Bitch Immunize Your Kid

Rebecca Bredow is a stupid cunt.

A mother in the US state of Michigan has been sentenced to seven days in jail after she refused a judge's order to have her son vaccinated.

Rebecca Bredow would not let her nine-year-old be immunised after initially agreeing with the father to do so.

Her ex-husband has now been awarded temporary primary custody in order to get the boy the jab.

Michigan parents are legally allowed to skip or delay their children's vaccinations due to personal beliefs. But Bredow fell foul of the law because she reneged on agreements with her former spouse dating back to November 2016 to have the boy immunised. (BBC)

The only autism associated with vaccinations is the self-inflicted kind which certain "parents" seem to get when it comes to making a talking point out of their child. Immunizations WORK. That's all. If you don't immunize your child you're a threat to your child and society, and that makes you a CRIMINAL.

Seven days is waaaay too short. Should have been seven months. That would go a long way to making Michigan parents get back the fuck in line when it comes to challenging the need for immunization.

In other news, most people want to stay the fuck away from Michigan since the stupid seems to be catching between adults.

Child immunisation rates in Michigan are among the worst in the nation, ranking 43rd among the 50 US states, according to Mlive.

Fucking morons in Michigan. Maybe we need some sterilization in the water up there.

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