And It's Almost Over

It's been a hate fueled year. Hating and haters. Anger and arrogance. The First Year of the Great Ignorance is almost over, what I predict will be the last year of the Great White Hurrah, where ignorance and short-sighted white males rallied together in middle and southern states to proclaim their fat, florid anger at being white males. Not sexy. Not smart. Just a vast army of Archie Bunkers who wanted to BELIEVE they were Burt Reynolds, JFK and Daniel Boone all wrapped into one. Not balding. Not lame. Not a soon-to-be minority of never-was rather than has-been's.

White, patriarchal America moved to assisted living over a decade ago, but there are lots of folks who never got the memo, lots of folks who would rather see America crumble, anarchy and perverse, pathological "leadership" than the continuation of it's natural evolution. A nation of immigrants was Ok back when their ancestors came here, but not now, because "we're full", "why do we need more people", "america first". The same shit-stupid mentality that prevailed just before the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Because isolationism worked SO fucking well back then, and SO fucking well now, decades later when we're even more connected around the world than ever before.

It's too fucking late to turn back, unless all you fat, white, drawling, drooling fuckers are willing to turn off your TVs and throw away your cell phones. I DARE you to try. I really do.

I read recently that when violence is inflicted on those who would choose not to be violent, that it becomes the new standard. After decades of vitriol the passivist-liberal, the home maker and brownie baker, the African-american matriarch and mother took up arms and started flipping the bird to assholes proudly sporting tRump stickers on their bumpers. Hate came to America to remind EVERYONE that it's not a value but a reaction that everyone is entitled to, even those who prefer to use their words rather than their fists.

So here's to you, tRump voter, your success, your failed relationships and your bleak future where you will forever be remembered for what you are: a failure. The year may be almost over, but the hate lingers on.

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