An accident waiting to happen

So, my soon-to-be 76 year old father just bought a new car.  It's a grandpa car:  a honkin' big Buick with every bell and whistle imaginable to get him to and from his bridge games.  When I asked why he bought it?  He wanted an 8 cylinder engine, because the 6 cylinder wasn't responsive enough.

Gotta love it.  He's bought a more powerful car to compensate for the delay between his brain and his foot.  He already drives with one foot on the gas and the other on the break, and the whole concept just scares me.

Damn it Billy!

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Well I guess maybe he can get to his card games 0.01 second faster now? And pay an extra $20 in gas every week at the same time…
10/26/10 @ 20:48
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Not responsive enough . . . I drive a 4 cylinder and it’s plenty responsive. Lame, and you can tell him I said that. If there was a safe place to drag race I would love to race my boyfriend and his 8 cylinder grandpa car. I venture it might be close. The number of cylinders has less to do with “responsiveness” than the trany gear ratios. If he wanted responsive, he should have gotten a stick, but that might just prove how degraded his driving skills have become.
10/26/10 @ 20:57
Comment from: bman
The Elderly and driving combined is a frequent topic of discussion and incursion of high blood pressure for most of us here.
10/27/10 @ 08:53