Warren Buffett needs a hug. Badly.

WASHINGTON, March 3 (UPI) -- Warren Buffett, one of the world's richest men, says Sen. Elizabeth Warren's criticism of Wall Street is too aggressive.

The 85-year-old chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway told CNBC's Squawk Box Monday that the Massachusetts Democrat is "angry" and "demonizing."

"I think that she would do better if she was less angry and demonizing," he said (via Business Insider). "I believe in 'hate the sin but love the sinner,'" he said. "And I'm not sure that I've fully convinced Elizabeth Warren that that's the way to go."

Yep, That Liz, who the HELL does she think she is? A guy? Gettin' all uppity and loud about her opinions. That shit's for teh MENS only. See, no one thinks Cruz is angry when he yells and screams about his views, or when Rand Paul goes fetal after a POTUS address. No, because that's ok, because they're, well, MEN. And it's ok to be frothing-at-the-mouth angry fist-pounding, head-banging, woman-shaming, minority-blaming angry.

But Warren, well, she's a woman AND a dem. Where the HELL does she get off acting like a conservative man eh?

Must be the menopause talking.


You three are disgusting. You should pack your fucking bags and leave the country.

BOISE, Idaho (AP) -- Three lawmakers refused to attend the Idaho Senate's daily invocation after objecting to the offering of a Hindu prayer.

Rajan Zed, guest chaplain, gave a lengthy prayer in both English and Sanskrit on Tuesday that focused on selflessness and peace. Senators from both sides of the aisle shook his hand and thanked him for coming.[..]

Nuxoll says she declined to attend because she believes the United States is a Christian nation.

"Hindu is a false faith with false gods," she said. "I think it's great that Hindu people can practice their religion but since we're the Senate, we're setting an example of what we, Idaho, believe."

Nuxoll added that she wished the Senate had conducted a Christian prayer along with the Hindu invocation.

Vick had announced his objections the day before, saying that he would ask his colleagues to join him.

Den Hartog said it would've been disingenuous to her Christian faith to attend.

The three of you are the WORST example of what America claims for lawmakers; racist, delusional, exclusionary, and most of all WRONG. First, to Little-Miss-Ima-Twat Nuxoll, AMERICA IS NOT A CHRISTIAN NATION. I'll remind you, as well as your slime-dripping brethren, that your ancestors came here as did everyone else's. America is MULTICULTURAL, we're Jews, Christians, Muslims, Druids, Wiccans, Universalists and a whole lot fucking MORE than your insular little view might believe. It boggles my mind that shitbags like you could be elected to represent EVERYONE in your district AND the fact that you couldn't learn from the dignity of your peers.

None of you understand what America is or what this nation stands for. All your feeble minds are capable of is hate, intolerance and disrespect.

Fuck you. Fuck you, you dickless drip Steve Vick. Fuck you, you rancid cunt bag Sheryl Nuxoll. And Fuck you, you smegma scraping Lori Den Hartog. Fuck you all.


The mother of Mohammed Emwazi has said she immediately recognised his voice when she heard him on a hostage video released by Islamic State.[..]

Emwazi, from west London, who is also known as "Jihadi John", has been named as the man in several IS videos where hostages have been beheaded.

He first appeared in a video last August, when he apparently killed the US journalist James Foley.

Intelligence officials in Kuwait are believed to have questioned his mother and father in the past day. (BBC)

Every sane person cares what their mother thinks of them. Mo knows now that his parents think the worst of what he's done. As, of course, does the rest of the world. So the question is: is he man enough to drop the disguise and stand up for his inhumane and repugnant actions or not? I'm thinking not, or he'd have done it to begin with. He tried to hide behind his mask, but mask or no, a mother will recognize their child. Even when that child is murdering and killing and taking pride in being a monster.

Muslims "radicals" are little boys with real guns. They act like ill behaved children, smashing, killing, stealing and violating every rule of adulthood a good parent would have taught them. And this failure haunts families forever. Mo might think he's standing up for what he believes in. Unfortunately all he's really done is criminalize his parents, making them the punching bag for his crimes.

You're supposed to love your parents regardless of religion. Only monsters can't love their mothers.


Dunno. Don't care. Moving on.


You know I used to give Shatner the benefit of the doubt, that he wasn't really as douchey as everyone said. Turns out everyone was right, William Shatner IS a used douchebag.

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 28 (UPI) -- William Shatner announced via Twitter he will not be able to attend the funeral of his longtime friend and Star Trek co-star Leonard Nimoy.

"I am currently in FL as I agreed to appear at the Red Cross Ball tonight. Leonard's funeral is tomorrow. I can't make it back in time," Shatner tweeted Saturday.

"I feel really awful. Here I am doing charity work and one of my dearest friends is being buried," he said. "So let's spend some time tomorrow celebrating Leonard's life and remembering the man."

No really Bill, you think anyone is buying that? You don't think that ONLY funeral for your co-actor and history-maker is more important than a gig? You don't think they'd understand if you left early or cancelled?

Guy Bill, you really ARE a shitstain. It's hard to imagine how bitter and angry you must be that Leonard got a part in the last two Trek movies but being stupid and petty about it at a funeral ISN'T the way to express yourself.

Ya know T.J. Hooker was a stupid show right? And everyone KNOWS you wear a toupee. Good luck with the rest of your life Bill, oh yeah and fuck you too.


Place: San Franciso
Time: Beautiful sunny day
Who: man in a minivan and a man on a bicycle

Man on bicycle is traveling in a bicycle lane. Man driving minivan comes along side, quickly turns on signal and crosses in front of the bicycle off to get into a parking spot. Man on bicycle smacks the back of the van. Man in van jumps out and has a meltdown. See it on youtube here.

The opinions on the interwez are all over the place. To me, the guy in the van was a douche. He cut the bike off. And I'm from "car is king" New York.

Its a bike lane. A lane is a lane. If you want in that lane you put on your signal and WAIT for traffic in that lane to let you in. Your fucking blinker doesn't give you a right to the lane, its a request. Sure, sometimes its a request followed by a nudge if there is enough room, but it is still a request.

If it was a car lane, the asshole in the minivan may have been exchanging insurance cards or calling a cop to file a report. If a bicyclist gets hit, he/she may wind up in the hospital or worse.

Better yet, image this video with the minivan as the bike and tractor trailer as the minivan. I wonder how minivan jerk-off would react if he were in the right lane and a tractor trailer to the left of him threw on its signal and promptly changed lanes and stopped. Think his minivan may have become a convertible if his reflexes weren't quite as good as the bicyclist's? I think there is a distinct possibility.


Maybe it really IS better to just let them kill themselves on the road.

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) -- It's an effort that even the bill's sponsor acknowledges is poor timing.

Just two days after a 75-vehicle pileup injured at least 17 people in the state, lawmakers in Maine are considering legislation that would allow adults to opt out of wearing seat belts.[..]

"It's very unfortunate timing that we're discussing this particular legislation two days after the 75-car pileup that took place on I-95," Brakey said.

The Republican from Auburn acknowledged that people should wear seat belts and said he hopes the accident serves as a reminder of the importance to do so. But said he believes the mandate infringes on people's freedom to make personal decisions.

Really? Don't want to infringe on personal decisions? Then why suicide is illegal?



Yeah no big deal to THEM in DC if the poor slobs in DHS don't get paid. Because PRINCIPLES are more important than feeding a hard working American and their family.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Republican leaders eager to avert a partial government shutdown are getting heat from conservative colleagues who ask what the fuss is all about.

Numerous House Republicans say it's preferable to let the Homeland Security Department go unfunded for a few days, at least, if that's the cost of undoing a White House immigration policy they consider unlawful. These lawmakers say the impact on national security would be minimal, as would the political risks.

"Shutting down" the agency known as DHS "is a set of words that don't really have the meaning that people attribute to it," said Republican Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama. "There was hardly any effect whatsoever on the Department of Homeland Security from the last shutdown, and I would anticipate a similar effect this time."

So now we know just how family-centric conservative politicians are. Basically they couldn't force their way through the democratic process so now they've resorted to the same anarchistic methods of throwing a tantrum and refusing to allow ANYONE to govern until either they get their way or the threat of personal harm from the angry public gets too great. For now bullying the personnel who defend and protect America's land and sea borders are just so much collateral in their quest to prove themselves.

Seems as if they didn't learn much from last time.

Mo and Curly are fuckheads. This is probably what every uniformed member of DHS is thinking right now. Of course that's right after they wonder how they're going to pay their rent, daycare, food, heat, gas and debts. My thought is that those representatives should share the burden of their idealistic ways and not get paid either, not until the situation gets resolved. It's pretty easy not to feel the pinch of a shutdown when it's not your ass in the sling.

Of course their "spoiled child tantrum" method of governing isn't without backlash. It might be noted that the last time this happened the name "Tea Party" fell from favor with such alacrity that it has about vanished from the political spectrum, even if the ideals and idiots behind them are still going strong.

Keep it up guys. Pulling these stunts just before the next Presidential election is a GREAT way to remind America who you're really working for. Because it sure the fuck ain't us.

"It does not make any difference whether the funding is for three weeks, three months or a full fiscal year. If it's illegal, it's illegal," said Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala.

Know what should be "illegal" Mo? Your fucking stupidity. In fact it's downright criminal.


You of all people shouldn't be siding with the misogynists. You're making me cry.

Brianna Wu, cofounder of the Boston video game studio Giant Spacekat, has pulled her company off the exhibition floor at next month's event because of safety concerns for the five other women who work with her.

Last week, Wu said in a blog post that PAX organizers had ignored her repeated attempts over several weeks to discuss security measures.

"I just wanted visible security nearby, which is completely reasonable," Wu added in an interview. "I haven't backed down from these threats for two seconds, but if something happened to my team, God forbid, that would be on me."

Other developers said the withdrawal of Giant Spacekat reinforces a cold reality of gaming culture: that many male players would prefer a frat- house environment where women appear only as pixelated sex objects. To some, PAX East feels like a celebration of this culture.

Executives at Penny Arcade, the group that stages the expo, declined to discuss their handling of Wu's complaints, instead issuing a general statement stressing that "the safety of our attendees, panelists, and exhibitors is the number one priority for PAX." (Boston Globe)

Penny Arcade has for eons now taken the side of the underdog in all things gaming, mostly online but sometimes otherwise as well. Suddenly with this misstep it seems as if everything they stood for, all the cartoons with Tycho's niece Annarchy, are merely lip service. It's as if the series where Ann fights the zombie hordes in the mall (Armadeaddon: Blade Princess) is an honest reflection of reality: Ann is let down by her beau in the face of ravening mobs and has to fight it out on her own. Maybe that's what was expected of Brianna, to rush to the defense of her team, blade swinging, gibbs flying.

Whatever, it's a massive let-down.

I suppose there comes a time when money and policy become more important to a business than ethics and pride. I guess we know that Penny Arcade has reached that point. #$ellout.


And he shouldn't be involved in any sort of public service whatsoever.

HUNT COUNTY, Texas, Feb. 26 (UPI) -- A North Texas volunteer firefighter is being investigated after allegedly shooting two dogs who wandered onto his property and then posting a photo on Facebook.

Tim Conatser, the firefighter, posted a photo of two dogs apparently shot to death with the caption, "Somebody didn't put any truth my warning. Keep your damn dogs on your property."[..]

The Hunt County fire department said they do not claim responsibility for what Conaster allegedly did.

"This is an individual that's a volunteer with our department," Union Valley Volunteer Fire Department's chief Edward Ragsdale said. "We can't be responsible for his actions when he's off duty."

The solution was simple: call animal services. But no, Tim thought he'd just take a gun and kill them. Really? This is a guy who's supposed to save lives, even pets, and he just takes a gun and shoots a hapless pair of dogs to death?

Edward Ragsdale, you need to reconsider your position. If Tim was doing porn on his free time would you feel the same way about how his behavior reflects on your department? This isn't any different.


Like it's really that hard. Just tell them what they want to hear.

OXON HILL, Md. (AP) -- As Florida's governor, Jeb Bush was among the nation's most conservative state chief executives. He's quietly embarking on work to convince the right flank of the Republican Party that he would be that same kind of conservative in the White House.

Eight years removed from office, Bush is viewed by some conservatives as a squishy moderate: a member of the GOP's most established family with toxic positions on immigration and education standards.

Having trouble impressing the drooling herds of mindless conservo-zombies? It's easy-peasy. Just repeat the following lines ad nauseum:





Um, yeah?

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - A South Korean court on Thursday abolished a 62-year-old law that criminalized extramarital affairs, and the stock price of a prominent condom maker immediately shot up 15 percent.


It's hard to believe that someone this ignorant not only lives in our nation but actually participates in running it. We're talking LOSER with a capital "L".

BOISE, Idaho (AP) -- An Idaho lawmaker received a brief lesson on female anatomy after asking if a woman can swallow a small camera for doctors to conduct a remote gynecological exam.

The question Monday from Republican state Rep. Vito Barbieri came as the House State Affairs Committee heard nearly three hours of testimony on a bill that would ban doctors from prescribing abortion-inducing medication through telemedicine.

Barbieri later said that the question was rhetorical and intended to make a point.

Oh you made a point alright. You made it quite clearly. You're a total ignoramus who thinks that a woman's esophagus is directly attached to her uterus. Well I *can* kind of understand that since your dick is clearly attached rather directly to your brain.

Also a message to the woman-hating, anti-abortion crowd: STOP SAYING THAT YOU'RE TRYING TO PROTECT WOMEN BY ELIMINATING THEIR RIGHTS. I guess lying isn't a sin when it comes to stomping all the fuck over a woman's privacy with her doctor. Fuck you and Fuck off.


When borrowing your a device from someone for a quick look-up *always* open a new tab. Never re-purpose a tab they already have open. That's just rude. It's like asking someone for a drink of water in their kitchen and then taking the cup they are still drinking from.

Yes, then can always go back through their history (assuming it's not disabled) but please, if someone is kind enough to loan you their system then please be polite enough to return it in the same state it was loaned.


Because her understanding of medicine and medical treatments is sketchy at best. Not someone I'd want taking care of my family that's for damn sure.

"I have the right to decide what to put into my child's body," said Heather Dillard, a mom in Springfield, Missouri, who is also a registered nurse. "Nobody has the right to put toxic chemicals into my son's bloodstream. That's taking my rights away, and it's very scary to me."

Dillard said she decided against vaccinating because her first child was born a preemie and has autism. Dillard does not believe vaccines caused the autism, but the disease led her to do a lot of research about health. She says she now chooses to build her son's immunity naturally, through diet, while avoiding shots or other medication. (AP)

Heather should not be in the health care profession. She doesn't believe in its basic principles. Further, she has a little germ sponge at home, which increases risk to anyone SHE might see as a nurse.

You have a right? I'm sorry, you don't have a right to decide to expose OTHER people to a disease. Nor do you get to leach off everyone else's immunity. If you really think that diet is enough to prevent serious diseases then please, head on over to Africa or Pakistan and show them how. They sure could use the help.


You gotta love Oklahoma. They want to make sure that kids from their state aren't competitive with their peers. What a nice way to say "no, please, after you". Or, if you like, "Durrr, hur, hur, we lahk' 'em dumb cuz it makes 'em stupid." Your choice.

TULSA, Okla., Feb. 18 (UPI) -- Oklahoma lawmakers overwhelmingly voted to ban Advanced Placement classes in U.S. history, saying the curriculum emphasizes "what is bad about America" and doesn't teach "American exceptionalism."[..]

Fisher, who belongs to the church-and-state group The Black Robe Society, proposed alterations to the curriculum that would require the study of several expected documents such as the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Gettysburg Address.

However, the proposed curriculum also has a religious and conservative leaning, including the study of the Ten Commandments and two Christian sermons. It excludes speeches from every Democratic president since Lyndon B. Johnson, but does include three speeches from President Reagan and one from President George W. Bush.

A student's petition protesting the bill has garnered more than 8,200 signatures since the bill passed Tuesday.

It's hard to imagine just how stupid this asshole must be. Removing an AP class ensures that any college that requires those credits won't be seeing kids from Oklahoma. American Excellence? I'm sorry that's NOT how school works. You teach the good AND the bad, you teach what works and what doesn't. You don't get to edit out the parts you don't like and substitute religious fantasy for actual history. Sorry. Not to mention "Black Robe Society"? For real? Buncha guys in hoods deciding stuff because they have cool robes? Hilarity. Either people in Ok are total inbred sheep-fuckers or their political system is rigged in favor of racists and fundies. Either way, something is way fucked in that state.

Long term, however, they'll have little or no influence over the US and their economy will roll back into the stone age. Still they're not alone. Replacing historical fact with propaganda is pretty popular. In North Korea. Next up maybe we can expect 300 slogans on the glory of Oklahoma, mushrooms and grits.


Giuliani seems to have forgotten that there are basic rules in our society. Slandering someone, especially when that someone is a publicly elected official, like say OUR PRESIDENT, isn't cool. By any standard. Pre-election rhetoric or no.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Democrats on Thursday assailed former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani for questioning President Barack Obama's love of country, and urged the potential field of Republican presidential candidates to rebuke him for his comments.

Giuliani said at a New York City event on Wednesday night, "I know this is a horrible thing to say, but I do not believe that the president loves America."

"He doesn't love you. And he doesn't love me. He wasn't brought up the way you were brought up and I was brought up through love of this country," said Giuliani, who sought the 2008 GOP presidential nomination. His comments were reported by Politico and the New York Daily News.

Compared to this Eastwoods chair-monologue is pure artistic brilliance.

Rudy you dumb fuck, it's clear that either you're off your meds or that you can't be allowed out in public without your keeper. It's one thing to criticize the President's opinion, politics, or position. You can critique his past and his qualifications. But it's fucking right out of line, even in MY book, to claim that the President doesn't love his country because they ALL did, even dumb ol' Dub-dub thought at some level he was doing good for America.

You, on the other hand, are a total fucking tool.

I'll write it off to dementia. Hopefully they'll find you a nice, quite room in a locked unit somewhere. Because your faculties have clearly eroded to the point where you're a liability to yourself, your party and the US of A.