Bad Breakups: Dating and Death In North Korea

I kinda wonder if she knew the risks involved before she started dating Lil' Kim...
PYONGYANG, North Korea, Aug. 29 (UPI) -- The ex-girlfriend of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is among 12 performers who have been executed by firing squad, reports indicate. Hyon Song-wol, a singer, and Mun Kyong-jin, head of the Unhasu Orchestra, were arrested Aug 17 on pornography charges and executed three days later, The Chosun Ilbo reported Thursday. The others executed were members of the orchestra and singers, musicians and dancers with the Wangjaesan Light Music Band. Hyon and Mun were accused of videotaping themselves having sex and selling the videos.[..] An intelligence official said last year that Kim was rumored to have resumed a relationship with Hyon, Time reported. Families of the executed have reportedly been sent to prison camps in accordance with the country's practice of guilt by association.
Dictators suck but dictator boyfriends seem to suck even above and beyond the norm. I mean it's one thing to throw out your ex's stuff, burn their record collection or even put their dog up for adoption. But trumping up a porno charge and then killing them three days later AND putting all their family in the gulag? Wtf? Seriously? That about tops the list of bad manners, bad policy AND bad taste all at once. Hey Kimmy, you know what? You suck. And I'll bet you have a small dick.
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Who says the charges were trumped up? I mean, he’s a dictator. It’s possible he “asked” her to go out with him because he had a copy of one of their videos. I mean, it’s a childish thought, but lots of men think they want to date a porn star. Kimmy is just one of the few able to order them to do so. Especially if the alternative is to put put up against the wall and your entire family tossed into a prison camp.
Sure, he might have lied about it. But might not have either. Originally posted by Roulette: sorry, comment got the kibosh when I cleaned out the spam so I re-posted it
08/30/13 @ 10:08
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True, but 3 days seems like an awfully short time to go from being charged with pron to being dead. And really, porn is a death-penalty-level offense? I mean I’ve seen really bad porn that made me want to kill myself but never enough to have the “actors” executed.
08/30/13 @ 10:10