Angie: "Wyoming's Meanest Mother"

Actually I applaud Angie. I would love to have a glass of wine with Angie, only if I have a DD of course. Angie placed the following classified ad in the Northern Wyoming Daily News:
VERY mad mother selling 16 yr. old son’s 1993 Ford Ranger. Drove 3 mos. before son forgot to use his brain and got caught driving drunk. $3500 OBO. Call meanest mother in Wyoming, 307 -2**-****.
Angie says her son is a good kid, but he got stupid New Year's Eve. (read more) The deal when he got the truck was that he keep his grades up and stay out of trouble. Sounds like he forgot that driving drunk was trouble. As far as Angie is concerned, Is she the meanest mother? Depending on your perspective, she might be mean, but selling the truck really makes a point. Angie has the guts to tell her son "no". I bet her son won't make the same mistake twice and he'll get a couple of years practice calling for rides and looking for DDs. I call that character building. Hopefully he will thank his mother someday for helping him find his brain again.
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As a parent I agree that she is doing the right thing. A deal is a deal and a promise a promise. There was far more at stake than just trust, the life of her son and others. By following through her kid will know that it wasn’t a joke and it’s not an “accident” to drive dunk. It’s deliberate. It’ll probably be a decade or two before Junior gets it. But someday he will.
01/13/13 @ 11:15