My accusation makes it real. Fire her.

After an adult film star was accused of rape, the editor of an online magazine dedicated to pop culture and relationships has pulled his sex column.[..]

It's a familiar pattern in cases of sexual assault: woman makes accusation, man denies it. But it was enough for Amelia McDonnell-Parrey, editor-in-chief of online magazine The Frisky, to discontinue her working relationship with Deen, who contributed to a sex column on the site.[..]

"I knew our relationship with him had to end simply due to the fact that if someone is accused of rape, regardless of the truth, they are no longer the right person to be giving sex advice," said McDonnell-Parrey. (BBC)

Seriously? Amelia Cunty-Parrey YOU are what's wrong with feminism, you are PRECISELY what gives it a bad name. Guilty based on what... a TWEET? From a former COWORKER? Uh huh. No. See that's not how it works. Banning someone without even listening to their defense merely takes the rape-victimization and turns it the other way, proving once again that TWO WRONGS DON'T MAKE IT RIGHT.

And the justification that "your site focuses on believing women" in NO WAY justifies a knee jerk reaction. Suspend him till it's reviewed? Sure. But excluding someone without giving them a chance? That makes you a Tali-bitch with the turban and beard on the wrong end.

Fuck you Amelia, you've ruined it for everyone. Please quit. And also because of the kinkajou.


It's not his sentiments that matter, it's his expression of "I'm in your face and fuck off if you don't agree." I'm sorry, but this is America where not only are we allowed to disagree but we're also entitled to it.

HAMILTON, Ga., Nov. 25 (UPI) -- A Georgia sheriff said a "politically incorrect" sign promoting Christian greetings outside his department is meant to "stir people's belief and patriotism."

Harris County Sheriff Mike Jolley said he used his own money to pay for the sign, which reads: "WARNING: Harris County is politically incorrect. We say: Merry Christmas, God Bless America and In God We Trust. We salute our troops and our flag. If this offends you... LEAVE!"

People are entitled to agree as they are entitled to be offended. But being an aggressive bully about your opinions and shoving those opinions in visitors faces is both Un-American and Un-Christian. Going "rah, rah, rah, this is MY town and FUCK everyone else" is only a hair away from open discrimination against anyone who believes and acts differently.

And if someone is offended and chooses not to leave? It's basically law enforcement-sanctioned incitement to murder.

Mike, you're an asshole. If you WERE an actual Christian you might try and act like Jesus, who NEVER told ANYONE to leave. Regardless of what they believed in. You're just a tea pot dictator. Emphasis on the dick.


You can hear the sniggering denials already "Oh we only *said* we hated Planned Parenthood, we'd never support ACTUAL violence against clinics." No, just political, verbal and financial violence.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) -- A gunman who opened fire inside a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic was arrested Friday after engaging in gun battles with authorities during an hours-long standoff that killed three people and wounded nine others, officials said.

This guy expects, and probably will become, a conservative hero. Blasting away with NRA sanctioned guns against women in a clinic, of course he was saving babies. From Mama Bear's crosshairs, to murdered doctors, conservative America sees no wrongs in just blastin' th' bejeezus out of someone you disagree with. Even better if you can be pretty sure that the other person won't bast back.

I'm calling it now: conservatives will say it "wasn't their fault" BUT "they can understand why" such violence took place. Of fucking course they can, they started it.


Why do we, meaning all humans, permit a culture that degrades half the population?

Female genital mutilation is practiced in more than half of African countries. It entails the complete or partial removal of the external genitalia of women and girls for nonmedical reasons. (AP)

As is the case with many child brides, beatings and rape were common in her new marital home. After a number of failed escape attempts, she finally made it over a fence and ran to the nearest police station. She then filed charges for the case that would become the first criminal prosecution of child marriage in South Africa (AP)

Think this misogyny is limited to the third world? Not hardly.

When Holly Brockwell spoke to the BBC about her decision not to have children, she knew she might be criticised on social media. But the attacks went far beyond what she had expected - accusations of selfishness soon turned into vitriolic abuse that made her deactivate her Twitter account.(BBC)

Part of the problem is that women and men are different. Women are smaller, less threatening, they can have babies. It's all of that and more than makes them targets for hatred and abuse.

And the worst part about it is that everyone seems to think that it's ok.

For those that speak out about their feelings the reaction is immediate. How DARE you not accept your status! How DARE you not want to have babies! How DARE you make up your own mind, accept your own body, speak up for what you believe in! Whole cultures revolve around controlling and suppressing women, going so far as to cage women from everyone because MEN might be TEMPTED. And somehow some guy thinking perverted thoughts is the woman's fault.

The internet hasn't made it better, in fact it's made it easier to blame, harass, target, libel, hate... Now anyone can reach out to anyone else and sling as hard and nasty as possible because sitting behind that keyboard and monitor in your own house is so much easier and safer than trying to actually say it to their faces. And even if they do find a woman face to face, why talk? It's easier to throw acid.

Ms Ponce had acid thrown into her face by a neighbour causing burns to almost a third of her body.

The neighbour, Jonathan Vega, had become obsessed with her and plotted the attack after she had rejected his advances.

He was arrested shortly after the attack. His trial is currently held up by his refusal to undergo a psychiatric exam. (Columbia - BBC)

The controversy began when news emerged from Pernambuco, a poor state in the north-east of Brazil, that a nine-year-old girl who had been raped was pregnant with twins.

It is alleged that she had been sexually abused for years by her stepfather, who is also suspected of sexually assaulting an older disabled sister. He is now in prison.

Public interest in the case soared when the local Catholic archbishop tried to block the girl from having an abortion. (BBC)

I don't understand why equality, liberty and freedom are only things a man should have. Thanksgiving? No. Not really. Not until women have the same rights and freedoms as the other humans on this planet.

?Feminism is the radical notion that women are human beings.? - Cheris Kramarae


Hey look, not only is he a greedy shitbag but we can add "lying" to that as well...

NEW YORK, Nov. 25 (UPI) -- Despite a promise from its chief executive two months ago, Turing Pharmaceuticals said Wednesday it has decided to keep the price of an anti-infection drug high -- a sustained increase that generated a national outcry among patients this summer.[..]

The hike took the cost of Daraprim from about $13 per tablet to $750 per tablet -- a 5,000 percent increase. The change meant treatment for patients rose from about $1,100 to nearly $65,000 per year.

Critics slammed the company for escalating the cost of a drug that's been available since 1953 -- a drug that's a necessary treatment for millions of patients worldwide.

Turing CEO Martin Shkreli, also a former Wall Street hedge fund manager, defended the increase at the time.[..]

Following nationwide criticism, however, Shkreli pledged to lower the price of the drug to make it more affordable to patients. Wednesday, though, Turing appeared to have changed its mind -- and stated its belief that lowering the drug's list price wouldn't have much impact on the medicine's affordability.[..]

Instead, the Swiss biopharmaceutical company said it wants to focus on making Daraprim affordable to hospitals and other medical facilities since that is typically where most patients first receive the treatment. For certain medical facilities, the company said, that 5,000 percent increase will be cut to a 2,500 percent increase.

So here it is: "Let's wait until the shitstorm blows over" strategy isn't going to work here because Shkreli's status on the "asshole-greedbag" scale is firmly pegged. Literally making money off the suffering of others he tried to justify it, and failed, then lied about dropping the price, and was found out.

Bottom line, Shkreli and Turing represents the worst of the worst. Possibly even lower than daesh. Yes, that low. This is the kind of guy that makes Scrooge seem like a Good Samaritan.

Fuck you shitbag-Shkreli, fuck you. I hope you fucking choke on your profits and your salary.


Anyone else get the bitter irony in the name of a group that hates women to death?

n a recent letter, National Right to Life warned senators they'd include votes on the bill in their annual rating of lawmakers, which influences many conservative voters.

"The pro-life vote is to pass the bill for the sake of defunding Planned Parenthood - no excuses," they wrote.

In an interview, Right to Life chief lobbyist Douglas Johnson said Rubio, Cruz and Lee all have lifetime ratings of 100 percent from the group. In what seemed an unspoken reference to the Cruz-Rubio rivalry for the GOP nomination, Johnson said a lawmaker opposing the bill would lose that perfect score "and would thereby be distinguished from other senators" who score 100 percent.

Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the anti-abortion Susan B. Anthony List, wrote that Rubio's and Cruz's votes would be "a test of their leadership" showing how as president either would "immediately take a sledge hammer" to the health law and Planned Parenthood. (AP)

Marjorie you fucking whore... Actually I just wanted to say that because that's precisely how I feel about a woman who can live comfortably enough to deny other women their rights and freedom from unwanted pregnancy. The whole "right to life" drips hate and blood in a way that defies the humanity of women who can't afford to be pregnant and children who will suffer and die from neglect and abuse.

I also like the threats and mafioso-style strong arm tactics that must be levied against those who don't do their bidding. Funny how those who are "god fearing" and "value life" resort to the same evil that results in terror. The idea that people should be allowed to live their lives as they want isn't permissible.

Right to hate. I suppose they can have that.


I go to Planet Fitness. Barring all the cutesy jargon and the purple and yellow, its a nice gym. It has nice, well maintained machines and it's relatively clean. The facility itself is an enjoyable; its the fellow members that are a challenge.

I am used to grungy, bear bones kinda of gyms. I was used to adapting. But we all were. If someone was doing multiple sets and I was doing just one it was cool to ask to work in a set. Fellow members understood that it was a waste to let the equipment just sit there like some glorified stool between sets. Sometimes they even offered to spot if it was helpful for that particular exercise.

At slick, polished Planet Fitness, the fellow members are self-absorbed jackasses. If I ask to work in a set, I get a snarky "I only have one more" or a look like I'm from another planet. I'm sure I started working out when some of these twits were shitting in their diapers. Working in a set is a long held custom. The alternative to the twit sitting fiddling with their phone "between sets" is the machine saver who leaves person items scattered around the gym on various pieces like a toddler leaves toys all over the house.

Honestly, I'd like to drop a dumbbell on the foot of some of these jackasses. Or I might get more satisfaction "oopsing" on their beloved cell phone. I wonder what they would do between sets, then.

I'm just bitching here. I realize that these self-absorbed twits will not change. I realize that I will continue to be annoyed. I realize I will continue to be annoying to them when I ask to work in a set. Maybe I will just have to envision pulverizing their cellphones and that will bring a smile to my face.


Carson is such a riot. He honestly believes there's a "President for Dummies" book that will make it all better.

Referring to critics, Carson said Sunday at a meeting of about 400 eastern Iowa GOP activists: "They say 'Carson doesn't know anything about foreign affairs.'"

Carson pointed to the continuing medical education all physicians are required to obtain as a sign of his capacity to learn, and said he would seek help from advisers.(AP)

OJT isn't for neurosurgeons. There's a difference between TRAINING and DOING. Continuing training is fine if you don't actually try the new techniques without experience first. It's not like you can just read a book about being a neurosurgeon and then just go do it. Being president is like doing surgery around the clock - YOU DON'T GET TO MAKE MISTAKES. There's no "oops" moment (although "W" had plenty, we saw how well that worked.)

Sorry buddy, you DON'T have the experience. Stick to medicine. But not in my state. Thanks.


Cloudflare doesn't care whom they serve so long as the cash is green.

Hacker group Anonymous said CloudFlare is helping the IS by protecting against distributed denial of service, or DDoS, attacks, which aim to overwhelm a website with traffic so it collapses. Such attacks have been popular among hackers associated with Anonymous.[..]

CloudFlare CEO Matthew Price shot back, calling the harsh words "hard to take seriously" and "absurd." He said hosting content on the company's network should not be considered an endorsement, but it's not company philosophy to stop providing service to websites just because they may be disagreeable (UPI)

So there you go, Price has a price and that's the bottom line. He'd have kept Himmler's Nazi blog up and running if it were WWII, because "it's not company philosophy to stop providing service to websites just because they may be disagreeable."


Cloudflare is shit and Matt Price is a shitbag. They are horrible people, not just making money off of evil, but actually SUPPORTING it. Fuck you Matt. Fuck you for supporting terrorists. Fuck you for everyone that's been recruited, everyone that's read their propaganda, everyone who feels empowered by their online message. Fuck you scumbag.


I'd accuse her of being a man in drag, but drag queens are fine people, Marjorie Dannenfelser is just a woman-hating Madam who wants to use the plight of poor women to gain power and attention for herself.

Judas-bitch. If you hate abortion so fucking much DON'T HAVE ONE. But don't think to impose your will on others, whore.


Texas likes to think that lying openly is the same thing as telling the truth. Thing is, everyone KNOWS that closing abortion clinics result in more harm to women. Thing is, Texas doesn't fucking CARE.

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 18 (UPI) -- A study at the University of Texas found a sharp increase in the number of attempted self-induced abortions in Texas after laws were passed there restricting access to clinical abortions and abortion-inducing medications.

Oh the irony. Texas says it's "protecting" women by forcing clinics to close. It's really hard to understand how such baldfaced bullshit can even be said with a straight face. forcing women into self-administering medications, or worse, obviously isn't PROTECTING anyone.

The two numbers gave researchers a high-end estimate of 4.1 percent of Texas women who'd tried to end a pregnancy without a doctor, leading to a range of 100,000 to 240,000 women who'd made an attempt.

The most common method of trying to induce an abortion was taking a medication, however some women also reported the use of herbs or alternative medicines, alcohol or illicit drug use, hormonal pills, or getting hit or punched in the abdomen.

So there you go: the real effect of Texas policies results in dangerous or even potentially fatal actions taken by desperate women. That's how Texas really supports women.

I have a better idea - why not just make suicide legal? After all, it's not hard to find a gun in Texas.


When presented with an opportunity to ensure that accurate information is presented to students Texas says NO FUCKING WAY. What a surprise.

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) -- Top Texas education officials rejected Wednesday letting university experts fact-check textbooks approved for use in public-school classrooms statewide, instead reaffirming a vetting system that has helped spark years of ideological battles over how potentially thorny lessons in history and science are taught.

It really doesn't get any more obvious that Texas politicians fear facts. They fear accurate and expert opinions. They would much rather perpetuate comfy lies and half-truths because it's "their way".

Rather than allowing academics to intervene, the board voted unanimously to tweak its current system, mandating that review panels be made up of "at least a majority" of people with "sufficient content expertise and experience" as determined by the Texas education commissioner.

"I think we're making it stronger and better and more expert than in the past," said Marty Rowley, an Amarillo Republican. San Antonio Republican Ken Mercer called the system "the best in America."

And Ken is a perfect example of "Hurr, hurr, I'm stupid and I like it. Everyone should be like me." I'd love to hear how PREVENTING subject matter experts from reviewing material makes anything stronger or better. In fact I'd love to see Kennyboy fly in a plane NOT made by experts but by people who had "sufficient content expertise and experience". That would be pure hilarity, AND it would kill two birds with one stone.

Texas is sad and stupid. It's only going to stay that way. Maybe we can get Mexico to take them back? For a discount?


Diane Foley is in a sad situation, but she neglects to consider the fact that it was her son that made the ultimate decision. Not the US government.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The mother of American journalist James Foley, who was beheaded by Islamic State militants last year, demanded proof on Tuesday that U.S. policy not to negotiate with terrorists is saving American lives and decreasing the rate the U.S. citizens are being captured.

"I recognize that it is complex because we certainly don't want to fund terrorists," Diane Foley told a House subcommittee. "But is it wise to not even engage these people? ... Then we don't know what's going on. Then we don't know what they want. We don't know who they are. I just think we need to be a lot shrewder."

James Foley, 40, went to Syria in 2012 to cover escalating violence there. He was captured in November 2012 when the car he was riding in was stopped by four militants in a battle zone that Sunni rebel fighters and government forces were trying to control. He was beheaded in a video released by the militant group in August 2014.

It was clearly a BIG risk, with the potential for a BIG payoff. Anything that James would have documented was certain to become news, but the price for that risk was capture and execution. Of course the US government told its citizens NOT to go, not to take the risk, but James went anyway. And, sorry but it's true, his mother didn't manage to stop him either.

When it comes to decision making I would expect that the weight of a mother's opinions would be far more than a missive from the State Department, but there are times when we ignore our parents because... just because. It's horrible and sad that James was murdered, but HE KNEW THE RISK and so did his parents. Asking the US government to reverse policy and fund kidnappers doesn't make a lot of sense. We're already targets for PR sake, paying off ransoms would only add to the risk, making the radius of risk even larger.

Sorry Diane, you're not entitled to proof. I'm also sorry your son didn't believe the risk. Or maybe he did and felt it was worth his life. Dunno, but you're wrong and your chance to make a difference is long gone. Now you just have to live with it.


2015 and blaming the victim is still a winning tactic in sexual assualt cases.

CHICAGO (AP) -- A U.S. judge acquitted a Pakistani physician of all charges stemming from allegations he inappropriately touched a girl traveling alone on an American Airlines flight from New York City to Chicago.

Both Muhammad Asif Chaudhry, 57, and the school-aged girl took the stand during the two-day bench trial in Chicago. Chaudhry testified that any contact there might have been was inadvertent.

According to the complaint, the girl had been seated next to a window with no one in the two seats to her left, when Chaudhry moved up a row and sat in one of those seats. At one point, the girl fell asleep with her legs on a seat between them, then awoke to feel Chaudhry legs intertwined with hers under a blanket

So changing seats to sit next to a young girl and then slithering his legs between hers under a blanket is "inadvertent"? Seems more like the judge was encouraged to free the good doctor because it might cause a political scandal with Pakistan.

Men from that region are shitbags. The odds are VERY good that Muhmmy knew EXACTLY what he was doing - getting a few jollies from imposing on a young girl that was seated alone. I'm willing to put good money on the fact that since he will be leaving the US the judge was amenable to dismissing the charges and letting the guy go.

Because hey, it's only a young girl's emotions that were injured here. Not international policy.


Empowered by the conservative war on women, Catholic leaders in the US want to use the same strategy against gays.

Some bishops said they were committed to reversing the U.S. Supreme Court same-sex marriage ruling last June. Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City, Kansas, said a concerted effort was needed to "build a consensus" to do so. As a model, he pointed to new state laws that have made it harder to obtain an abortion, even as the procedure remains legal nationwide.

"I don't think because five Supreme Court justices changed the public policy on such a fundamental issue that we should just accept it. I think we have to be as strong as we have on the pro-life issue," Naumann said at the gathering of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in Baltimore.(AP)

So once again we see religion being used as a tool to exclude and expose differences rather than heal and bring together. It's not surprising that the backlash against a progressive, inclusive Pope is being mandated by dickheads who detest change. They sense a weakening of their own power over the masses, especially with their recent exposure as abusers or shielding abuse. Nope, it's a rolling back to the dark ages, as far as they can take it, not giving a flying fuck if it means smaller and smaller numbers of "faithful".

At least Joe was honest about pro-life being about hurting women, not helping them. None of that "in the best interest of the woman" bullshit. Nope, it's just clear cut: "we managed to make life harder for women who want abortions, now we need to do the same for gays who want the legal protections of marriage."

Oh and also Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano is a manipulative asshole. He set the Pope up and never looked back. Hopefully the Pope will remember this douche and take some nice little action to end this fucker's career advancement possibilities.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, the Vatican's U.S. ambassador who was behind Francis' controversial meeting with Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who briefly went to jail rather than comply with a court order to issue same-sex marriage licenses.

What was it that Satan said? Something about it being better to rule in Hell then change your fucking mind and love your fellow human? Yeah, something like that.


Islam today is a failure. I choose to define failure based on the number of enlightened followers who perform positive acts, giving *to* humanity, rather than taking *from*. Islam is a failure because those who practice harm more than help and those "in charge" are guilty themselves of enabling the hate, violence and fear that results.

Remember when Catholics and Protestants used to kill each other whenever and wherever they could? Remember Bloody Mary and Northern Ireland? See the thing about that is they mostly kept their killing to each other. Protestants didn't go to Rome to shoot up the Pope and Catholics didn't bomb Anglicans in the US. They kept it to themselves.

Muslims can't seem to keep their violence to themselves. They fight everyone. They fight Jews and Christians, Buddhists and each other. Muslim leaders preach hate and murder against those who are ALSO muslim but not THEIR version. And it's the main reason why the fertile crescent is the shithole it is today.

Hate. Hate against other cultures. Hate against women. Hate against music and humor. Hate against art. Hate against history. Hate against freedom of speech. Hate for hate sake because hate is power.

Islam is a failure because those who practice it and those who preach it neglect to foster understanding, and tolerance, AND because they do nothing to stop violence against others. If the muslim world wants to change this then THEY will have to stop hating, and using hate as a tool. It will mean the end of wars between nations, between genders, between cultures.

Alternatively they can hate themselves to death for all I care. Murder is a crime. But it's less criminal if you keep it to yourselves.


Et la solidarité. Pour tout.