But Will They Deport Her With An IV, And Who Will Pay For That?

It's pretty hard to imagine how horrible these people have to be, and wonder how they live with themselves.

HOUSTON (AP) -- A 10-year-old girl with cerebral palsy who entered the United States from Mexico without permission is potentially facing deportation after having to cross a Border Patrol checkpoint in South Texas for emergency gallbladder surgery, a family lawyer said Thursday.[..]

Gonzalez said Border Patrol agents allowed the girl and her cousin to pass, but followed the hospital vehicle taking them. At the hospital, agents stood by and refused to let Rosa Maria's relative close the door to their room so they could keep watch over the girl, Gonzalez said. And after the surgery was complete, agents stood ready to escort Rosa Maria to a federal facility for unaccompanied minors in the U.S. illegally, located another 140 miles away (225 kilometers) in San Antonio.

CBP isn't the one making an issue of this, I promise you, it's the local state and federal agencies who want to make an example of a humanitarian case. They want to prove that in tRumpmerica that compassion doesn't exist. That scheming wetbacks can't use their sick child to sneak into the country and as an excuse to stay.

You know what? There's no point in lambasting these evil shitbags. Because it's hard to surpass the level they've already achieved.

Good job guys. I'll bet your moms are real proud of you.

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