All Welcome The Latest DICKtater: Egomaniac Erdogan

And the LAST thing a newly crowned DICKtater wants to hear is that not everyone wants him, not everyone loves him and that everyone KNOWS he cheated.

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) -- Turkish President Erdogan rejects OSCE vote monitors' findings, tells group to 'know your place'

The vote monitors have proof that anti-Erdogan voters were prevented from voting, that unstamped votes in his favor were quietly accepted and that the ultra-slim margin that he won with is a total fraud.

That said, the disease continues to spread. People happily throwing away their rights and freedoms for the "myth" of a quieter, richer, more homogeneous life.

You poor, stupid, ignorant idiots. Now you can have a DICKtater for the next 10 fucking years...

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