Angie's New Boobs

So it's all the rage in the news "Angelina so brave" because she had a double mastectomy due to the potential risk of cancer. Of course a cynical person might note that all she did is what hundreds of Brazilian women already do: get a pair of picture-perfect tits. Call me cynical.
NEW YORK (AP) -- "I hope that other women can benefit from my experience," Angelina Jolie wrote in a powerful op-ed article Tuesday, explaining her decision to go public with having her breasts removed to avoid cancer. But amid the accolades for the film star's courageous revelation, doctors and genetic counselors were careful to note that her medical situation - an inherited genetic mutation putting her at high risk of breast and ovarian cancer - was very specific, and that her course of action made sense for only a small category of women. Still, they hailed her bravery and said that she would surely help increase awareness - and thus, perhaps, help save some lives.
Ya know, after all the kids and the other (ahem) enhancement surgeries it's likely that Angie's Bangers were getting more than a bit saggy. So she ditched 'em and found a reason to publicize the results. You have to admire the fact that she found a way that was slightly more subtle than "Look at my new girls!" Considering how much money she has it's not really all that big a deal. For the ordinary woman who has to fight with her health insurance after most of her Maternal line succumbed to breast cancer, now that's a heroic story. But rich twat buying herself a perfect pair? Please. That's not news.
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I wouldn’t call her “brave", but I do applaud her very public choice to protect her health. Of course the prospect of walking around maimed or at risk is not necessary, as you pointed out she can now have “girls” of her own design and fancy. I do wonder if she will take the next step - Her own mother died of ovarian cancer, a cancer tied to the very same gene that prompted her to have the double mastectomy. However, an oophorectomy is not nearly as visible and hotflashing, forced into menopause women aren’t nearly as “sexy".
05/15/13 @ 12:54