in 60 countries now will lose the ability to get screening for cancer, birth control, regular exams and counseling because tRump is president. I suppose it's better than his promise that women who seek an abortion should be incarcerated, but is death better than prison?

Props to you tRump voter! Making the world better, safer and healthier! You can be PROUD!


Uh Huh.

As the Talking Heads said "and the heat goes on..."


Truly this election is one for the history books. Like it or not, American politics will never, ever be the same. We have a new standard for who can get elected and what the Public will tolerate them saying.

Political experience? We don't need no stinkin' political experience, in fact the less the better...


It's called "a distraction".

MOSCOW (AP) -- Amid the widening U.S.-Russian spat over Syria, the Russian Foreign Ministry on Thursday issued a strongly-worded statement accusing the Pentagon of nurturing an aggressive nuclear strategy threatening Russia.

The ministry cast a recent speech by U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter as a veiled threat to back a hypothetical attack on Russia by its allies in Europe with U.S. nuclear weapons. The angry statement reflects a growing degree of mistrust and tensions between Moscow and Washington after the collapse of a U.S.-Russian cease-fire deal in Syria.

Yes it's time to heat up the "Cold War" again because Russia is in the news for murder. First it was Ukraine, and proof-positive that they blew up a jetliner full of innocents and now it's bombing the ever living shit out of civilians in Syria. People are pissed and the UN is raising the spectre of war crime prosecution against Russia. Since Russia doesn't WANT to stop bombing they need something bright and shiny to distract simpler minds, and what's the brightest, shiniest thing around? Well a nuclear detonation of course!

It's kinda sad to see Russia borrowing a page from Kim-Jong-Fatboy's North Korean playbook, but they are. NUKES! NUKES! NUKES! OMGNUKES! Whose and by whom? Nah, never mind the details. NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUKES!

Hey Russia. Maybe if you just stopped killing the shit out of people you wouldn't need to come up with stupid bullshit as a diversion. But that's probably not sexy enough for Lil'Putie now is it?



Pity the coup didn't work out. Now Stalin-Jr. is going to go on a rampage and kill everyone and anyone he likes. Probably set himself as dictator-for-life while he's at it.

Now Turkey is just another miserable Islamic state run by a lunatic.

UPDATE: The entire thing was staged by that asshole Erdo-fuck just to cement his grip on the country. Now he has everything and the people who elected him will have him for life. Just when you get rid of one Saddam Hussein the mid-east produces another.


Another night, more gun deaths. Big whoop.

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) -- A gunman wielding an assault-type rifle and a handgun opened fire inside a crowded Florida nightclub early Sunday, killing at least 50 people in the worst mass shooting in American history before dying in a gunfight with SWAT officers, police said.

Ah Florida, the land of "shoot first and win". So where were all the pistol packing people defending themselves? Where were the "we need moar guns because I'm afeerd" folks? Huh. Well, clearly the answer is there weren't ENOUGH guns in the venue because then... actually I'm not sure how that sentence ends.

But I sure as shit know how the lives of the people in the club ended.


It might be random, but sometimes it's actually right.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Tennessee has a state reptile, a state rock and a state song in the moonshine-themed "Rocky Top." For now, though, the Bible will not be its official state book.

Gov. Bill Haslam had vetoed a bill that would elevate the holy book's status, and lawmakers trying to override that veto fell seven votes short of the 50 they needed in the House on Wednesday. Only 43 members voted in favor of the bill after two hours of spirited - and spiritual - debate.

The Republican governor last week turned back the bill over constitutional concerns and because of concerns the measure "trivializes" what he considers a sacred text.[..]

Republican Rep. Jerry Sexton, a former Baptist minister who was the main House sponsor of the measure, urged colleagues to follow what he called the "will of the people" in rejecting the veto.

"It doesn't force anyone to read it, it doesn't force anyone to buy it, it doesn't force anyone to believe it," said Sexton, a former Baptist minister. "It's simply symbolic."

The Bible shouldn't be ANY state's book in America. The argument that it's merely symbolic is correct but NOT as justification - because it's symbolic of the fact that certain lawmakers in Tennessee believe that only people who agree with said text should be respected. It's a slap in the face to everyone who doesn't. It's also NOT FUCKING LEGAL EITHER.

Lawmakers in both chambers had passed the bill despite a warning by the state's attorney general that it would violate both the U.S. and Tennessee constitutions, the latter of which states that "no preference shall ever be given, by law, to any religious establishment or mode of worship."

I don't think it will ever happen, but I sincerely hope that once most of the boomers croak that we'll get off this religious-conservative-hate-everyone-not-like-me kick. It's a dream I guess, but I'll hang on to it. In the mean time I'll celebrate the little victories, like states that DON'T fucking make their religion a secular mandate.


Fuck Integration

I mean really, why bother at all?

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) -- A Minnesota elementary school has kissed Valentine's Day goodbye. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, too.

Bruce Vento Elementary in St. Paul is joining other public schools in opting out of holiday celebrations as school officials strive to be more culturally sensitive and inclusive. The school has a predominantly Asian and black student body, and English is a second language for more than half of its pupils, who come from a range of faith backgrounds.

In a letter to parents last week, Principal Sott Masinic said his rationale was to avoid "encroaching on the educational opportunities of others and threatening a culture of tolerance and respect for all." He acknowledged it would be an unpopular decision for some.

Yep, Scott is fucking brilliant. Now all the kids at his school can stare at the TV and the decorations in the mall and wonder "WTF? We don't know about this." Yes, that's really the way to integrate and mainstream minorities by being AFRAID to expose them to the cultural norms of the nation they live in.

It's one thing to jam culture or religion down a kids throat by making them participate and not explaining why others around them are having fun. It's quite another to shirk your job as an educator under the bullshit guise of "threatening" their culture. I might point out that they're not IN THEIR CULTURE any more. Additionally I might point out that instead of excluding anything he might have just INCLUDED their celebrations and culture. Celebrate Valentines AND whatever the heck else the kids might bring in. But shutting out all holidays smacks of nothing so much as crazy-jehova-esque stupid.

Scott, you're a dolt. And an embarrassment. But I'm guessing that by now you've been told that a few times.


Carson is such a riot. He honestly believes there's a "President for Dummies" book that will make it all better.

Referring to critics, Carson said Sunday at a meeting of about 400 eastern Iowa GOP activists: "They say 'Carson doesn't know anything about foreign affairs.'"

Carson pointed to the continuing medical education all physicians are required to obtain as a sign of his capacity to learn, and said he would seek help from advisers.(AP)

OJT isn't for neurosurgeons. There's a difference between TRAINING and DOING. Continuing training is fine if you don't actually try the new techniques without experience first. It's not like you can just read a book about being a neurosurgeon and then just go do it. Being president is like doing surgery around the clock - YOU DON'T GET TO MAKE MISTAKES. There's no "oops" moment (although "W" had plenty, we saw how well that worked.)

Sorry buddy, you DON'T have the experience. Stick to medicine. But not in my state. Thanks.


I've decided that the time has come to state clearly and plainly for anyone who cares (or perhaps more importantly for those that don't) my position on gun control. And it's this, important enough to warrant its own quote box...

Public ownership of guns will never go away, however, not everyone should be allowed to have a gun in their hands. The question of responsibility, of who gets to decide and how that decision is enforced, must be a collective (simple majority) decision, not just imposed by agencies with more money or more legal jurisdiction. (quote by me)

That right there, right above this sentence, is my opinion on gun control. I welcome discussion on said quote. What I don't welcome is emotional/knee-jerk stupidity that attempts to close off any investigation on how to move forward. It's THOSE people that deserve my purest loathing and violent distaste. Because in order to HAVE an intelligent discussion one MUST research the issues, attributes, variables and functions involved.

You don't decide on cancer treatment based on gut. You don't ignore it and walk away. You test, you question, you consult and then you decide. And gun violence IS a cancer in America. So this next quote is the REAL reason why there can't be intelligent discussion on the topic.

Gun interests, wary of any possible limits on weaponry, have successfully lobbied for limitations on government research and funding, and private sources have not filled the breach. So funding for basic gun violence research and data collection remains minuscule - the annual sum total for all gun violence research projects appears to be well under $5 million. A grant for a single study in areas like autism, cancer or HIV can be more than twice that much.

There are public health students who want to better understand rising gun-related suicide rates, recent explosions in firearm murders in many U.S. cities, and mass murders like the one this month at an Oregon community college, where a lone gunman killed nine people.

But many young researchers are staying away from the field. Some believe there's little hope Congress will do anything substantive to reduce gun violence, regardless of what scientists find. And the work is stressful - many who study gun violence report receiving angry emails and death threats from believers in unrestricted gun ownership.

Most importantly, there's simply not enough money.(AP)

Did you get that? If not let me lay it out in a single sentence.

Because the public has been told that science is bad, gun violence can't be studied. (me)

Believers in "unrestricted gun ownership" are evil. They are bad and they don't feel bad. Their fears that they themselves might not qualify as "sane enough" to own a gun ensures that people who WANT to kill people with bullets CAN. They are the single most dangerous threat to personal safety, not the crazies that hold the guns, or the avoidable accidents that will happen anyway.

If you're afraid of the truth, of discussion, of looking at yourself AS WELL AS others then you ARE too crazy to own a gun and you shouldn't have one. If, on the other hand, you're willing to sit down and hear the other side, to acknowledge the pain that people who have lost loved ones to gun violence and join the discussion about what can be done then YOU'RE part of the solution. One that, hopefully, will be ours someday.


8,124. It's not really a very big number.

Here's another number: 8,124. That's the total of homicides by gun in 2014, according to the FBI's Crime in the United States report. That works out to an average of 156 a week, more than 22 people shot to death every day across the country. (AP)

A mere 8k people in a nation of 318 million. It's a pittance. I mean does it really matter? Well, other than to the families of those killed, of course. Heck 590,k deaths were expected in 2014 from cancer alone. So really, what does 8,124 mean in the grand scheme?

Apparently not very much.


Better living through chemicals? Yeah no.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Sept. 12 (UPI) -- An MIT graduate and co-founder of leading microbiome startup, AOBiome, says he hasn't showered in 12 years and hopes others will catch on.

Chemical engineer Dave Whitlock told the Boston Globe there is no scientific basis proving showers to be the basis of healthy human hygiene. "No one did clinical trials on people taking showers every day," he said. According to him, showers and other products like shampoo strip good bacteria from human skin.

Instead of showering, Whitlock uses a spray of his own invention -- Mother Dirt AO+ Mist -- to keep his skin healthy and clean. As of this year, the spray is available for purchase by the public.

Yeah, back in school there were more than a few people who didn't shower regularly. Most were (no this isn't some racist thing) foreign. They just didn't have the same hygiene regimen, or a solid understanding of what deodorant was for. And while they may not have been hurting themselves they sure the hell weren't helping the rest of us. Seats were pretty tight in those lecture halls and after a day of running about campus followed by a sweaty night's sleep a shower was the RIGHT choice.

I'm not sure there's much to be proud about not showering in over a decade. I mean my nose tells me what food to avoid after it's been in the fridge too long. The same goes for people, fridge or no fridge, spray or no spray. Plus shiny, clean hair, is nice hair.

Something tells me Dave is single. Something that I could probably detect from across the room.


Well it used to be a quality publication. Not any more though.

WASHINGTON, Sept. 10 (UPI) -- The National Geographic Society sold its iconic yellow-bordered magazine and other media assets to Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox for $725 million, the companies announced Wednesday.[..]

Magazine staffers have been wary about the partnership because of the apparently competing mindset of the staffers and new stakeholders, The Washington Post reported. The typically highbrow writing of the magazine could be seen as being at odds with content in Fox-produced television shows like Doomsday Preppers and Banged up Abroad.

The magazine's editor in chief, Susan Goldberg, said Fox acknowledged its occasional misrepresentation of the magazine's image but said the resources provided by the company will be invaluable. Fox's chief executive and Murdoch's youngest son, James Murdoch, met with staffers on Wednesday and expressed his appreciation for the magazine and plans to modify it.

Heretofore the ol' Yellow Cover meant insightful content with jaw-dropping photography. Now we can expect "Sub-Saharan Babes Gone Wild" and Sarah -n The Three Dead Bears and more of the like. We'll find out that the Yeti is real and also a Kardashian and that Hillary is Joan of Arc reincarnated (and who also needs to be burned at the stake again, preferably on a pyre of Benghazi emails with super-classified recipes for deviled eggs.)

Yep. Who needs quality? With Fox in charge there will be no more nekkid savages for a Duggar to wank off to and it can occupy a place of honor on the back of the tank, right next to Reader's Digest.



When I saw the first picture of people leaving the plane that had caught fire I was astonished to see that they had taken their luggage with them. Purse, or backpack I MIGHT understand, but your fucking roll-aboard? Really? REALLY?

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Passengers on the British Airways jet whose engine caught fire just before takeoff in Las Vegas escaped with their lives - and some with their carry-ons, as well.[..]

"We're always shaking our head," said Chris Manno, a veteran pilot with a major US airline who took to social media Wednesday to slam those pictured on the Vegas tarmac with bulky cabin bags. "It doesn't matter what you say, people are going to do what they do."[..]

"A deadly slalom" is how pilot Patrick Smith described baggage on an emergency slide in a blog post. Bags also could tear the inflatable slides, block exits on board and cause other injuries in the chaos of an evacuation

I have a simple solution: LOCK the overhead bins on takeoff and landing. Don't unlock them until it's safe to stand. Simple. Easy. Effective. That way jackasses who want to lug their 40lbs of bag through the crowded isles, endangering others, can fucking fry trying to get their stuff. While reasonable folks who just want to survive can get out.

Also, I'd fine anyone who DID have their carry ons with them on the tarmac. Double whammy.

Stupid fucktards.


Imagine if all the Mama's of the world were like this one, what kind of place it would be. Certainly not one where their boys throw rocks...

BALTIMORE, April 28 (UPI) -- A Baltimore mom gave her son a smack down on live TV after catching him rioting and throwing rocks at police.

She started smacking the man and telling him to stop doing "this dumb [expletive]." When he tried to walk away, she chased him down. Baltimore's WMAR caught the exchange on video.

You KNOW her kids are being parented. The whole WORLD knows her kids are being parented. Mama didn't care who was watching, all that mattered was her boy was being stupid in public and she was not, WAS NOT going to put up with it.

Imagine if the mothers of all the ISIS murderers, all the drug lords, all the hate-filled and hate-fueled criminals, police tyrants, evil dictators, greedy bankers stomped their way up to their offspring and gave them a good slap upside the head as teens. The world could have been a different place.

Lady, I [expletive]-ing salute you.


Another case of "no fucking DUH" in the news. At this rate I may have to make a special category for it.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The shrinking space on airplanes is surely uncomfortable, but it might also be dangerous for passengers' health and safety.[..]

Following the implementation of checked-bag fees in 2008, Frederick said, more and more passengers are carrying on bags, fighting for overhead bin space. That anger carries over through the flight as passengers bump elbows on armrests and bang their knees against tray tables. She said there are more cases of air rage, many of which go unreported.

Questions were also raised if the increased density of seats means passengers won't be able to evacuate fast enough after a crash.

The Federal Aviation Administration runs various tests including how fast passengers can evacuate a plane and how fast they can put on a life preserver.[..]

Before any new jet is allowed to fly, the manufacturer must prove that everybody can evacuate in 90 seconds with half of the exits blocked.

Carry-on baggage is strewn throughout the cabin, and the test is conducted in night-like conditions. However, the cabin is not filled with smoke, and all of the passengers are physically fit, dressed in athletic clothing and know that an evacuation is coming.

"We'd like to see more realistic simulations," Frederick testified. She added that most passengers don't pay attention to pre-flight safety briefings, especially now that they can use electronic devices from gate to gate.

Ok really, you need to study this? No, you just need to board a plane today. I challenge ANYONE no matter how fit (contortionist need not apply) to get into a life jacket while in their seat. Actually I challenge them to even GET their life jacket, and open the bag in their seat.

90 seconds to empty a plane, har de fucking har har har.

Not possible, not even REMOTELY possible.

Yes, the tiny space is BAD but already the airline industry is up in arms and crying about lost profits when nothing has even been proposed. I'm sorry plane tickets are going to go up, but it's already bullshit hellish and prices are just going to go up ANYway. Might as well make it for a good reason.

Enough with charging for everything and enough with cramming people like sardines. It's nasty and unhealthy. It's just going to take a few catastrophes before the business people agree that yeah, maybe lives ARE actually worth more then a fractional increase in profits.


No Duh

Yeah it's obvious, but in this age where GOP likes their electorate as stupid as possible I doubt very much anyone will listen. Even to the obvious.

WASHINGTON, Feb. 2 (UPI) -- A new study from the Washington Center for Equitable Growth finds higher math and science scores in schools is good for the economy.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development ranks the United States as 24th in math and science scores. Researchers found getting U.S. math and science scores to rank at 19th would increase national Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 1.7 percent over 35 years. Getting the rank to 7th, where Canada is, would increase the GDP by 8.4 percent in that time, which amounts to $10 trillion.

In a nation where we're STILL having court cases over evolution, where "home schooling" is even an option (unlike, say, in Germany) and charter schools pop up as "alternatives" the US is and will continue to fall way the fuck behind. Take Texas (please, someone, really, take it off our hands) where the state was taken to court because of how poorly the schools were funded, stupidity is state sponsored for the benefit of wealthy shitbags who are afraid that if people really did put the future of the planet above tomorrow's profit that they'd all be out of a job.

The GOP likes 'em stupid. And gullible (vaccines make your kids stupid, women don't get pregnant unless they want to, and abortions are reversible.) Parents of ultra-conservatives don't want their children educated, because that might make them think and worse, QUESTION the status quo.

Education is a dirty word for conservatives. And sadly they've been a successful campaign. The cost of education is so high only the wealthiest can afford it and everyone should just stay stupid, and stay in line.