A Real Pig

Literally, figuratively, visually, mentally. Arpaio is actually an insult to real pigs who are far smarter and less evil than he is.

PHOENIX (AP) -- Fresh off his presidential pardon, an emboldened Joe Arpaio on Monday lashed out at his critics and the judge who found him guilty of a crime as his attorneys went to court to throw the court decision that was the basis for his conviction.

The former Arizona sheriff struck a defiant tone in insisting he "didn't do anything wrong" and questioning whether his judge was fair. His comments came as President Donald Trump took a similar posture in defending his Friday pardon of the former lawman, blaming the Obama administration for Arpaio's troubles and calling him a "patriot" who fought against illegal immigration

Caligulump decided that HIS authority was greater than law. By pardoning this scumbag the "presidont" has made a mockery of our court system, proving that he is drunk with power and incapable of distinguishing right from wrong. I guess most people would argue he never knew the difference to begin with.

Dickhead Donald LITERALLY thinks "L'Etats C'est Moi" failing to recognize that he didn't earn the right to overrule our courts, he was GIVEN the privilege by the people to pardon in extreme circumstances. Now he's busy abusing every capability endowed on the office he's in to corrupt, bypass and enrich himself and his buddies to the greatest degree possible. It also means that anyone and everyone who is aligned with Dickhead has a free pass to do whatever they please, legal or illegal.

Luckily, abuse of power IS an impeachable offence. I wonder if Dickhead will write out his own pardon before hand. He probably will, because, you know, just in case...

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