Best: Why Hide In A Boat? Jokes I've Read So Far...

"Suspect 2" was nabbed, wounded and bleeding, in a winterized boat stored in a backyard. As always there are people who can find humor in anything, and in times like these a little black humor is worth more than gold... Here's some of the best from the CNN article: "Flapping tarp leads to arrest"...
Dhamre • − Worst get away vehicle ever PsychWardResident • − Yes, I'm sure his boat owner's insurance has coverage for "shot full of holes by law enforcement while capturing terrorist fugitive." Or maybe he can file it as "Looks Like Swiss Cheese." But of course if he is real good he can get it into the water, duct tape over holes, and can claim he was attacked by sea creatures and it sank. Julius Delrey • − Use the boat to send all Chechens back to the Caucasus. verslalchimie • − The genius probably thought it was sufficient to find a boat in WaterTOWN, rather than a boat in water. Alexis Iskast • − Would of worked if he was in Indiana where all these flooded streets are. Mike-katzmarek Lampartautos • − maybe he was waiting on the coast guard Redd Menace • − He just misjudged how high the tide came in. grussell • − He was waiting for global climate change and sea level rise; just hoping to hold out until The Day After Tomorrow. Jason Eyler • - He obviously didn't watch the movie Jaws before deciding to hide in a small boat and especially where somebody can see a pool of blood! sushimon • − Maybe he watched too many Old Spice Guy commercials and thought, "Ok, step 2: wait for horse.."
And best of all (so far)...
AlphaBet • − Its a tarp!
Don't you just love America? Even in the worst of times we can make the worst of jokes. USA!
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Another I saw: Boat in water: Good get away vehicle. Boat on dry land: Not so much.
04/20/13 @ 13:54
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Over on DeviantArt, one of my favorite cartoonists (Jolly Jack) added his own take from across the Atlantic. http://www.deviantart.com/art/Flawed-Plan-366810933
04/20/13 @ 19:42