And Speaking Of Worthless Women

Guess what the GOP thinks? YES! THE SAME THING!
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Buckling under conservative pressure, House Republicans pulled a legislative sleight of hand Tuesday and stripped a provision from the annual defense policy bill that would have required young women to sign up for a military draft. The decision triggered an outcry from Democrats, who cast the move as a GOP attempt to avoid a contentious vote on equality for women. But GOP lawmakers argued much more study is required before reversing the longstanding prohibition on including women in the Selective Service.
Afraid of a little fire scarecrow? YES you MOTHERFUCKING ARE! Yeah the GOP doesn't want women anywhere except barefoot and pregnant (unless they're ugly then they just prefer them dead.) If they had a valid position they shouldn't have been afraid to have it stand up to debate. But no. They knew that if the debate even started it would have looked bad for them. This coming from the party that wants to refuse contraception, abortion, and family planning for women, regardless of rape or a woman's health. Fuck, given their policies you'd think they'd want to send EVERY welfare mom to the military, rather than stifle the very mention thereof. GOP the party of misogyny! YAYS!
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