I'm sorry but did I hit a timewarp during my drive upstate? Because it fucking feels like the 1900's here. At any time day or night a siren will slowly crank itself up to a full wail reminiscent of nothing so much as an air raid siren. Screaming at full throttle at 3am is a joyous reminder of how being alive is a pleasure WHEN SHIT ISN'T SHATTERING YOUR MUCH-NEEDED REM. Ffs.

Ok, yeah, way the fuck back when the siren was a necessity to roust volunteer fighters and notify them where they had to be. But in 2014? I mean seriously doesn't EVERY firefighter have a cell? Doctors on call seem to do ok without a million decibel device shrieking the neighborhood into bare-knuckled bed-clutching consciousness. Why exactly are volunteer firefighters so fucking special?

"Oh Baby, I'd love to stay but the siren is calling me... I must go."
"No! Stay with me!" she breathes heavily, straining an outstretched arm towards the grease-stained levis he thrust his manly thighs into.

Yeah no. Not even.

People make fun of Upstate for a reason and this is definitely one of them. Siren for the fire-studs? Puhleeze.


In my life, the change in my perception the police has been palatable. Maybe part of that is movement from a rural community to a suburb. Maybe some of it is a factor of growing up and noticing things differently as we age. Maybe some of it is the proliferation of video evidence of things that were previously hearsay.

The police stereotypes of bullies lording power over others in an effort to maintain high school feelings of adequacy seem all too real. Those that seek the profession seem more interested in the authority and respect than the ability to protect and serve.

The common retort is that the bullies like that are the bad apples, or that the situation is never as black and white as the videos constantly make it appear. Those are both lies. Even if you assume 1% of cops are 'bad apples', the other 99% spend a lot of time covering up for them. Far too often, death by cop is ruled to be accidental or justified even when it's obviously not. Those investigations are handled by other cops in internal affairs, and the Blue Code bias is clear. Even in rare cases when the officer is found responsible, they are given slaps on the wrist while the department pays hush money settlements to the victims.

The single cop idea fails even faster when you consider that the scope of police disregard is far greater than that. While one cop can shoot a teen with flimsy justification, entire squads of police regularly bust in to homes to perform no-knock searches that have repeatedly ended with injuries and deaths of both home owners, and pets. Departments claim no culpability when they throw a flash-bang into the crib of a 3 month old infant causing it life threatening injuries.

Or on a larger scale the degree that police departments seize property on the basis that it was drug related, and use the sales of that property to fund their own expansion of power. Last year Philly seized 5.8 million dollars of property from owners, most of whom were unable to get through the labyrinthine red tape to recover it before it was sold. Most of it was also seized without any charges being filed, let alone a conviction received. In areas of the south, cops prowl the southbound lanes of highways hoping to seize drug money returning to Florida, while ignoring the drug shipments in the north lanes because the money is easier for them to seize and use. And they don't care if normal people get their legitimate money seized in the process.

Every time police departments get a new tool or toy, they want to use it. They have license plate cameras tracking your movements around town. They have devices to wiretap cell phone calls by hijacking them. They have armored cars and flak vests on par with Iraqi invasion troops. They want the right to search everyone at any time for any reason. Look to Arizona and its 'papers please' view of immigrants. Or New York's stop and frisk policy. They fight tooth and nail to use those things even when it's obvious they're racist, non-productive, or blatant violations of the 4th amendment.

Even the so called 'good ones' have a very serious hypocrisy when it comes to the use of force. They tell us they support the ACLU and want people to report 'bad cops' so they can be taken off the force. But within paragraphs, the story from that same person moves to demands that the citizenry doesn't challenge his authority, or demand to exercise their rights. To quote the douche: 'If you don't want to get shot, tased, pepper-sprayed, struck with a baton or thrown to the ground, just do what I tell you. [...] Most field stops are complete in minutes. How difficult is it to cooperate for that long?' In the space of a page of text, his support for the rights of citizens vanishes into a demand that your surrender your rights for a few minutes, just to make it easier on yourself.

It's not a bad cop. It's not even a thousand bad cops. It's a bad system. Like spitting in the soup spoils the entire batch, the entire system of police in this country is rotten. At this point, it's not even a single glob of spit in the pot anymore. In my eye, there are no 'good cops' anymore. Some are better than others, but in the end, they are marching in lockstep with the rest of the Stasi.

Guilt by stereotype has become their standard, so I will judge them by it. I treat them with the same suspicion they would a gang member in the ghetto. I don't think they're driving around to serve or protect. They're here to inflate their egos, enforce their will, and exercise their authority.

I give them the trust and respect they have earned for themselves.



Boo hoo. Tony Stewart has cloistered himself in his home all sad-like because he killed someone on the track. Someone he could have avoided but didn't. Because he likes to show off. Apparently that makes him a "Racer's Racer" or so Joe Gibbs is saying. Me? I think he's just a fucking dickhead.

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. (AP) -- Joe Gibbs is waiting for Tony Stewart to emerge from seclusion to reach out to his former driver.

Stewart has been in isolation since his car struck and killed Kevin Ward Jr. in an Aug. 8 sprint car race.

"I didn't feel like it was the right time (to call him), but we're all praying for him," Gibbs said. "We all love Tony. I love what he did for us here. We all know he's a racer's racer, and he's big for our sport."

Big for your sport? Oh you mean like BIG MONEY because everyone is going to tune in to watch Terrorist-Tony take his first laps back. It's not like he's being charged with murder or even manslaughter for killing someone he probably damn-well saw and could have avoided. Nah. Instead it was stupid piled on stupid: a known ass-tard does his "thing" causing other drivers to crack up and one of those cracked gets out to shake a fist at the offender. And gets run over. Racing isn't going to complain, because even bad news means money and Tony makes them lots. After this he's going to make them lots more.

So Tony has a case of the sads. Seems a little excessive for someone who has been defended as "innocent". To me it appears that Tony has a pretty bad case of guilty conscience something he really well deserves.

Gibbs said Stewart was a valuable member at JGR. When another employee was struggling to cover the cost of adopting a child, Stewart gave him the needed funds. He hoped as Stewart continues his recovery process, more examples of Stewart's softer side will emerge.

I hope that the media spares us all the window dressing. Tony's just an asshole, and that's not news. The only hope is that every time he gets into his car maybe the ghost of Kevin Ward Jr. will wave at him as he goes around the track. A little reminder that sometimes stupid can kill.


Particularly on the islamic assholes next door.

Islam seems like a failure these days. True, most religions seem to have problems with factions but muslims seem especially dysfunctional almost to the point of the unthinkable. I would guess that, when asked, most people outside of the region wouldn't see a problem with nuking the contested areas of Syria and Iraq. Frightening but effective. After all would the horror of an atomic bomb be really any worse than that mess that's going on now?

WWII ended with the bomb mainly because it was thought that Japan would refuse to surrender otherwise. It was guessed that the lives of those in Hiroshima and Nagasaki would amount to less than trying to invade Japan. So the question becomes, is this the same situation all over again?

As a first world nation we have lots of nukes, big ones, small ones, ones that kill people, ones that destroy property, all shapes and sizes. We worry almost daily about North Korea and Iran and what might happen if they tried to nuke us (or one of our allies). Imagine what would happen if we pulled a Dr. Strangelove and nuked first. Even I have a hard time speculating what the result would be, but I suspect that it would set the bloody radicalized abattoir that is Iraq and Syria on its head. It might also give the Afghanis a reason to pause as well. It's hard to fight over land when you can't set foot in it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating the use of atomics as a solution to jihadi-fuckwipes. I'm merely asking: what if? It's not like they wouldn't do it to us...


I got a call the other day from a friend. He wanted to know why I hadn't posted a video online. I was confused. Then he had to send me the link to the video of his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge where he challenged me to do the same. I missed it because I don't read his Facebook page. And to top it all off, he was baffled when I refused to even consider it.

I don't have a problem with charity in general, or the ALSA charity in particular. I think ALS is really terrible, and it deserves money to research for a cure. This social media campaign is funneling money to them, and that is great.

But I won't be blackmailed. Not for $5, or $100. And that's what this is. It's an attempt to shame someone into donating money that didn't offer up on their own.

I have family members affected by various diseases. I give to diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer charities. ALS is a good one, but it's not in my top 5 list when I figure out where my charity money is going at the beginning of the year. That?s not a shot against ALS research, but a commentary on the issues that have more personal impact on my life and the lives of those around me.

I?m sorry. No. I won't be blackmailed into your charity. I wish you all the luck, but I reject your challenge


The really hard part of my job is dealing with all of the people who leave. I don't understand what the real problem is, but there's a serious retention problem with where I'm at. Either people get burned out or just burned or - who knows.

We'd suspected that one of our devs was getting ready to split just because the dumbass was stupid enough to leave his chat window open during a large meeting, where he'd been talking to about being offered a position elsewhere. One of our user researchers decided to move on at the end of what amounted to a highly paid internship to work for an accounting firm, despite a large amount of involvement and enthusiasm in what she was doing here. And... then... the finance guy decided to split.

I think he was just really burned out on keeping the numbers happy for a start-up that's moving slowly.

Chances are very good that now that our finance guy has put in notice, our office admin will follow. They were pretty close office pals and one of her other office pals left about six months ago.

What the fuck is the deal? It seems like I'm always the hold-out. I'm the one who is last to put down the flag and jump the sinking ship. But is the ship sinking? I don't THINK it is. Our numbers are slightly better than last year. Our product is definitely better than last year. Our sales force is better than last year.

I at least want to make it here another two years. Then, my stock will be fully vested and whatever happens then, I can at least get a pay out of some sort. The big rub is that I absolutely love being downtown. If I start looking elsewhere, I may have to go back to the soul-less north side.

God damnit.


The two years is up, and it's time for a new phone. We hoofed it over to a small Verizon store, not the local one we usually frequent. This was pretty far away in Troy NY. As we walked in the store I thought "Oh good, the store is empty." Well it was almost empty, except for two customers being served at the counter, I mean how long can that take?

An infinite amount of time apparently.

Sale-troll #1, short, bald and vaguely reminiscent of Uncle Fester with glasses was helping an older gentleman with his new iPhone. By helping I mean hand-fucking-holding every step of the way through setup. Funny, I didn't realize that Verizon did this, I rather thought it was something that Apple might do. Or someone might do themselves over the internet. Apparently "New iPhone User" wasn't just new to iOS but to the entire concept of a smartphone because, as Uncle Fester explained offhandedly to us, "his last phone was a flip phone." Good. Fucking. God.

"So you don't have an email account you can access?"
"Uh, maybe, but I don't think it's in the United States."
"But you can log in?"
"I'm not certain, I don't know how."
"Well you need an email to set up your Gmail."


The other sales guy was very busy with a couple discussing each plan available and yes, they could buy a new phone with a different credit card than the account they use to pay their bills with...

Over a half hour later no one had budged. The poor young clerk who was "new, sorry, I don't know how to do anything" was busy spewing apologies like a leaky sink all over the rest of the hapless customers behind us.

I Googled up the next closest Verizon store. It was 17 minutes away. Given that we'd already waited closed to 40 it seemed like a plan. I pointed this out to the person I was with.

"There's no store that close." OMFG this was the FIRST demonstration that Uncle Fester, who had been standing less than a foot away on the other side of the counter, had noticed us.
"Well actually there is, see it's on the other side of Troy."
Then Uncle Fester and Captain Caveman decided to start arguing over where and how close this other store was. Eventually they agreed that yes it was that close. And were still no further to being done than they had been.

We gave up and left. Whatever money they might have earned walked the fuck out the door. Maybe a polite "sorry for taking so long" or a classic "be right with you shortly" might have held us there. But they were rude fuckers and personally I wish them the worst. They could have sold us a phone, guess they didn't need the money.


I try and avoid Walmart. I try and limit my exposure to once every few years. It feels like a honey-trap for maladroits, half-wits and freaks. For me freak is hardly an epithet but in this case I cede my membership card without a second thought. The boundaries of humanity are vast and diverse. I find it frightening that I might share any genetic material with the others dragging their knuckles through the isles.

At this point I think I've reached my tolerance. Hopefully the next time I return will be sometime in 2020. Or later.


Is still just a sports bar. Like lipstick on a pig, it's the same crappy fare dressed up with referee stripes, green and white gridiron, knee socks and breeches.

The place had pretense of being a brewery but none of the quality. One bite of my meal was enough to verify that the food should only be consumed after prodigious amounts of liquid, preferably spiked.

I've never met a meatball sub I didn't like. I guess there's a first time for everything. And the last time someone talks me into going to a sports bar after a long, long day at work. Bletch.


I looked at the weather the day before: rain. I predicted our flight would be delayed at least 2 hours and was almost correct, it was delayed by 3. Yep, nothing like arriving at midnight for a business meeting at 8am the next day. The woman at the car counter however didn't seem to think time was of the essence and happily chatted to the customers about her plans, their plans, her kids, their kids and every fucking bit of minutia that entered her bubble blonde brain. Yeah it was almost 1 am now. Joy.

When we got to the hotel the concierge encouraged us with a wan smile "At least you're not the last ones to arrive." Yeah, I'm sure those were the guys right behind us waiting to rent a car...


Ya gotta love a tool who, with one hand clamped to his ear, couldn't take the requisite second to check if there was a car in the lane he decided to drift into. Douchenozzle was driving a dark blue metallic honda with a plate similar to '484 h' or something similar. Handicapped tag hanging from the rearview, he was leaning forward like it was the force of his will alone propelling his half-ton of vehicle ahead, not the gas powered engine under the hood.

We were in the middle lane, it was rush hour, on the way to the airport. Most commuters know the routine, tired but focused they navigate like electrons in a DC current, sliding around each other with quite precision. Not Asshole though, he was weaving, gunning, and talking all at the same time. He had hit a quiet moment just as we drew alongside, him in the slower lane. Suddenly my personal proximity sensor went off "ALERT!ALERT!ALERT!INCOMMINGGGGGG>>>>!" Ph33r. I gasped "OMGWATCHOUT". It didn't help that he'd been in our blindspot when he started the maneuver. My driver was like "Wut?" By then it was pretty much too late to do anything. With millimeters to spare DickheadBlueHondaGuyOnPhone yanks the wheel back to the right narrowly averting disaster. I had felt the collision that didn't happen, knew the sound of crimping metal and mashing glass that didn't happen.

Dickhead then proceeded to cut someone off to get in front of us then draft over two lanes back to the right to get off at the next exit. Personally I wish him all the hate in the world.

IF YOU ARE ON THE PHONE DON'T FUCKING DRIVE LIKE AN ASSHOLE. *froth*snarl* Cocktard. I will recognize him if I ever see him again. And a piece of my mind will be given. I can promise you that.


Alternatively you could say that Bob is also a moron about fucking. Both statements are true.

What impact would giving teenagers free birth control have on American society? A ground-breaking programme in Colorado aimed to reveal just that, and has led to a dramatic reduction in the rate of teenage pregnancy and other benefits as a consequence.[..]

In less than five years, the Colorado teenage birth rate has declined by 40%.

"We really strongly believe that adolescents need access to contraception," says Liz Romer, a family planning nurse at Denver Children's Hospital.[..]

"When you teach children that they're animals - that they have evolved from pigs and dogs and apes - then they act like animals," says Bob Enyart, a spokesman for the group.

Enyart says offering IUDs and other devices sends the message that teenagers can "have all the sex you want". He believes it has led to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and is immoral.

"We are made in God's image, and God's likeness and for 13-, 14-, 15-year-old girls to be having sex is destructive for them," he says.(BBC)

Note that Bob only says that GIRLS having under-age sex is bad. Not boys. Because in Bob's conservative, Jesus-loves-men-more-than-women, and the Bible Sex world of Colorforms Fun girls need protection from controlling their future, not from unwanted pregnancy.

Bob, of course, is a fucking misogynist tool.

Bob here's something that might help you: Religion makes it hard for people to distinguish fantasy from reality. Ya see Bob, that "god made humans in HIS image (note, men don't traditionally make babies, women do, but let's skip that part)" is a MYTH. Also whether a god made humans in its image has NOTHING to do with the next statement that girls having sex is bad for them. Finally, Bob's Your Uncle, show me where kids are being taught that they're animals? (Frankly this isn't a bad thing because animals aren't assholes who preach bullshit and try and restrict the rights of others because OMG OFFENSIVE.)

You're not a girl Bob. No one cares what you think. Go away. Contraception has reduced the teen birthrate by 40%. That's a number you can't argue with. It works. So let's stick with the facts, not some religious mind-twaddle.


I'm sorry. It's true. You're fat. Or to be medically correct, you're obese at best, and probably morbidly obese. And that is not OK.

I don't want to hear about your "thyroid condition" that you've never actually had diagnosed. Or that you've got big bones. Or any of the other lies and bullshit you're spewing about why your 5'7" frame is carrying around 300lbs. It's not healthy and you shouldn't be trying to pretend that it's not a problem. It is.

The "medical condition" that prevents you from losing weight is lack of willpower and desire. Pure and simple. I've seen you diet. You suck at it. I don't know what breakfast and dinner consist of, but pop tarts at 9, crackers at 10, and chips at 11 negate any potential gain when you have a salad for lunch. Not that the salad means much when you cover it in bacon bits, fried chicken, croutons and a half gallon of honey dijon dressing. No, it doesn't matter that it's low fat dressing, when you use a third of the fucking bottle. See... that's your "diet". You tell people you're eating just 2000 calories a day, or low carb, or whatever your latest fad is. But you lie. You eat a ton of crap all day long, and because it's 1/2 as much as you usually pack into your maw, you feel like you're doing some good. All you're doing is slowing down weight gain.

Don't get me wrong. Losing weight isn't easy. I'm 20 pounds over where I should be, and that's after I've already dropped 25. The thing is, your Jabba-esque frame is used to 8000 calorie days. My diet consists of eating around 1500-1750 a day. When I splurge, I'm hitting 2000. While on your last "diet", I watched you eat 2000 calories before lunch. That is why you're fat.

Don't try to sell me on your pity party. You're not curvy, you're not attractive, and you're not "healthy at every size", whatever the fuck all of that means. You could lose a hundred pounds and still not be a healthy weight. That's how far away from healthy you are. And the delusional belief that people shouldn't 'fat-shame you for your inability to meet a unrealistic body image promoted by media magazines and Hollywood' doesn't help anything. You're over-weight. Fat. Obese. The ideal of a skinny actor on a magazine cover didn't make you eat those doughnuts. You shoved them in your cheeks and they ended up at your waistline. No millionaire thespians or media conglomerates were involved.

Women don't need to be a size 2 and men don't need a 6-pack in order to be healthy. I won't argue with that. But you should probably be able to see your feet. Or walk up a flight of stairs without wheezing like a 40 year smoker. There are a million things about your life that are curtailed because of your inability to control your weight.

Quit lying to us. More importantly, quit lying to yourself. Eat less. Move more. Until you do those things, shut the fuck up. You're fat. I'm sorry if that hurts your little feelings, but those little feelings are the only little damn thing about you.


Here's why I believe that the nazi-style conservatism is on it's way out...

For the first time ever, U.S. public schools are projected this fall to have more minority students than non-Hispanic whites enrolled, a shift largely fueled by growth in the number of Hispanic children.

Non-Hispanic white students are still expected to be the largest racial group in the public schools this year at 49.8 percent. But the National Center for Education Statistics says minority students, when added together, will now make up the majority.

About one-quarter of the minority students are Hispanic, 15 percent are black and 5 percent are Asian and Pacific Islanders. Biracial students and Native Americans make up a smaller share of the minority student population. (AP)

The lily-white America is on its way out. And the GOP has maybe one generation at best to make amends.

I personally don't see that happening. No way, no how because the mantra of conserva-fundies is "our way and only our way, if you compromise we'll kill you to death." I'm glad they're holding on to that, because the savage yank-to-the-right has been an eye opener for John and Jane Q. Public.

America loves new, new look, new branding. But America is quick to fall out of love with 'new' just as quickly when it doesn't work as advertised. Most Americans by now have realized that the Tea Party is the same thing as New Coke: crap in a can. The thing is, it's not better, not tastier and not nearly as satisfying as Old Coke. The only people who want the New Coke are those desperately trying to make themselves feel special. Of course New Coke only lasted about 3 months and the return to the "classic formula" was a much heralded moment. I imagine there will be much relief to most Republicans when the GOP returns to its "classic" look/feel/mantra.

One hopes, one dearly does, that those who voted for "new" realized just what a shoddy product they got. True there have been a few burrs that refuse to go away, but for each time their embarrass their party, for each time they prove that the tail can wag the dog, for each and every inch of progress they hold back people will be noticing. For example on immigration, people are noticing and an entire new generation of majority, non-white voters will be raised to loathe what the GOP stands for.

America 2024 is going to be a very different place than America 2014. Demographics are going to be much changed. Kids mostly vote like their parents. If the GOP doesn't change radically in 10 years they're going to find themselves a footnote of an antiquated past. Can you dig it?


Unless the code changes with every showing this "solution" is a complete and total failure...

NEW YORK (AP) -- Attendees at the New York City music festival where two people died last year will be required to watch an anti-drug video before admission this year.

The final day of last year's Electric Zoo festival was called off after two people died of what the city medical examiner said was an overdose of the drug MDMA combined with hyperthermia.

Ticket buyers at this year's festival on Randall's Island Aug. 29-31 will have to watch a 2-minute video about MDMA, known as molly or ecstasy.

Festival spokesman Stefan Friedman says the code to activate festival-goers' wristbands will be in the video, so they won't be admitted unless they have watched it.

It took me less than a second to figure out the loophole: if the code doesn't change the only people wasting 2 minutes of their lives will be the first group in the door. After which the code will be tweeted, texted and face-booked to death. I mean duh? Didn't ANYone bother to think this through?

A better solution would be to provide free WiFi but as part of the acceptance agreement show the two minute video before the "I agree" button. Odds are way better people might actually view it, or maybe even share it.


How does this NOT seem like a really bad idea?

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) -- A Texas agency wants to allow alcohol sales at gun shows that meet certain requirements, including not allowing live ammunition.

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission announced the proposal Friday. It will hold a 30-day public comment period before any rules would be enacted.

An agency statement says firearms must be disabled and not readily convertible for use, and sold firearms couldn't be delivered inside the building.

I'm calling it right now: "But I thought the gun was unloaded!" Uh huh. Yep.

For my part why should Texas half-ass this? Guns AND alcohol, live ammo AND no trigger locks. I mean that shit's for sissies right? Fun for the whole family! Bring the kids! Free handouts of the new book for kiddies: "My Parents Open Carry!" Buy the young'uns their first firearm and start them out right TODAY!


People with genuine mental illness shouldn't take offense at the blog title, because in Texas they genuinely ARE fucking R-Tards.

The "friend of the court" brief, filed Monday and co-signed by Texas lieutenant governor candidate Dan Patrick and attorney general candidate Ken Paxton, claims that "If the right to select 'partners of their choosing' is the criterion used to invoke marriage as a fundamental right, then marriage restrictions on age, polygamy, and consanguinity are also ripe for challenge."

Rather than simply allude to seemingly insensitive rhetoric, the brief attempts to justify the philosophies of those who do not differentiate between same-sex marriage and non-consensual or group partnerships. In February, a federal district court overturned Texas' same-sex marriage ban, ruling that it was neither "rational" or "legitimate" -- but the brief filed Monday asserts anti-gay legislation is both "valid" and "entirely rational."(UPI)

So here's the "logic": same sex marriage will cause a drop in the birth rate, child abuse, poly-marriages (of both types), dogs and cats living together... yeah you remember that line from Ghostbusters don't cha? General mayhem is indicated if men are allowed to marry men and women with women. Because. Really it doesn't get any further than that because there isn't any form of logic behind it, just anger, hate, fear and vitriol. Of course it's not like those negative attributes don't ALREADY exist in Texas (minus, perhaps the birthrate tanking) I mean kids get shot every fucking day down there even WITH hetero-marriages abounding. Here's what a quick google on "child shot in Texas" turns up:

Deputies: Man shoots estranged wife's 7 family members; 6 dead
Texas Shooter Kicked in Door, Tied Up Kids, Executed Them
Texas Shooting: Father Kills 6, Including 4 Of His Own Kids
White Dallas man shoots 8-year-old black boy in the face

In fact the search itself turns up with about every permutation you can think of when it comes to kids dying from gun-related injuries in Texas; texas mother kills child, texas woman shoots children, boy kills family in texas,texas father kills daughter and the list goes on and on. Frankly it doesn't seem like gay marriage can make the state any worse than the cesspit it already is when it comes to child survival. So it makes you wonder what data Dan and Ken were referencing when they claimed that being allowed to marry someone of your own gender was the "highway to hell". As far as I can tell Texas IS hell, so for reals, how much worse can it get?

I like how in Texas the stupid is state-certified. Whether it's fighting science in the school system or slapping guns into the hands of ex-cons and mental patients Texas leads the nation in omgwtf-scary-crazy-wrong. Yes these loons are part of our nation, but we KNOW where they live and the fact that they all choose to live together is a good thing (since shooting each other is the state pastime). Maybe someday the state actually WILL secede. That would be so awesome it's hard to put a number on it. America without another Texas president? Bliss.