Aussies More Prudish Than Yanks?

The US was founded by people looking for religious freedom, the Puritans. They were known for putting people in stocks for improprieties and making adulterers wear scarlet "A"s. We have come a long way.

Australia was a penal colony. The people considered to be outlaws and unsavory in England were shipped off to the remote island continent.  They have also come a long way. 

An ad for a lingerie shop was deemed too risque for broadcast. I think the ad is humorous. However at least one Aussie disagreed: "It disgusted me and it is degrading to women. I thought it was an ad for the sex industry when I first saw it," the complainant said. 

Hmm. We Yanks went from being prudes to being a little "outlaw". Aussies when from being outlaws to being prudes. Go figure. 

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I’m guessing that Aussie TV is way more tame than US. I mean ffs, what was risque about it? If she’d been wearing a bikini it would have been the same thing. Heh, lame.
10/22/13 @ 17:47