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I love how racist fucktards like Paul start crying about how they're NOT racist when the media quotes them.

PITTSBURGH (AP) — A Pittsburgh-area volunteer fire chief has lost his post after using a racial slur to describe Steelers coach Mike Tomlin. [..]

The Cecil Township Board of Supervisors says on its website Tuesday that Smith “is no longer the volunteer fire chief.”

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports ( ) Smith resigned. He tells the newspaper he’s “not the racist the media portrays me as.”

He adds he “posted in anger.”

Of course he's "not the racist the media" FUCKING QUOTED YOU DIPSHIT. Posted in Anger, like THAT'S an excuse. Go fuck yourself.

Actually you already have. Good job racist.


Actually if you're reading this, they already are sold out.

The challenge for gun rights supporters is a bump-stock ban opens the door for a new debate about where to draw the line over limiting a firearm's lethality. For decades it's been at how many bullets can be fired with one trigger pull.

Bump-stocks blur that line. Can you outlaw a device that helps squeeze off rounds more quickly but not think about prohibiting quick-change magazines or limiting their sizes? Or banning pistol grips, which make firing easier?

It won't take many Republicans, with the NRA looking over their shoulder, to grind the process to a halt. (BBC)

Bump stocks. The only reason to have one is because you're a fucktard who wants to murder a whole lot of people. That said, there are a LOT of fucktards out there because as of this writing you can't buy a bump-stock to save your life (little joke there). For those who don't know, bumpstocks circumvent laws to prevent ownership of automatic weapons by making the gun slam back and forth in your hands so fast that you don't need to pull the trigger. The backlash of the weapon firing does that for you. And because there's no physical mechanism pulling the trigger, it's not technically illegal.

Although anyone who designed, marketed and built a business around such a device is as evil as Hitler, anyone who BUYS such a device is even more evil because no one, NO ONE NEEDS A BUMP-STOCK BECAUSE IT SERVES NO PRACTICAL PURPOSE EXCEPT TO COMMIT MASS MURDER.

Great, we're clear on that. In fact it's so clear even the usually truculent NRA is "open to considering" a ban on these devices even if they're not open to consider bans on other gun accessories that allow one person to spray a crowd with bullets.

America has a problem with guns and more guns and more bullets is NOT the answer. It's like giving a dunk person an open bar, when they're shitfaced giving them more booze is NOT the answer. But the NRA is powerful, they have money and conservatives depend on them to malign and threaten their opponents.

It's 2017. No one NEEDS a gun any more. And against a guy with a bump-stock, your gun isn't going to do you any good anyway.


and... what?

The clowns say they are simply super-fans of hardcore hip-hop duo Clown Posse and the classification has resulted in people being "subjected to various forms of discrimination, harassment, and profiling simply for identifying as a Juggalo". (BBC)

Given the recent release of the movie "It" one rather has to question their sense of timing... or just shrug and assume it all makes sense. Somehow?


The news is happy to interview people who feel obliged to share their rationale as to why they're choosing not to evacuate. Most of it is illogical and delusional. News presenters shake their heads and shrug, but it reinforces for other like-minded people that their decision to stay is valid.

There's two sides to that: sure, if you're stupid enough to stay then you deserve what you're going to get vs. the risk you're placing on emergency responders to save your sorry ass.

While the second is truly a tragedy, the first falls into the category of "just desserts" which I'm fine with. If you're the kind of person who believes that god provides for morons who deliberately put themselves in the path of danger, well bully for you, go on test that faith. Also please stand outside with your mouth open as it rains and drown where it'll be easy to find the body. We don't need fools like you voting in the any election.

And to all the first responders who wind up saving damn fools who could have left, I'm sorry. I know this is what you trained for, but saving stupid people is far less romantic than it seems. It's also problematic since they'll be alive to keep making bad decisions that affect the rest of us.


History, Culture And Lies

History is "written" by winners. Not bitter losers.

CHULAFINNEE, Ala. (AP) -- Many white Southerners are upset that neo-Nazis, white nationalists and the Ku Klux Klan have become a face of the fight over Confederate monuments.

The head of a leading Southern heritage group, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, says such groups are "hijacking" a long-running debate. Others say they want no part of hate groups.

Culture. Hijacking. Monuments. Denial. Lies, lying to themselves and others that they're NOT racists, NOT fascists, NOT Nazis. Right.

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) -- The University of Texas quickly removed statues of Robert E. Lee and other prominent Confederate figures overnight from the main area of the Austin campus early Monday, just hours after the school's president ordered they be taken down.

University President Greg Fenves abruptly announced late Sunday that the statues would be removed, saying such monuments have become "symbols of modern white supremacy and neo-Nazism." Crews worked through the night amid a heavy police presence.[..]

Among them was Mark Peterson, who identified himself as a University of Houston student. He was seething at the removal of the statues.

"I hate the erasure of history and my people's history ... people of European descent who built this country," the 22-year-old said. "It burns me to my core."

Mark Peterson you're a fucktard. Ignorant. Moronic. Blind. Delusional. Your history? Your WHITE ancestors MADE the US? Orly. Erasure. Of history. More like erasure of HOSTILITY because ignorant, arrogant, self-righteous, delusional, blind, racist fuckwads like yourself feel that YOU more than anyone else in this nation aren't getting your due.

And it "burns" you to the core. Right. Nice one shitstain. Nice one.

Hey assholes, know WHY confederate, southern monuments are taking on the taint of racism and hate? BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THEY ALWAYS STOOD FOR. Y'all were just too fucking privileged to notice. And at a certain point the slaves you hired, the poor immigrants you allowed to work on your farms, they were so many that they reproduced until you were no longer the masters, no longer the majority, no longer the ones with the guns. That's where you went wrong. You didn't kill the slaves and the poor after you were done using them.

Props to trying to take care of that with healthcare, but that's too little and too late.

So no, it's not us wiping out your history. Your greed and arrogance put you on that trajectory long, long ago.


What's Not A Winner?

What's Not A Winner?

This guy.

As Nancy Cook and Josh Dawsey write in Politico, Mr Trump's behaviour can be boiled down to a collection of anger triggers.

"White House officials and informal advisers say the triggers for his temper are if he thinks someone is lying to him, if he's caught by surprise, if someone criticises him, or if someone stops him from trying to do something or seeks to control him," they write.

To sum up: he's a baby. Not an adult. Not a president. Just a big, spoiled brat. In other words: loser.


I'm Sorry, Are You Stupid?

Actually that was the wrong question. His stupidity isn't in question, rather it's the measure of the magnitude. I wonder if we can even count that high?

US President Donald Trump has thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin for ordering the departure of 755 staff from US diplomatic missions.

Speaking to reporters in New Jersey, he said he wanted to thank the Russian leader for saving the US money. (BBC)

Russia boots almost 800 diplomatic staff from the USSR and Idiot-n-Chief says "thank you". Really.

I guess the situation won't improve until someone else becomes President. Good to see we're on a consistent, downward spiral with one of the most powerful nations in the world. Putin must be laughing his ass off.

Other countries have their opinions too...

North Korea has become the latest critic of President Donald Trump's working vacation, accusing him of acting senile while "on the golf links."

Gen. Kim Rak Gyom, commander of the North's strategic rocket forces, made the insults via state media Thursday in response to Trump's "fire and fury" threats against North Korea.

Trump made the remarks during a meeting at his New Jersey golf resort.

Kim said Trump is "extremely getting on the nerves" of his soldiers by making comments that showed his "senility" again.

Kim says "sound dialogue is not possible with such a guy bereft of reason who is going senile." (BBC)

Aaaaand.... I have nothing to add. Thanks for coming! See y'all again soon!


And most, if not all, of the jihadi mentality. The problem is that this example is just a singular instance of what could solve much of islam's woes and mis-perceptions. The bigger problem is that even "moderate" muslims are so stagnant that they can't open up to where their religion COULD go, instead of lamenting what it currently is.

But the mosque is not unusual because of its location. Rather, because of the people who come here. At Berlin's newest mosque, men and women pray together, women are allowed to lead Friday prayers, and gay, lesbian and transgender people are welcome.

"Our mosque is open for everybody," says mosque founder Seyran Ates, a German Turkish-born lawyer and women's rights activist.

"And we mean that really seriously: everybody, every lifestyle. We are not God. We don't decide who's a good or a bad Muslim. Anybody can come through this door - whether you are heterosexual or homosexual, we don't care, it's not our right to ask." (BBC)

This could be the future that saves islam. But that's unlikely. Already the people mentioned in this article are being intimidated, threatened by zealots who claim their view is the only view and every other person, holding every other view is mortally wrong.

What kind of religion murders people as a way of "spreading" itself?

Religion needs worshipers. Killing people, your own or others is NOT a recipe for success. There's no chance that islam will take over the world by threats and intimidation. There's a pretty damn good chance that it will be able to hold its own by embracing first-world principles of equality and respect.

Where there is one example, perhaps someday there can be two. Who knows, anything is possible... gods willing.


Bag Full Of Dicks

Dickhead's filled the White House with dicks. It's basically a bag full of dicks. And when one falls out he finds a bigger dick to cram into it.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has quit, reportedly in protest at an organisational shake-up.

Mr Spicer stepped down because he was unhappy with President Donald Trump's appointment of a new communications director, according to reports.

Combative Wall Street financier Anthony Scaramucci has been picked for the role that Mr Spicer partially filled. (BBC)

President Bully is busy running through staff like they were sheets of toilet paper in a gas station lavatory. Threaten, fire, repeat. It's not even a year and people have come and went faster than any prior administration. Today it was Sean's turn. Fed up with the ass-dickery and piles of shit he had to defend ("covefe" had a secret meaning btw) he decided nothing was worth the amount of bullshit he had to endure and left.

Dickhead, unperturbed, has fisted another dick into the hole as quick as he could. And this guy is quite the prime shitstain.

In January 2017, the Wall Street bigwig was linked to the role of director for the Office of Public Liaison - where he would have managed the administration's engagement with the US business and political communities.

The job failed to materialise due to complications over the sale of his stake in SkyBridge, which meant it would take months for him to pass conflict-of-interest checks.

Basically it's the same story, Dickhead's complete disregard for the rest of the nation means nepotism, sycophants and assholery are the only qualifications needed to land a lucrative job in the White House. Because it's not about draining the swamp. It's about drowning the public in it, paving it over and building another hotel on top of the bodies.

Even the bodies of his former allies.


Not So Fucking Easy Is It?

Healthcare. I don't think the word means what you think it means. At least if you're the GOP. To the GOP healthcare = money that should not be spent on people who can't afford healthcare.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Donald Trump blasted congressional Democrats and "a few Republicans" Tuesday over the failure of the GOP effort to rewrite the Obama health care law, and warned, "we will return."[..] He added, "As I have always said, let ObamaCare fail and then come together and do a great healthcare plan. Stay tuned!"

After all the big talk about how simple things would be if they were in charge, the GOP suddenly faces the dilemma that all big-talking, loudmouths do when the power is finally in their hands: doing something useful. Now to be fair, they could just be assholes and say "screw our constituents" and pass anything they like, sort of like the senate chose to do. But some of these guys actually DO care about their voters and the voters, the ones who are TRULY to blame for the current fiasco, are coming to realize that having health insurance really is kinda nice and not something they really want to kick to the curb. Oh sure it SOUNDED good to yell and scream that they wanted to do away with Obamacare, but when the inky darkness sunk in that their ACA was actually THE SAME THING, second thought happened. Lots of second thoughts.

So what does "let Obamacare fail" really mean? Sure sounds pretty heartless to me. Does it mean that cancer patients won't get treatment? Does it mean that people will die because they can't afford care? Does it mean that 30 million might suddenly find themselves deeply in debt because they were forced to go to the ER because no GP would take them without healthcare?

Well. Yes.

But Dickhead is quite willing to play with people's lives. He actually wants people to die so he can continue to blame-shift away from his inability to do anything useful at all.

Then again he IS the current president and the buck stops with him. AND the party that has the majority. So blaming the Dems is a pretty useless exercise. About as useless as all those votes to repeal Obamacare in the first place...


And what's more, not only is he right, he IS what the right believe themselves to be...wrongly.

A close confidant of Pope Francis has written a blistering critique of how the American Christian right and some U.S. Catholics mix religion and politics.

The Rev. Antonio Spadaro (spa-DAH-roh) accused evangelical political activists and Catholics who work with them of using religion to promote conflict and hate.

Spadaro wrote Thursday that some of these activists have wrongly framed Donald Trump's ascent to the presidency as a "divine election." And Spadaro accused conservative Christian activists of trying to bring about a religious purification of the United States through deportations and the building of walls to keep out immigrants.

Spadaro is editor of the influential Jesuit journal La Civilta Cattolica. The Vatican approves the articles in the magazine, which has become something of an unofficial mouthpiece of the papacy under Francis

So how now religious zealots? Ready to admit that you're no different than any other brand of religious intolerance? ISIS has NOTHING on conservative religion in the US. Not a single fucking thing.


Which Is It?

I notice that there seem to be two distinct tribes, or camps, as it were: those who pronounce tiny-dick-bear's name as "Pee-ew-tin" and others who pronounce it as "Pooooo-tin".

So which is it? Shit-tin or rancid-body-odor-tin? I guess Shorty McShort-short is kinda out of the question, although it's a fairly apt nick name.


Make that 40,001 less Texans I'd be ok with not having.

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) -- A transgender "bathroom bill" reminiscent of one in North Carolina that caused a national uproar now appears to be on a fast-track to becoming law in Texas - though it may only apply to public schools.

A broader proposal mandating that virtually all transgender people in the country's second-largest state use public restrooms according to the gender on their birth certificates sailed through the Texas Senate months ago. A similar measure had stalled in the House, but supporters late Sunday night used an amendment to tack school bathroom limits onto a separate and otherwise unrelated bill covering campus emergency operation plans.

Republican Rep. Chris Paddie authored the hotly-debated language, saying it had "absolutely no intent" to discriminate.

Same shit, shittier state. Penis Paddie says it's all about "keepin' teh chilluns safe" but it's not because there has yet to any ANY fucking instance of transgender americans preying on anyone at all. But hey, they have to do SOMETHING to get their 15 minutes of fame, so why not keep beating the same dead horse?

Paddie, you're a fucking imbecile or a fucking asshole, or probably both. I look forward to your shitstain state losing dollars from agencies and institutions who don't tolerate hate-laws like the one you just passed.

I also look forward to your losing your job right after your state loses a few buckloads of cash.



Because nothing good ever comes out of Texas. At least not these days. It's basically a cesspit of hate and stupidity.

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) -- Texas moved closer Friday to restricting emergency immunizations given to children removed from troubled homes, worrying doctors and handing a political victory for vaccination opponents in a state where the number of families forgoing shots is soaring.

Vaccination critics are trying to build a foothold in Texas, and the state's Republican-controlled House has now signed off on prohibiting doctors from administering any immediate immunizations- other than for tetanus - for children newly taken into state custody.[..]

More than 44,000 parents in Texas filed personal-belief exemptions last school year to shield their children from vaccinations, a nearly twentyfold jump from 2003.

Texas is setting itself up for a massive disease-fest. As a major immigration point it will only take one case of exposure to ripple though unvaccinated children, and into the at-risk population of infants and elderly. Eventually Texas will be a wasteland, hopefully without zombies, not that there's a real difference between zombies and what currently passes for citizens in Texas honestly.

At least they won't vote. Again, hopefully.


No One Can Keep Up

Mainly because everyone else in that office got their jobs based on skill and experience. In a nutshell, Dickhead Donald is not only nutso but making everyone ELSE nutso trying to keep up.

President Donald Trump is contradicting previous White House explanations for the firing of James Comey as FBI director.

Trump says in an interview with NBC News that he had planned to fire Comey all along, regardless of the recommendations of top Justice Department officials.

Initially the White House cited a Justice Department memo criticizing Comey's handling of last year's investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails as the impetus for Trump's decision.[..]

President Donald Trump says his busy schedule makes it "not possible" for his staff to speak at the podium with "perfect accuracy."

Trump on Friday defended the struggle by his administration to come up with a consistent timeline and rationale for the abrupt firing of FBI Director James Comey this week.

Trump tweeted, "As a very active President with lots of things happening, it is not possible for my surrogates to stand at podium with perfect accuracy!" (AP)

So here's the "strategy": Say whatever pops into your head. Tell others to say it. When asked about the same topic later say something else. Let others deal with the contradiction, and enjoy their pain and discomfort as they scramble to keep up.

You know the real winner in this mess are the doctors and pharma companies who are going to make a shit-ton of money off the meds everyone will be taking just to keep their day job. My question is: when will stupid supporters get tired themselves of trying to keep up?


What Loyalty?

After handing tRump the election Comey gets his just desserts. With both barrels.

The White House shocked Washington by announcing that James Comey "has been terminated and removed from office". (BBC)

Wonder how that's going to inspire the rest of the team eh?


WASHINGTON (AP) -- FBI Director says he thought concealing discovery of new Clinton emails before election would have been 'catastrophic'

The rest of the sentence reads as follows: "... for securing his place in history."

Comey saw a chance to become a kingmaker. So he did. It had nothing to do with right or wrong or anything else. It was just ego and opportunity. I sincerely doubt he'll ever regret what he did, mainly because it keeps people talking about him. Kind of like a bastard-baby tRump.