A Touch Of Scottish Sugar

To sweeten an otherwise terrible topic that has NOT been getting better here in the US.

Nicola Sturgeon has offered an unequivocal apology to gay men convicted of sexual offences that are no longer illegal.

The first minister's apology coincided with new legislation that will automatically pardon gay and bisexual men convicted under historical laws.

The bill will also allow the removal of such convictions from criminal records.(BBC)

The US has been backsliding with an alarming alacrity. But this doesn't mean the rest of the world hasn't kept on, keeping on without us. It's delightful and heartwarming to see that the stupid fuckery that has infected America hasn't infected nations abroad. Sure the UK needs to keep sucking tRump dick, as do other large nations, but smaller nations can forge ahead and take the lead in democracy and liberty, the leadership the world needs.

Thank you Scotland.

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