Albany Airport and Constitutional Rights

What happens when you take two activists, a video camera, a sheriff and a self-appointed airport czar, put them in an airport waiting area then shake or stir (you decide)? See for yourself - link For those that don't want to watch the video, here is a summary: The two activists, Ashley Jessica and cameraman Jason Bermas, were handing out fliers that inform people of their rights when they go through airport screening. The two were filming their activities when self appointed airport czar, Director of Public Affairs Doug Myers, approaches them and tells them to turn off their camera. The sheriff, Deputy Stan Lenic, repeatedly tells the airport czar that the two are not doing anything illegal. There are any number of unpleasant things I would rather do than fly these days, like my annual obgyn visit, mammogram (guys, your are just going to have to trust me that they are unpleasant), have an ingrown toenail removed, have a filling sans Novocaine, I think you get the picture. The TSA is out of control, violating the constitutional rights of everyone who flies. I feel inconvenienced and harassed, but not safer. The TSA, the airlines, the people who run the airports forget that we still have rights. We have complacently let these entities completely erode those rights. I will admit that when I travel by air I am so worn down by the process that I don't have much fight left. And like the right to cross in a crosswalk in front of a car barreling down the road, I would rather live to fight another day than push that right. I am fully aware if I remind the TSA brutes that they are violating my rights that I might wind up face down in the middle of the terminal and hauled off to jail. I have no doubt I would get out, but not after I missed my plane and my luggage winds up lord knows where. To those involved: Ashley and Jason - I'm not sure what the flyer said, and I'm not sure I would agree with it, but it is somewhat admirable that you are taking your time to provide information to the flying public. Doug Meyers - You are a petulant little man in a little pond that was paid for with tax money and run using money that people pay when they have the privilege of flying into or out of Albany. A whole lot of people like me pay for you and you have no right to feel entitled to boss anyone around like that. You suck. Stan Lenic - You are my hero. You are a champion of civil rights in a place where people feel they have none anymore. You were dignified even while the little man yapped at you like a chihuahua. Thank you. You rock.
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I watched the whole video. Stan Lenic is AWESOME. Officer, you are what’s good about everything. Thank you.
11/30/12 @ 22:06