I won't bother posting a link to Charlotte's video because it's not worth your time, I can summarize it in a sentence: "Men Are Ok, Feminists Are Bad, Sexual Harassment is Overblown."

Charlotte I'd like to thank you for oversimplifying and demystifying what, for many, is a complex issue. Clearly Feminists are hysterical McCarthyites who have moved beyond burning bras into collecting trophy jock-straps from those they have brought down. Yes, it's terrible and sad that rich, wealthy, powerful men have been put on notice that grabbing twats isn't allowed any more. And yes, it's overblown when a woman is raped, maligned, doused with acid, harmed or abused in any way. I mean it was ok before, why not now?

Yes Charlotte, you're right, a little harmless "grope and tumble" against a woman's will isn't a bad thing now and then. But I suppose until it happens to you it's just a reason to make a video eh?


I apologize to Penis's all over the world for that association above. You're (mostly) not as shriveled and pathetic as Mike.

Lie #1

Pence says before a dinner in Jerusalem with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (neh-ten-YAH'-hoo) that the shutdown is ending "thanks to the firm stand taken by President Trump" and congressional Republicans. (AP)

Truth: Dickhead Donald did nothing. He ran and hid when he broke the government. Then he waited for someone else to step forward and fix the situation. If by "firm stand" you mean "sucking his thumb in the back of a closet" then sure! We agree!

Lie #2

Vice President Mike Pence says reports that an adult film star had an alleged affair with President Donald Trump are "baseless allegations." (AP)

Truth: Dickhead did fuck Stormy Daniels. He even did it while he was married. He even got her a few bags of hush money not to say anything about it, but no big deal, right? It's not like adultery is a sin or something.

Lie #3

Mike Pence on Monday defended President Donald Trump on his recent comments disparaging immigration from Africa and Haiti, telling The Associated Press that the president's "heart" is aimed at a merit-based system that is blind to immigrants' "race or creed." (AP)

Truth: Well this is on the edge since Mike didn't DENY that Dickhead called African nations "shitholes". He only diverted attention from infantile language that doesn't befit a president and concepts that don't befit ANY adult with an unverifiable sentiment. Fact is that Dickhead already tried an immigration ban based on race and followed that up with "I only want White People from Norway." So no way he's a racist. Maybe.


Because it's the details that really matter.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The White House says President Donald Trump is focused on minimizing the harm [..] through the government shutdown.[..]

Trump has been criticized for not meeting with lawmakers since a lunch Friday with Democratic New York Sen. Chuck Schumer.

Trump also hasn't appeared in public since Friday. The White House released photos showing him in the Oval Office on Saturday and meeting with staff.

Budget director Mick Mulvaney says he's meeting with Trump later Monday to go over the "mechanics" of a shutdown.

Sure Dickhead is "focused on minimizing the harm" of a government shutdown TO HIMSELF. Dickhead hasn't appeared in public because the Ceremonial President Bather, Ceremonial President Food-Cutter, Ceremonial President Adorner of Clothes are all missing. And Dicky hasn't had to do those things for himself for.. well, forever. He's still probably standing in front of the Presidential toilet wondering which lever makes the "flush" sound.


Madam, whomever you are, I salute you. That slogan is so on point it hurts. Literally.

The White House has changed its answering machine message to blame Donald Trump's political opponents for its failure to answer calls.

The US is in the middle of a government shutdown, leaving many federal services without staff.

But callers to the White House comment line at the weekend were informed that Democrats were to blame.

The recorded message says calls cannot be answered because Democrats are holding government funding "hostage".

The recorded message was set up on the White House comment phone line, which accepts calls from members of the public.

"Unfortunately, we cannot answer your call today because Congressional Democrats are holding government funding - including funding for our troops and other national security priorities - hostage to an unrelated immigration debate," the recording says.

"Due to this obstruction, the government is shut down." (BBC)

First off, here is my retort: Fuck You Donald Trump. You are incompetent. You're lazy. You're unable to do anything useful because you have no useful skills. You're greedy. You're selfish. You're hateful. You're petty. You're not a "business man" like you advertised yourself to be, you clearly can't make any "deals". You're a liar. You're egotistical. You're sexist, racist and pretty much the most vile person ever to stain the carpets in the White House.

The reason the government is shutdown is because YOU ARE A FAILURE AS PRESIDENT. But you're also a failure as a man and a human being. The only person to blame for the partisan message, for the friction, the lack of action, for the brain-aching stupidity that sluices out of the White House is YOU.

Dear Donald Trump, please go away. You're ruining our nation. Kthxbai.


Nassar sexually abused scores of young women because he could, he had access to them. His only mistake was not being as rich and pugnacious as Dickhead Donald.

More than 100 victims have come forward. Nassar admitted 10 criminal counts and could face life in prison. (BBC)

Dickhead has abused more women than he can remember. He deliberately entices wives of his friends. He fucked a porn star while married. He forced himself on more women while in a position of authority than just about anyone but Harvey Weinstein.

But hey, he's now "pro-life" so that just erases all moral transgressions, past and future, right?

Vice-President Mike Pence, who introduced Mr Trump, called him "the most pro-life president in American history" and added that he would "restore the sanctity of life to the centre of American law". (BBC)

Yes, it's the same thing: taking away a woman's voice, her control over her body, her self esteem and ensuring that victims STAY victims by knowing that the law will not support them. Dickhead is no different than Larry Nassar. They're both offenders who placed themselves above women, using them and justifying their abuse because of their own ego.

Only Larry wasn't rich enough or shameless enough not to get caught. For now, that is.


It's always a tragedy when a hero fails.

SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) -- Pope Francis accused victims of Chile's most notorious pedophile of slander Thursday, an astonishing end to a visit meant to help heal the wounds of a sex abuse scandal that has cost the Catholic Church its credibility in the country.

Francis said that until he sees proof that Bishop Juan Barros was complicit in covering up the sex crimes of the Rev. Fernando Karadima, such accusations against Barros are "all calumny."

The complicity of Barros is well documented. He enabled and allowed, defended and protected an abuser. Authorities seemed set to acknowledge this as fact and by all accounts Francis was expected to move to the next step: taking action against evil and healing the wounded and yet suddenly he has retreated to classic, dogmatic defense of a pedophile protector.

Shame on you Francis. You have betrayed more than just those in your faith, you have betrayed the faith of everyone who saw you as a champion of justice and truth. Your legacy is tarnished and the delicate bridge of trust that you'd built over the gaping chasm of Catholic sexual abuse, greed and cold indifference to the suffering of those harmed by men bearing the Catholic brand.

Instead of standing up for the victims, you kicked them in the face.

I'm sorry, not for you, or your image, but for the flicker of hope that just went out.


Because Bozo is going to have to go get them himself.

Trump was originally scheduled to attend a "Trump Victory Dinner" Saturday night at Mar-a-Lago, with proceeds going to a joint fundraising committee for his re-election campaign and the Republican National Committee. That was up in the air early Saturday.

The reverberations will be felt across Washington, all over the nation - and within the White House residence.

According to federal stipulations, just 21 of the 96 members of the White House residential staff would report to duty on any day of a shutdown.

"Essentially, our core group of residence staff would still report to work to ensure that basic services are still provided to the first family," said Stephanie Grisham, a spokeswoman for first lady Melania Trump. (AP)

Dickhead, or Bozo if you prefer, works maybe 5 hours a day and likes to end his "tiring" travails in bed with a cheeseburger as he watches TV and blurts stupid shit onto Twitter. Well, with a 79% reduction in staff he's not going to have the service he's used to. No more warm towels out of the shower. No more turn-down service. And he'll have to place his own goddamn mint on his pillow at night (because sure-as-fuck you know that Mel ain't gonna be doing that.)

Bozo wanted to go to Florida for a nice party he was throwing himself (at Taxpayer expense), but supposedly he's now going to "stay" and "work" to fix the government he's broken.

Great president? Ha. The only thing he's great at is being the worst and most disliked president in history. At long last Harding and Buchanan can rest in peace.


The GOP is actually PROUD to say that they're using poor, sick children as a bargaining chip. It's hard to imagine how these guys sleep at night.

House Republicans are attempting to entice Democrats to vote for the continuing resolution by including a provision to extend the Children's Health Insurance Program (Chip) for six years.

Chip, which provides healthcare for nine million children, is near the top of Democrats' wish list. (BBC)

It's just fucking amazing how heartless these fuckwads are. Money. It's all they care about. That and power. Children can die in the streets for all they care, as long as they can get their way.

GOP. The party of no shame. No shame at all.


Because if there's no medical explanation for his behavior then it's calculated and deliberate.

US President Donald Trump has shown no abnormal signs following a cognitive exam and is in excellent health, his White House doctor says.

"I have no concerns about his cognitive ability or neurological functions," Ronny Jackson said on Tuesday. (BBC)

By all accounts Dickhead acts like a psychotic, spoiled toddler who needs constant attention and gratification. So if it's not cognitive decline then he really IS just a selfish fucktard with no regard for anyone other than himself.

Kinda what I suspected all along.


Pregnancy is a bother, so if you have money why not have someone else suffer the stretchmarks, pain, dietary restrictions, lack of sleep, frequent potty trips, oh and all the associate health risks.

Jan. 16 (UPI) -- Celebrity couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have welcomed a daughter via surrogate.

The 37-year-old reality star and 40-year-old rapper expressed their gratitude in a post on Kardashian's website Tuesday after their surrogate gave birth to a baby girl. [..]

Kardashian and West confirmed in September that they were expecting their third child. Sources told Entertainment Tonight last week the couple are "fully prepared and can't wait to bring their baby home."

There's something just gross about the whole surrogate-because-we-can thing. It's not like they don't have enough money to pamper her during a pregnancy, rather she already HAD the experience and decided that being pregnant again wasn't going to get her any more publicity. So why bother? Having a baby isn't a life changing event when you're only going to pay for other people to raise your kid anyway.

I guess it's truly a Kardashian value, if there's no money in it why bother...


Destiny 2: Should I Buy It?

So, Destiny 2... you're thinking of buying it eh? But it's a bit over your budget for a "try and fail" kinda buy. I get that. So here's my review after playing the game for 2 months: It's "OK" if you have friends to play it with, but if you're just doing it for solo grats then maybe wait until a sale or until you have friends that want to play it.


Destiny 2 DOES have a story, but you can blast through it in a matter of hours. Once you're done with that you need to level your gear and weps for about 8 to 10 hours at which point you won't get squashed like a bug in the rest of the content: strikes, pvp and heroic adventures. Once you get there (Yay! I have decent armor and weapons, let me at 'em!) you discover that there's no new content... but that's ok because it's not "old" yet. But it does get repetitive fast and without friends to raid with and do heroic level things you can wind up with rando-assholes who will leave you stuck in the middle of a firefight-quagmire you can't get out of as they run off to complete the mission without you.

So much fun. No. No, not really.

So about Destiny 2, it's got good graphics, it's got an entertaining story (all 3 hours of it) and it's got extra missions and events (about 3 - 5 days of novelty) and then... not so much. Also there's the whole "do you want pretty, shiny gear" thing. See they thought of that, and there's a mechanic for it, but it costs real money. It's called "Eververse" and that, along with the expensive DLCs is the main way you get any of the nice, fancy shit that you see other players running around with. Don't ask too many questions, Eververse is universally loathed as the thinly disguised, pure-greed of Bungie. Please, even if you do buy the game, don't fall into the trap of microtransactions, it will only make you hate yourself in the morning.

So is end game really that dullsville? Why yes, yes it is. In fact it's so fucking dull, and PVP is so damn stupid that the devs FORCE you to play stuff you hate in order to level up to where you can really compete. It's called weekly's. "Complete X things you hate in PVP for POWERFUL gear". That also goes for broken-ass skills too "Complete X things using a skill no one ever uses because it sucks to get an achievement which will get you POWERFUL gear."

On the other hand if you're ok with grinding, getting the same boring loot over and over, getting your ass handed to you in PVP as well as "team" events where "team" means every man for himself, then Destiny 2 is for you. It's pretty, but the gameplay needs help. And the devs? Well, they have one more DLC worth of attention span before the community evaporates... after that it'll probably get cheaper and worth buying.


Kirsti is a cunt. She claims that the division, hatred and utter dissolution of civility in our government makes us "better off". She believes that a misogynist who would happily tell her that she's too ugly to fuck is the best choice for the leader of the US. Kristi probably takes a double handful of anti-depressants in the morning in order to keep up appearances.

Cat needs help. Her grip on reality comes from Faux News. She appears to believe that she's getting THOUSANDS back in taxes. Cat hasn't actually filed yet, but she's excited!!!1! Also, fucking over the delicate situation between the Palestinians and Israel makes her wet. Yes, it's SO exciting when you don't understand the complexities of international politics to believe that unilateral decisions without consensus equates to a solution. Cat also needs a retouch on her botox.

Chris at least admits that tRump is a liar, but hey, in his world that's ok? I mean who really needs a politician or even a president that's truthful? I mean hell, America is returning to the "classic American style" just like when Nixon was in charge.

Jim is all about greed. He wants money. He wants more money than anyone else. As long as the stockmarket keeps rocking the rest of the nation can go fuck itself.

Congrats on your fame fuckwads! It's great to know who you are, I look forward to meeting you sometime in the future when I get to express MY editorial response to your comments.


The only shithole the President needs to be concerned about is the one between his nose and chin. Of course others put it more succinctly...

And Idaho Republican Mike Simpson told The Associated Press that Trump's remarks were "stupid and irresponsible and childish."

"He's president of the United States. That's not how a president behaves," Simpson said. "And for all of those people out there that are enamored with Trump's behavior and think this is no big deal, well shame on them. This is a big deal. America's influence and power in the world has really been about our ability to persuade because of our leadership, and he's just destroying that."(AP)

And there ARE people defending this scumbag, "pastors" even. If you can call them that, because in reality, true men of God don't hate, much less use derogatory comments about other cultures and nations.

The Rev. Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Dallas says that, apart from the reported choice of words, "Trump is right on target in his policy."

Robert Jeffress can go fuck himself.

But you know, regardless of Dickhead's stupidity, the icing is his lying about what he said and then immediately defending himself.

President Donald Trump has privately defended his remarks disparaging Haitians and African countries, saying he was only expressing what many people think but won't say about immigrants from economically depressed countries.

Dickhead? You're an asshole. You're the real fucking shithole this nation has to deal with. And to the rest of the world? Once again, I'm sorry.

Goddamn but it's getting tiresome having to apologize for this moron.


You know I feel for this guy, I really do. Here I am, seated at home where at least I can hide my embarrassment amongst my equally horrified peers but this poor guy, he has to represent US professionally. It's more than any rational person can do.

The US ambassador to Panama has quit because he says he is no longer able to serve under President Donald Trump.

John Feeley, a former Marine Corps helicopter pilot, said he was "honour-bound" to resign.

The US Department of State, which oversees American diplomats, learned of his resignation in late December. (BBC)

The Department of State is fucked. Employees old and new are leaving in droves, driven away by the sheer incompetence in their department and fostered by "the man at the top". Tillerson is inept, at best, or evil at worst. He doesn't allow records of key conversations, which are technically mandated by law, to be documented.

Of course, if there was nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed of, nothing illegal going on why not have records? Gosh, I wonder.

However some government employees actually have a conscience, and for them working in a government of chaos, stupidity, intolerance, and ignorance is more than they can manage. No matter what the money or position means to them personally.

I'm sorry John Feeley, that it had to be like this. And at least I appreciate your service.


Like a toddler screaming "no, no, no" to bedtime, Dickhead has a problem with anything he doesn't like. Only he doesn't scream "no, no, no" rather idiot labels things as "fake". To be fair, with his degree of mental illness he can only really keep track of things in two categories "great" and "fake". There's also "bad" but that's just used to mix things up and prove to people that his brain isn't in a similar state as an abandoned kitchen sponge found at the back of the cabinet under the sink.

Actually that analogy is pretty dead-on.

But Dickhead is who he is and the delusional/message-senders who thought he was just *pretending* to be craze were deluded themselves. By now everyone with any sanity knows full well that Dickhead is crazy as a coot and a danger to himself and others. By now the fear and shock of his election has worn off and everyone just grips their chair with increasing anxiety in the hope that nothing goes nuclear and the stupidity emanating from the white house is just absorbed by the continuing in-capacitance of the Senate.

Of course there ARE people who are still happy that the loony-toon (sorry, apologies to WB) was elected, and THEY are a special class themselves: the religious right. These are people who have convinced themselves that all the evil this person physically represents (greed, promiscuity, sloth... you know the whole lot of seven) somehow is a demonstration of their deity's gracious love. Yes, the devil himself with orange hair (hint, hint) shows up saying everything they want to hear and they LOVE him enough to praise him at their holiday meals and prayers.

On the surface that might seem contradictory to a rational, normal human being but one has to remember, these are people who still hold onto the belief that Jesus is the son of a patriarchal god who (somehow) was born from a human virgin (and also the world was created in seven days, the list goes on). Basically these people are as delusional as Dickhead and happy to have someone as fucked up and irrational as themselves in charge because it validates their overly-vocal world view.

One the one hand, good for them, they're having their day. On the other, good for us, because wasting time, effort, friendship, support and sustenance to people who would rather pray over your corpse instead of saving your life is a valuable wakeup call.

The problem with rationality is that it comes with a set of moral standards which answer to THE highest authority: yourself. You live, day in and out with the memory of what you did right and wrong and no one saying "oh it's ok, just give me money and you can forget you were horrible" is going to make it better. The real challenge is to realize that not everyone out there is like you, and no everyone deserves the benefits you can provide. This is not justification for being evil to someone, but it is justification for walking away when you know they're using religion as a crutch to justify their own evil, willful ignorance and arrogance. Message simplified: fuck them, fuck religious, dogmatic freaks and know them by what they say "reality is fake and gods bless tRump."

Cliffy B. - Still An Asshole
And his little dog-turd Mark Rein too.

Hur Hur Hur

Followed immediately by "dur, dur, dur".

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Donald Trump, portrayed in a new book as a leader who doesn't understand the weight of his office, took to Twitter on Saturday to defend his mental fitness and boast about his intelligence, saying he is "like, really smart" and "a very stable genius."

Yes Dickhead, you smart. You very smart. So smart. Big smart. Best smart. Great!