2012 The Recap

So, for those of you who slept through last year here's the Cliff Notes: * War and lots of it * Hate and partisan rhetoric * Fear, famine and conflagration * Politics, nothing new, very much old * Rich and famous acting stupid and petty * Intolerance and discrimination * Disease and desperation But there were some good points too: * Cooperation and bridge building * Thoughtful consideration * The realization that we're all in the same boat, together * Kindness * Displays of selflessness and humanity * Persistence in the face of daunting odds * Representation of those not capable of representing themselves * Creativity, genius and the sharing of those talents * Love In essence it was a year like any other. And while there may not really be much difference between 2012 and those years that preceded it there is always the hope, at the beginning, that the year to come will be better than the last. For everyone. Here's to hope...
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