Alabama: We Elect Idiots

And here I thought Dickhead Donald was the worst thing idiots could elect. Clearly I underestimated Alabama.

Homosexuality should be illegal

god's wrath is felt on Earth

'Red and yellows' don't get along (but god will fix everything)

"There's no such thing as evolution. That we came from a snake? No I don't believe that."

Islam is a 'false religion'

The law comes from god

He thinks he's like Putin

Obama might not be US-born

He writes "poetry": "Babies piled in dumpsters, Abortion on demand/ Oh Sweet land of liberty; your house is on the sand."

A Ten Commandments sculpture is worth fighting for

(excerpted from the BBC: Things Roy Moore Believes)

Roy Cocktard Moore is a fucking abomination. He is the antithesis of a politician or even a rational human being. He's evil, delusional and even more of a fucking-hate spewer than Dickhead Donald and THAT threshold is so high it's almost asymptotically impossible to reach.

I have to think that Alabama is populated by congenitally illiterate and ignorant, inbred troglodytes (apologies to actual trogs). I would have to say ONLY white people elected him and given that only 33% are black that is probably close to the truth. Honestly if there were a way to extract those voters, brand them with something, maybe a cross since they love it so much they're willing to murder for it, it would be a big help for normal humans: "Stay the fuck AWAY from this one, the criminal stupidity cannot be overcome."

The GOP isn't going to hell, it's already there. And selling their soul to tRump is already their second wish on the Monkey's Paw. And they're already rueing the price...

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