Even prior presidents are aghast.

Speaking just hours earlier in New York, Mr Bush said: "Bigotry seems emboldened. Our politics seems more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication.

"There are some signs that the intensity of support for democracy itself has waned - especially among the young." (BBC)

I have no problem flipping the bird at people who have tRump stickers on their car. I have no problem being rude to anyone who still supports this imbecile. It USED to be the exclusive purview of the right, being rude, being crude, being intimidating. Personally I'd like to thank Dickhead Donald from liberating me from the aesthetic of politeness, removing the veneer of civility which I felt was due my peers.

Gloves are off now bitches. But then again, if you read this regularly, you've probably noticed that.


Yep, nothing says "I love you" more than a bullet.

CLEVELAND (AP) — A suburban Cleveland man has pleaded guilty to fatally shooting his daughter while she slept, saying he believed she disrespected his rules by coming home late and not cleaning her room.

Jamal Mansour, of Rocky River, pleaded guilty Tuesday to involuntary manslaughter and felonious assault and has been sentenced to 22 years in prison. The 64-year-old dad earlier pleaded not guilty to charges including aggravated murder in 27-year-old Tahani Mansour’s death last year.

Cleveland.com reports Mansour says he believed his daughter didn’t respect his house rules. Prosecutors say Mansour told investigators he grabbed a gun, thinking she would “respect” that.

I'm guessing Jamal would probably agree that not having easy access to a gun when you're pissed off is probably a good thing. Who spends 27 years raising their child only to kill them over a messy room and questionable curfew? No sane person does, but the problem is when you're pissed you're NOT sane and parenting with a gun is NEVER a good idea, no matter how old the kid is.

So he wanted her to "respect" him eh? Well it's pretty hard to say he was successful with that. I suppose he could have it engraved on her tombstone though...


Oh The Humanity

Someone was watching a re-run of WKRP in Cincinnati...

YELLVILLE, Ark. (AP) -- The Federal Aviation Administration says it will check to see whether any laws or regulations were broken when a low-flying pilot dropped live turkeys onto an Arkansas festival over the weekend.

Of course on the WKRP it ended with "As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly."

Both reality and sitcom reality ended about the same...

Several birds were dropped Saturday and then chased by festival-goers.

Well maybe the turkeys in this case aren't hitting the ground like "sacks of wet cement" but it definitely didn't go as well as planned. Most Turkey's are pretty big and can get pretty pissed (if they're not dropped from 2000 feet in the air.)


He's just an asshole.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- For U.S. presidents, meeting the families of military personnel killed in war is about as wrenching as the presidency gets. President Donald Trump's suggestion Monday that his predecessors fell short in that duty brought a visceral reaction from those who witnessed those grieving encounters.

"He's a deranged animal," Alyssa Mastromonaco, a former deputy chief of staff to President Barack Obama, tweeted about Trump. With an expletive, she called Trump's statement in the Rose Garden a lie.

Trump said in a news conference he had written letters to the families of four soldiers killed in an Oct. 4 ambush in Niger and planned to call them, crediting himself with taking extra steps in honoring the dead properly. "Most of them didn't make calls," he said of his predecessors. He said it's possible that Obama "did sometimes" but "other presidents did not call."

The record is plain that presidents reached out to families of the dead and to the wounded, often with their presence as well as by letter and phone. The path to Walter Reed and other military hospitals, as well as to the Dover, Delaware, Air Force Base where the remains of fallen soldiers are often brought, is a familiar one to Obama, George W. Bush and others.

Everything to be taken credit belongs to him, every bit of blame belongs to others. There is nothing human, fair, intelligent, empathic, or presidential about this shitbag. Deranged cunts, like Teresa Ledesma, somehow think that a person who is as far away as humanly possible from their god has been chosen, without for one moment reading their own biblical description of the anti-christ.

"He's not perfect, but his heart is in the right place," said summit-attendee Teresa Ledesma, a health industry worker from Lansing, Michigan. "We believe him to be God's champion. God needed a fighter, someone who was unapologetic. He's gone into the lion's den for us." (BBC)

That's right Teresa, let's see what god thinks when you get sick and there's no health insurance. Let's see what god thinks when you support someone who demeans, denies and denigrates the people he's supposed to represent. Let's see what god thinks when he and his family get richer as American's fight, starve and kill each other. Here, let me help you bitch.

The coming of the lawless one is apparent in the working of Satan, who uses all power, signs, lying wonders, and every kind of wicked deception for those who are perishing, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion, leading them to believe what is false, so that all who have not believed the truth but took pleasure in unrighteousness will be condemned.

That describes tRump. No one else.


For more information, contact Larry Flynt...

WASHINGTON (AP) — Pornography publisher Larry Flynt is offering “up to $10 million” to anyone who produces information that leads to President Donald Trump’s impeachment and removal from office.

Of course we KNOW Russia has pr0n pics, the question is... do they really need 10 million? Stay tuned!


Suck It Bitches

You made your bed, now you get to fucking sleep in it. Enjoy.

President Donald Trump's decision to end a provision of the Affordable Care Act that was benefiting roughly 6 million Americans helps fulfill a campaign promise, but it also risks harming some of the very people who helped him win the presidency.

Nearly 70 percent of those benefiting from the so-called cost-sharing subsidies live in states Trump won last November, according to an analysis by The Associated Press. The number underscores the political risk for Trump and his party, which could end up owning the blame for increased costs and chaos in the insurance marketplace.

Poor and stupid, gullible and religious. You thought this was what "god" wanted right? Well, now you're going to find out what god REALLY wanted: for you to think for yourself.

Here's a hint: if it sounds too good to be true... it probably is.


It's like a kid holding a molotov cocktail in front of a house on fire who says "Wasn't me..."

WASHINGTON (AP) -- In a brash move likely to roil insurance markets, President Donald Trump will "immediately" halt payments to insurers under the Obama-era health care law he has been trying to unravel for months.

Before sunrise Friday morning, Trump went on Twitter to urge Democrats to make a deal: "The Democrats ObamaCare is imploding," he wrote. "Massive subsidy payments to their pet insurance companies has stopped. Dems should call me to fix!"

So much for the guy who blamed previous presidents for overreach and abuse of power. Using his executive powers to move unilaterally against congress AND the nation is clearly not what america wants. It IS however what people elected, with or without the Russian Koolaid.

So what's next? Well, Dickhead's favorite big-stick of course, the courts. I predict everyone will sue everyone else, the insurers, the states, individuals, the feds and at the top of the chaos, at the pinnacle of the get sucking sound of money flowing into the pockets of the lawyers, Dickhead will be sitting and cackling like a crazed Caligula flinging insults like a money throws poo. Yes it's EVERYONE else's fault: the Dems, the GOP, the poor, prior administrations, the young, the elderly and everyone alive, dead or imaginary.

Dickhead doesn't govern. Dickhead focuses on whatever aggravates him at the moment. He has no empathy, no managerial skills, no ability whatsoever to act as a leader. What he IS good at it jerking himself off all over everyone and everything and then laughing at their pain and discomfort.

It's his world, we just have the misery of living in it. And for those who won't be able to afford their health care soon, there won't even be that.


Don't throw out those coat hangars ladies, you're going to need 'em again.

Oct. 6 (UPI) -- The Trump administration formally removed a federal health provision requiring employers to provide coverage for birth control, Health and Human Services announced Friday.

Companies are required under the Affordable Care Act to offer their employees health coverage that covers contraception. Under the new rules, companies and insurers need only cite a moral or religious objection in order to opt out of the Obama-era federal rule requiring birth control be covered for free for all women.

Once again, women's health is now a pawn in the ongoing fundamenalization of the US. Conservatives and GOP shitbag teaming together to make a woman's body state property. No longer should a woman have affordable access to birthcontrol, and instead of family planning being HER decision, it's now the right and privilege of her employer.

Women are, in other words, still chattel and the companies that they work for OWN their bodies.

Men, of course, can get a discount to get their dick hard whenever they like. THAT is fully covered.

Being a woman in tRump'merica is getting more and more dismal, being pushed further and further into the past by a guy who not just objectifies women, but treats them with less respect than women get in third world countries.

"The Trump administration is forcing women to pay for their boss's religious beliefs," said ACLU senior staff attorney Brigitte Amiri. "We're filing this lawsuit because the federal government cannot authorize discrimination against women in the name of religion or otherwise."


Because not shaving your legs and, more importantly, NOT CARING about NOT SHAVING is totally a reason to threaten someone with rape.

Swedish model, Arvida Byström, says she's received rape threats after posing for an advert with hairy legs.

The 26-year-old featured in an Adidas campaign promoting a new brand of trainers. She received dozens of abusive messages after the advert was released on YouTube. In an Instagram post, which is getting more and more attention, she says she was also threatened with rape in direct messages on social media. (BBC)

As a woman, if you're fat, you need to be raped. If you're hairy you need to be raped. If you prefer men or no sex at all, you need to be raped. If you stand up against a misogynist asshole president, you need to be raped. If you speak out against misogyny at all you need to be raped. In a third world country if you don't want to be married before your 13th birthday or want an education you need to be raped.

Rape seems to be the solution to everything when it comes to women who are confident and determined. The threat of rape is still socially acceptable, even in first world countries. It's something kids bandy about in high school, alongside pixie sticks and heart emojis.

Rape, physical and verbal abuse of women. It's what all the cool kids, like Dickhead Donald like to joke about. Because hey, it's only "locker room talk" right? Because that makes it totally ok...


Well, it's actually Dick-HEAD but that doesn't rhyme well.

"I don't know why the president tweets out things that are not true. You know he does it, everyone knows he does it, but he does."

You can't really sugarcoat this one. Mr Corker is flat-out saying the president is a liar - and everyone knows it. (BBC)

tRump is the most amazing lying liar I know and what's more his fans LOVE him for it. The same fans that eviscerated Hillary for "lying".

Everyone KNOWS Dickhead doesn't know or CARE about the truth, a president from whom no honesty is expected, promises kept, or from whom any practical contribution to the betterment of the nation is anticipated. Hella job. It just shows that not only can anyone be president but when they get there they don't have to do a fucking, useful thing.


Wow what a guy, using children as hostages to get his way. I bet he sleeps really well at night.

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump has told congressional leaders that his hard-line immigration priorities must be enacted in exchange for extending protection from deportation to hundreds of thousands of young immigrants, many of whom were brought to the U.S. illegally as children.

Trump’s list of demands included overhauling the country’s green-card system, a crackdown on unaccompanied minors entering the country, and building his promised wall along the southern border.

Many were policies Democrats have said explicitly are off the table and threaten to derail ongoing negotiations over legislation protecting young immigrants known as “Dreamers.” They had been given a reprieve from deportation and the ability to work legally in the country under President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program, which Trump ended last month.

tRump is having the worst time communicating compassion and empathy because he's a psychotic and psychotics have none of those things. People die in massacres, people homeless after hurricanes and all he can talk about his the praise he SHOULD be getting just for being in office. He likes to remind everyone about that a WINNER he is, and yet the only thing he's winning has nothing to do with helping the public.

This is a shining case in point: the vast majority of people have sympathy for immigrant children brought to the US, but instead of working WITH public sentiment and capitalizing on it, he's going to use it as a bargaining chip, use these children's FUTURE as a way to pour more pain and horror into the system.

The immigration system, like all systems, could use renovation but nothing useful gets done at the point of a gun. President DICKtater has yet to figure that out. I guess his deals aren't very artful after all, not without a ghostwriter and an entire press corps making up "fake news" a la Himmler...


I love how racist fucktards like Paul start crying about how they're NOT racist when the media quotes them.

PITTSBURGH (AP) — A Pittsburgh-area volunteer fire chief has lost his post after using a racial slur to describe Steelers coach Mike Tomlin. [..]

The Cecil Township Board of Supervisors says on its website Tuesday that Smith “is no longer the volunteer fire chief.”

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports (http://bit.ly/2hujHlO ) Smith resigned. He tells the newspaper he’s “not the racist the media portrays me as.”

He adds he “posted in anger.”

Of course he's "not the racist the media" FUCKING QUOTED YOU DIPSHIT. Posted in Anger, like THAT'S an excuse. Go fuck yourself.

Actually you already have. Good job racist.


Here’s what Corker is saying: “It’s a shame the White House has become an adult day care center. Someone obviously missed their shift this morning.” (AP)



And, are, it's about the same...

The traffic on the highway was pretty terrible. I mean it's usually terrible, but it was 12:30 in the freaking afternoon, ffs, and it was backed up all the hell over. No, it wasn't an accident, it was merely people skipping out for a half day ahead of a long weekend. The stupid was endemic and now it was all over the highway. I made the command decision to get off.

The exit has a rotary, something both common and hateful in New England. As I got off the highway and toodled down the exit ramp the backup from the rotary, as people were trying to "merge" (this word doesn't actually EXIST in the New England vocabulary) the exit ramp was backed up a few cars, no more than four or five. I wanted to get home, but I wasn't in a terrible rush, and the back roads were bound to be more promising. What I neglected was the back-road assholes that came with the situation. As I waited, patiently, a battered white van, a workman's van, came tearing down the exit ramp and drove around me to try and stick it's stubby nose in the half-car-length of space between me and the car ahead.

Ok, seriously. What the everloving fuck was this?

I laid on the horn and pushed my way around the van. Astonished and flabbergasted that anyone would pull such a fuck-brained maneuver.

Then I noticed the tRump bumper sticker on the van, the 50-ish run-down white guy with white hair in a stained shirt at the wheel. He tried driving the van into the side of my car, like that would make me budge. He stopped just short of hitting me.

I rolled down the window "Go vote for tRump ya Dickhead!" I hollered.

"Uh.... Ok! I will!" came the clearly perplexed reply. He couldn't figure if that was an insult or not, even with the "Dickhead" in the sentence.

He was on my bumper. Hard. But it was my turn to get into the rotary. I'd like to apologize to the person I jumped in front of, I generally am quite polite at rotaries, but this called for evasive action. As my car leapt into the whirlpool of cars, I looked back, noting that Asshole tRump-Tarder hadn't made it out behind me. I drove hurriedly though the roundabout, three-quarters of the way around, to my exit, and spared another look back. White van was weaving through the rotary, people braking left and right to avoid a collision.

As I made it to my exit, I noticed that the white van had also pulled out on my exit, but one lane over. Another car was pulled up next to it, and both drivers were screaming at each other through open windows. Relieved that Asshole tRump-Tarder wasn't going my way I thrust one spiraling, fisted, bird out the window and bellowed "FUCK YOU ASSHOLE" which I assumed the target would know to whom THAT was intended and took off on a quick turn away from the conflagration of hate.

tRump-Tarders. Can't live with 'em and they won't do us the favor of shooting themselves. Hopefully 3 more years and they can go back to crawling under their rocks.


Actually if you're reading this, they already are sold out.

The challenge for gun rights supporters is a bump-stock ban opens the door for a new debate about where to draw the line over limiting a firearm's lethality. For decades it's been at how many bullets can be fired with one trigger pull.

Bump-stocks blur that line. Can you outlaw a device that helps squeeze off rounds more quickly but not think about prohibiting quick-change magazines or limiting their sizes? Or banning pistol grips, which make firing easier?

It won't take many Republicans, with the NRA looking over their shoulder, to grind the process to a halt. (BBC)

Bump stocks. The only reason to have one is because you're a fucktard who wants to murder a whole lot of people. That said, there are a LOT of fucktards out there because as of this writing you can't buy a bump-stock to save your life (little joke there). For those who don't know, bumpstocks circumvent laws to prevent ownership of automatic weapons by making the gun slam back and forth in your hands so fast that you don't need to pull the trigger. The backlash of the weapon firing does that for you. And because there's no physical mechanism pulling the trigger, it's not technically illegal.

Although anyone who designed, marketed and built a business around such a device is as evil as Hitler, anyone who BUYS such a device is even more evil because no one, NO ONE NEEDS A BUMP-STOCK BECAUSE IT SERVES NO PRACTICAL PURPOSE EXCEPT TO COMMIT MASS MURDER.

Great, we're clear on that. In fact it's so clear even the usually truculent NRA is "open to considering" a ban on these devices even if they're not open to consider bans on other gun accessories that allow one person to spray a crowd with bullets.

America has a problem with guns and more guns and more bullets is NOT the answer. It's like giving a dunk person an open bar, when they're shitfaced giving them more booze is NOT the answer. But the NRA is powerful, they have money and conservatives depend on them to malign and threaten their opponents.

It's 2017. No one NEEDS a gun any more. And against a guy with a bump-stock, your gun isn't going to do you any good anyway.


Dickhead Donald can't help himself; people have no food, no power, no shelter and his only concern is how much restoring the most basic of these necessities is going to cost.

Oh and by the way, any dollars spent on restoring the Puerto Rico are going to be charged to their already well overdrawn account. Thanks for shopping!

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Touring a small slice of Hurricane Maria’s devastation, President Donald Trump congratulated Puerto Rico on Tuesday for escaping the higher death toll of “a real catastrophe like Katrina” and heaped praise on the relief efforts of his administration without mentioning the sharp criticism the federal response has drawn.

“Really nothing short of a miracle,” he said of the recovery, an assessment at odds with the despair of many still struggling to find water and food outside the capital city in wide swaths of an island where only 5 percent of electricity customers have power back. The governor of Puerto Rico said late Tuesday that the official death toll has been increased to 34 from 16.[..]

Trump pledged an all-out effort to help the island while adding, somewhat lightly: “Now I hate to tell you, Puerto Rico, but you’ve thrown our budget a little out of whack because we’ve spent a lot of money on Puerto Rico. And that’s fine. We’ve saved a lot of lives.”

People have had their entire lives wiped out and his concern is that "our budget is a little out of wack." But hey, it's not like it was a REAL disaster, because you know, only a few dozen people died. So, yah, not a real tragedy in any sense. No urgency to save additional lives, or anything. No.

The clown show, where he was tossing out paper towels as if those would rebuild homes, restore power or provide aid to the needy was extraordinary. I suppose if your ego is big enough you can't get embarrassed by demeaning desperate people like a fisherman throwing chum to a seal. But Dickhead doesn't think and, more importantly, he doesn't see anyone who isn't a multi-millionaire as a "person" worthy of basic respect. So after delays and debt consideration, Dickhead was petulant over helping Puerto Rico because they weren't respectful enough to HIM.

For much of his tour, Trump remained focused primarily on drawing praise.

“I appreciate your support and I know you appreciate ours,” Trump said. “Our country has really gone all out. It’s not only dangerous, it’s expensive. But I consider it a great honor.”

I fail to understand why any reasonable, caring, sociable human would have supported Dickhead for president. My ultimate conclusion is that those who voted for him, and those who still support this shitbrain aren't any of those things. They're selfish, uncaring, antisocial greedbags who believe that Dickhead would (somehow) make their lives better at the expense of everyone else.

Well, good luck with that. Because we're all Puerto Rico in one way or another, and unless you're independently wealthy there's not a single thing this "president" is going to do for you.


Bitch Immunize Your Kid

Rebecca Bredow is a stupid cunt.

A mother in the US state of Michigan has been sentenced to seven days in jail after she refused a judge's order to have her son vaccinated.

Rebecca Bredow would not let her nine-year-old be immunised after initially agreeing with the father to do so.

Her ex-husband has now been awarded temporary primary custody in order to get the boy the jab.

Michigan parents are legally allowed to skip or delay their children's vaccinations due to personal beliefs. But Bredow fell foul of the law because she reneged on agreements with her former spouse dating back to November 2016 to have the boy immunised. (BBC)

The only autism associated with vaccinations is the self-inflicted kind which certain "parents" seem to get when it comes to making a talking point out of their child. Immunizations WORK. That's all. If you don't immunize your child you're a threat to your child and society, and that makes you a CRIMINAL.

Seven days is waaaay too short. Should have been seven months. That would go a long way to making Michigan parents get back the fuck in line when it comes to challenging the need for immunization.

In other news, most people want to stay the fuck away from Michigan since the stupid seems to be catching between adults.

Child immunisation rates in Michigan are among the worst in the nation, ranking 43rd among the 50 US states, according to Mlive.

Fucking morons in Michigan. Maybe we need some sterilization in the water up there.