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and... what?

The clowns say they are simply super-fans of hardcore hip-hop duo Clown Posse and the classification has resulted in people being "subjected to various forms of discrimination, harassment, and profiling simply for identifying as a Juggalo". (BBC)

Given the recent release of the movie "It" one rather has to question their sense of timing... or just shrug and assume it all makes sense. Somehow?


And most, if not all, of the jihadi mentality. The problem is that this example is just a singular instance of what could solve much of islam's woes and mis-perceptions. The bigger problem is that even "moderate" muslims are so stagnant that they can't open up to where their religion COULD go, instead of lamenting what it currently is.

But the mosque is not unusual because of its location. Rather, because of the people who come here. At Berlin's newest mosque, men and women pray together, women are allowed to lead Friday prayers, and gay, lesbian and transgender people are welcome.

"Our mosque is open for everybody," says mosque founder Seyran Ates, a German Turkish-born lawyer and women's rights activist.

"And we mean that really seriously: everybody, every lifestyle. We are not God. We don't decide who's a good or a bad Muslim. Anybody can come through this door - whether you are heterosexual or homosexual, we don't care, it's not our right to ask." (BBC)

This could be the future that saves islam. But that's unlikely. Already the people mentioned in this article are being intimidated, threatened by zealots who claim their view is the only view and every other person, holding every other view is mortally wrong.

What kind of religion murders people as a way of "spreading" itself?

Religion needs worshipers. Killing people, your own or others is NOT a recipe for success. There's no chance that islam will take over the world by threats and intimidation. There's a pretty damn good chance that it will be able to hold its own by embracing first-world principles of equality and respect.

Where there is one example, perhaps someday there can be two. Who knows, anything is possible... gods willing.


And what's more, not only is he right, he IS what the right believe themselves to be...wrongly.

A close confidant of Pope Francis has written a blistering critique of how the American Christian right and some U.S. Catholics mix religion and politics.

The Rev. Antonio Spadaro (spa-DAH-roh) accused evangelical political activists and Catholics who work with them of using religion to promote conflict and hate.

Spadaro wrote Thursday that some of these activists have wrongly framed Donald Trump's ascent to the presidency as a "divine election." And Spadaro accused conservative Christian activists of trying to bring about a religious purification of the United States through deportations and the building of walls to keep out immigrants.

Spadaro is editor of the influential Jesuit journal La Civilta Cattolica. The Vatican approves the articles in the magazine, which has become something of an unofficial mouthpiece of the papacy under Francis

So how now religious zealots? Ready to admit that you're no different than any other brand of religious intolerance? ISIS has NOTHING on conservative religion in the US. Not a single fucking thing.


Which Is It?

I notice that there seem to be two distinct tribes, or camps, as it were: those who pronounce tiny-dick-bear's name as "Pee-ew-tin" and others who pronounce it as "Pooooo-tin".

So which is it? Shit-tin or rancid-body-odor-tin? I guess Shorty McShort-short is kinda out of the question, although it's a fairly apt nick name.


WASHINGTON (AP) -- FBI Director says he thought concealing discovery of new Clinton emails before election would have been 'catastrophic'

The rest of the sentence reads as follows: "... for securing his place in history."

Comey saw a chance to become a kingmaker. So he did. It had nothing to do with right or wrong or anything else. It was just ego and opportunity. I sincerely doubt he'll ever regret what he did, mainly because it keeps people talking about him. Kind of like a bastard-baby tRump.


It was printed on a sign at a rally. The rally was in defense of having a conservative hate-speecher present. It said "Hate speech is free speech." It took a while, but eventually I've come around to that position myself.

You're chuckling right now I'm willing to bet. However there's a corollary there, if one CHOOSES to use hate speech, then one must be prepared for the incivility that results. Put more succinctly: if I'm going to use words that will trigger an unthinking anger, then I must be prepared for my opponent not just to do the same, but to do worse. And that RIGHT there means that I'm the one responsible for the degeneration of communication. This is precisely where I choose to spit on the relationship and stomp it to death. This is also precisely why I cannot claim, at any point in the future, the moral high ground NOR feign outrage when my opponents stop listening and do the same.

After a decade of listening to conservatives malign, threaten and abuse non-conservatives, it's simply astounding that they are now crying about how horrible it is when they're on the receiving end.


Dickhead Donald went out of his way to hate on women, non-whites, and anything that does not align with making money (environment, health, education, international cooperation, the list goes on.) Now suddenly all the tRumpanzees who embraced the hate, who screamed at non-whites, who assaulted Hillary are upset and outraged that this frenzy of anger has continued unabated. Somehow it was all just going to go away. Right? Please?

Oh no. The effectiveness of "please" died when you decided that someone who can degrade, defile, and disrespect with venomous vitriol another human is worthy of representing our nation. tRump ran under a banner of hate, so why so surprised when it becomes the standard?

So to all those out there "surprised" that the loving liberal is now the hating liberal. To those who thought that the effective use of hate as a motivational tool, as a tool to intimidate and annoy opponents belonged to the right, well, maybe now you're going to realize the damage that YOU did in embracing it.

The use of hate does not belong exclusively to the right, rather, as the sign pointed out, it IS a right. And it belongs to everyone. And THAT is the conservative legacy.


Arnold would have my vote.

On Friday, Trump said in his tweet, "Yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger did a really bad job as Governor of California and even worse on the Apprentice ... but at least he tried hard!" Schwarzenegger responded quickly to Thursday's remarks in a video on his verified Twitter account, suggesting that he and Trump switch jobs. (AP)

So really this is how he tries to make his own show a success by pissing on the person he picked to replace him? Why the fuck... No. There IS no why. There just IS.

We all know that he sure as shit can't match Arnold's past as a body builder and successful actor. For the record Arnold WAS reelected as Governor. Let's see if Dickhead Donald can match at least that eh?

So I've been avoiding the news. It was hard at first. My initial "time to fuck off" moments lead me to auto-clicking on my favorite news sources: AP, BBC and UPI (in that order). But I've been good and even after I caught myself clicking in a semi-daze I immediately closed the window, most times before it even opened. That made me feel good. So I've been drying out from my news-junkie habits. It hasn't been a bad thing. I've found alternative points to focus on. Like just how much crud has accumulated in my keyboard and how annoying I find genuine, work-related email. Turns out the distraction of the news was a good thing. Reading about the crises of others made me far more tolerant to the day to day grind of my life. Of course the possibility exists that I might just be a complete asshole, but I'm thinking that I'm not alone here. At least at the threshold of intolerance I use to achieve "asshole" status. Anyway, as the title says, I'm I'm a roll here. I don't want to comment on the news, but the only way to achieve that is not to read the news at all. And since I'm pretty sure that can't last forever there will be a point where I fall off the wagon and start screaming about the various idiocies of my fellow earth denizens. Until then, however, enjoy your drivel. Toodles!
So tail lights. I have a thing about examining them, trying to (in some cases) imagine what the designer had in mind. Some are easy, the new Jeep Renegade has this adorable square-button with a little cross-stitched "X" in the middle. Reminds one of a Raggedy Ann doll, really. Probably not what the artist had conceived, but hey, cute (as a button) nonetheless. Then there's what I call the drawer-pull tail light. Looks like the handle on cupboard with all the kitchen utensils. Simple, plain, nothing to write home about. Boring is not the same as succinct, but hey, we can't all be graphic artists now can we? The coaster. Square with a round ring or just plain round. Actually I could have stopped at just plain. Rings can be interesting sometimes, when they overlap, but mostly these are just plopped on top of each other like the blobs of a snowman. The blob. These check the box where the designer was told "we need tail lights, they go in the corners." And yes, yes they did. That's about all they did. For a while Volvo was putting their tail lights on their wagons up so high they'd blend with the traffic lights. It was different, sure, and attention grabbing, but I notice that the lights have migrated back south. I guess the cold weather didn't really suit them after all. Dental tools. This is what is being sported on the rear of the 2016 Toyota Prius. Gigantic, covered in blood, dental tools. I'll say it caught my attention, but I won't say it did it in a good way. Brrrrrrr. Animated tail lights. I think it's the mustangs that have these. They blink in sequence when used for signalling a direction. Very Knight Rider. If you get that reference then you're way too old and probably need help chewing your food. You probably also think that getting into a car like that would involve medical assistance. You're probably right. Paperclips, horseshoes and fishhooks. My but we've come a long way since the introduction of the LED. Some designers are actually doing creative things to highlight the lines of the car (well Toyota tried but they never examined the result). I applaud this. It's a good thing, getting away from the coasters and blobs. It also probably means that replacing said devices when the asshole behind you forgets to brake costs a crapload, but hey, it's all for the sake of modern something-something right? Tail lights. Thanks for reading, bet you won't look at them the same any more...
What I really want is a total media blackout on certain topics. Super Saturation Topic 1: North Korea There's nothing to report here. The regime is evil. Kim Jong Fuck is a gluttonous, murderous pig. They use nukes and missiles whenever they want attention. The brainwashed population is being starved, worked and arbitrarily tortured. It's been this way for decades, there is nothing new to report. Super Saturation Topic 2: Arab Israeli Conflict Bombings, knifings, shootings, bulldozings, economic deprivation, starvation, apartheid, kidnappings, torture. Done. There that's all to know, that's all there ever is to know. We don't need to hear it. Super Saturation Topic 3: African Conflicts They're killing each other, people are displaced, starving, dying. Warlords are rich and richer. No one cares about the civilians. There are also smaller, mostly domestic, topics that I would like to see either eliminated or just reduced to a once-a-month digest summary: abortion, gun violence, priests and politicians having sex with the wrong people, political polls and opinions. For all these endless topics it seems as if there are no solutions. I think perhaps if we take some of the spotlight away, reduce volume so that people become less apathetic and regain a sense of attachment for the actual cost in human lives and suffering it would help lessen the tolerance for this bullshit. And maybe something real would actually happen. Maybe.
Mainly because I'm just relaxed and don't care. Take that how you will. 1. Voting. Not doing that right now. 2. Larping. Probably never actually. 3. Going to a Trump rally. See #2 above. 4. Watching anything by Disney, because "nauseating". 5. TV. I just don't do TV. 6. P90X. Why? Not sure. 7. Hating on Snowden. But check back in about 10 seconds. 8. Drinking whiskey because I'm not all that keen about the taste of hardwood. Yeah yeah shut up. 9. Arguing. But see #7 again. 10. Shopping at Fuckmart. File that under "never" also. Thank you and have a good night.

Warning Signs

How to know when a discussion is going south; when it starts with "It's like the difference between Weather and Climate." My advice? Run. And don't look back.
I always get the feeling, as I load my groceries onto the conveyor, that the person ringing and the person bagging are evaluating my choices and making a decision about what kind of person I am. Cat food? Pet lover. Fresh veggies? Healthy eater. Frozen schlock? Junk food junkie. And so on. Once in a while I'll catch the person ringing giving an item a quick look over. In a few instances I've had questions like "is this brand good?" or "how do you cook this?" In other instances I've had advice "Orion makes the best Choco-pies, the rest are meh." It's not to say that it bothers me, evaluating people is an innate (and important) defensive mechanism with humans. It probably dates back to a time when knowing who was in your tribe and who wasn't could save your life. Of course seeing steak and Cheetos versus asparagus and Special-K probably doesn't impact a young grocery attendance health and welfare, but still it does say something about the check-ee. I think what you eat and what you buy to eat can say a lot about someone. And, of course, there's no accounting for taste but I enjoy watching people, and since there's not much to do while your items are being scanned and bagged, I too like to check out those checking me out and wonder a little about what they buy.
This just goes to show that even when things are bad, they're not ALL bad.
Over the past year, as Brazil plunged into its deepest recession in decades, the city's homeless population has struggled. In June, facing a financial calamity, Rio's state government had to close or cutback service at 16 meal centers. The splurge on the Olympics has only heightened a sense of abandonment among the homeless, with many reporting being repeatedly removed by police from the city's recently cleaned-up Lapa district, where Bottura's restaurant is located.[..] Sunday's meal was prepared by chef Rafael Costa e Silva, who normally dishes up fixed-price meals for $150 a head at his swank Lasai bistro in Rio. While he makes a living catering to the rich, he said he'll never forget the experience of serving the poor. (AP)
Massimo Bottura had an idea: take all the leftovers from the Olympics during the day and serve them nightly to the homeless. But he took that idea one step further, he serves it in the same manner, with the same care as he would to a paying customer, with dignity and sophistication. Massimo Bottura, you are amazing. Thank you for your generosity and thank you for caring. I sincerely hope more people in Rio, and around the world, learn from your example - that a little effort can go a long way, that leftover is not waste if it fills a belly, and that everyone deserves a little kindness.
Perhaps my question arises from my recent travel aborad, but when I went to the Smithsonian Air and Space extension and saw the Enola Gay on display I couldn't help but wonder if it was truly an appropriate thing for a mostly young audience. Nothing can take back the events of history and removing an emblem of World War II won't change the role it played. But, in a museum dedicated to the glorification of man's accomplishments, to show the Enola Gay instead of some other B-29 Superfortress only tells part of the story. THAT plane is famous, not because of the design or technical achievements of the aircraft but because the US dropped one of the only two atomic bombs every dropped from it. In my mind, taking a smiling picture of junior in front of the shiny plane, without explaining to the youngster WHY this plane is famous is a disservice. If you're going to recognize the plane then do so, and in doing so acknowledge that we take no pride in the resulting horror and distruction it caused. Again, I have nothing against having the plane in a museum, but I'd rather see it in a war museum that fully addresses the horrors of war and dispassionately and accurately, not with a McDonalds sign in the background. I'm absolutely certain that the Japanese tourists happily snapping away their holiday memories might have a different reaction if they knew what that aircraft represented, and I can't help but wonder if the Smithsonian is trying to gloss over one of the most devastating events in the history of our planet.

Lettuce Bomb

I'm not sure which was smaller, the space I was occupying on the plane or the container of "salad". It was pretty tiny, it fit easily into the palm of your hand. Barely a nibble, but hey it was paid for and I was hungry. I decided to eat it anyway, even in the total absence of dressing provided. It took a bit of work, probably more calories than I was going to get from the greens, to get it open, peeling away the sticker that held it closed, prying open the top. But when I did that it was a veritable fucking volcano of cellulose and chlorophyll. Suddenly I had about 3 times the lettuce volume and no damn place to contain it any more. So I started grazing as quickly as I could. I guess that's why they didn't bother providing any dressing? Mainly because 1) you couldn't have possibly put it anywhere and 2) you didn't have the time...
1. The performers are mic'ed up. Generally in real operas the performers rely on the acoustics and their ability, which typically doesn't include Janet Jackson style mics. 2. Costume changes on stage, into sequinned flapper-style mini skirts. Well, I mean it would have been hard to do the kickline in anything else, true, but most Operas don't feature the Can-can. 3. Humping. On stage. Even in jest. 4. A lack of a visible orchestra. Sure there might have been one squirreled away behind the scenes, but then how do you direct the singers? 5. A piece about perverted mice laughing at humans having sex, complete with mouse masks which reverse to say "Ha! Ha!" as part of the number.